Astral Cloud Ashes – Gush – Audio

The Jersey emo project Astral Cloud Ashes was introduced a couple of years ago.

Astral Cloud Ashes - Gush

Astral Cloud Ashes

Earlier in the month a new LP – Dear Absentee Creator – (which is available on bandcamp) was revealed.

The eleven track album threads through a more forlorn and maths driven filter than music previously featured though still maintains the familiar lofidelity gazey hiss which affords the music its attractive patina.

My pick of the release being the penultimate – Gush.

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Astral Cloud Ashes – Grateful For The Ghost In Our House – Audio

Astral Cloud Ashes is the gaze-rock project of Antony Walker from Jersey.

Astral Cloud Ashes

Astral Cloud Ashes

Coming to surface as an entity at the beginning of this year Astral Cloud Ashes has released one LP – the ten track Too Close To The Noise Floor (available on bandcamp) and there is a second in the making.

It will be interesting to follow the development of Astral Cloud Ashes as the début LP contains a breadth of styles with additional instrumentation provided by musicians based in England, to discover if there are other musicians in Jersey with whom Antony can create a sturdier line-up, if it remains a solo project or if he relocates to England to enable regular live performance and also to discover the future direction of musical out-put.

From Too Close To The Noise Floor the third song – Grateful For The Ghost In Our House which minds of maths-rock with rounded angles, giving the track a space-gaze fuzziness to the angular backdrop.


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Guru Josh – My Burning Bush – Audio

Guru Josh is the Channel Islands, more specifically Jersey based EDM producer Paul Walden.

Guru Josh

This has been sitting in my in-box for a few days, so a little late coming to the table with a release that came out on the 28th July – My Burning Bush. My apologies to JJ for taking so long to get to it.

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