The Kundalini Genie – You’ll Find Out (When You’re On Your Own) – Single Review

The Kundalini Genie is a psychedlic-rock band from Scotland.

The Kundalini Genie

The Kundalini Genie

Although I was sent an introduction to their LP Reverberation (available on bandcamp) some little while ago, such is my wont I managed to miss it, only catching the details this week, apologies to one and all. With some fortune a new song surfaced at the tail end of last week.

You’ll Find Out (When You’re On Your Own) is a mesmerising blend of spaced out guitar, keys and a completely absorbing sitar, which enables them to create music that seems to stretch in to the mists of time with a slowly pacing percussion which is all rounded by a drifting echoing vocal.

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Domiciles – Only You – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelic-rock quintet Domiciles released the single Only You on the 29th of September.

Domiciles - Only You


Though lasting a smidgen under six minutes the effects of Only You lay with the listener for some considerable time after the event with the synapses having slowed to syncopate with the trippy washes of the echoing guitar and finding little reason to fire back to normal speed in a hurry.

Domiciles are able to immerse themselves and the listener completely in ’60s and ’70s hallucinogenic-rock without sounding out of kilter with the ’10s with their music embracing both the past and the present.

Only You – Single – DOMICILES is available on iTunes.*

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Dancing On Tables – Colour Me Good – Single Review

Dancing On Tables, the indie-dance quintet of Robbie McSkimming, Callum Thomas, Hamish Finlayson, Gregor Stobie and Michael Waterworth from Dunfermline in Scotland, released the single Colour Me Good on the 14th.

Dancing On Tables

Dancing On Tables

Having fast grown an audience with their user friendly tunes, in Colour Me Good the quintet have challenged themselves to work within a slightly different sphere, while not wishing to alienate their existing fanbase and have been able to transition successfully.

Their earlier catalogue I find a little featherweight of texture and stay for my personal taste, though ideal to penetrate the radio market they were aiming to secure. Colour Me Good, while still music for easy moments has more depth and a less formulaic structure affording the song a more natural flow and a measure of connectivity making for a release I do recommend adding to the birthday bash playlist.

Whether this marks a slightly new direction for the quintet or a one-off foray- time will tell.


Colour Me Good – Single – Dancing On Tables is available on iTunes.*

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Natasha England – Somehow – Audio

The Scottish, England based, rive gauche blues creator Natasha England released the LP Somehow on the 10th.

Natasha England

Natasha England

A melting weave of electronica and instrumentation floats through the room in intoxicating waves as the alluring, imploring vocal teases the audience with its breathy rhythmic layers in a thirteen track album which lifts the listener through space and time to Montparnasse as flicking jazz, husky blues and café-culture soothe-groove seep in to the mind.

The title track and opener is Somehow, a song which sets the backdrop to the LP.


Somehow – Natasha England is available on iTunes.*

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Boobs of DOOM – Thor’s Womb – Audio

The Scottish industrial-drone duo Boobs of DOOM released the two track plus one revised radio edition track single Thor’s Womb on the 9th.

Boobs of DOOM - Thor's Womb

Boobs of DOOM

The lengthy compositions – which combined come to roughly seventy two minutes (available on bandcamp – proceeds are being donated to the medical fundraiser – Carries Fund) are best approached while in a darkened room to allow the unhurried, relentless entombing foreboding presence to encase the mind and body.

The opening track, which lasts for nearly forty two minutes is the title – Thor’s Womb.

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