Less Than – Selfish Gene – Single Review

Less Than is a Scotland / USA based alt-rock duo.

Less Than

Less Than

Their début single, Selfish Gene, was revealed last week – and what a joy it is to discover.

The grumbling, groaning bass and percussion threaten to cause their own mid-atlantic tsunami as they rumble through the speakers, to be joined by a disarticulated vocal that carries in and out of earshot as though dispersing on the wind while the scissoring guitar snaps through the ears akin to an irritated wasp – all the listener is required to do is turn up the volume and allow the washes of vocal and bustles of instrumentation in Selfish Gene to make their own way around the room.

I am already bemoaning there is only one track – so I am off to play it once again – while looking forward to new songs.

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Selfish Gene – Less Than is available on iTunes.*

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Echo Arcadia – High Hopes And Low Expectations – Video

It was back in 2013, on the old URL, that the Scottish alt-rock band Echo Arcadia first featured and over the years they have become a staple of the site.

Echo Arcadia - High Hopes and Low Expectations

Echo Arcadia

Most recently to surface was a live version of  – High Hopes And Low Expectations – a track which finds them in wistful reflection.

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Coast – No More Heroes – Video

The Scottish celtic-rock band Coast were first introduced in 2013 and it is good to catch up with their journey from time to time…


Coast – No More Heroes

…Having built up a strong European following over the years it is not a great surprise that they were recently captured in live performance in Denmark with the track No More Heroes from their most recent LP Windmills In The Sky.

Windmills in the Sky – Coast is available on iTunes.*

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Dante – The Boy & the Telephone – Video

There must be a reason why the Scottish alt-folk sextet Dante haven’t previously featured, though for the life of me I can’t imagine what that would have been.



By way of a correction – a new live version of the song The Boy & the Telephone, the second of the ten, on the LP I Wear Your Weight with Mine (which is available on bandcamp) has recently surfaced.


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