Telepathy from Colchester in England is the experimental metal quartet of Piotr TurekAlbert Turek, Richard Powley and Krystian Turek.

Telepathy - experimental metal from England


Telepathy add a miraged twist to metal with their multi-dimensional meanderings to a solid spine of instruments. Rather than pursue the more usual line of hammering sounds nailed to their conclusion, the quartet explore the potential of chords in a psychedelic flight of fancy which provides the resulting music with an airiness and breathability which akin to a Trojan Horse relaxes the guard, yet once inside the brain, fires spikes of thunderous energy around the head.

With tracks raging from well under two minutes to approaching eight Telepathy are able to throw out continual surprises which keeps the listener in a thrall of discombobulation. The quartet deliver what is probably the nearest Metal will ever come to ambience as they elongate the notes into a curling wisps of sound, whilst the core remains as contiguous and closely weaved as your would anticipate from an all out metal out-fit.

Their most recent LP 12 Areas was released in May and the seven track release which extends for over thirty five minutes is a fine place to dwell in a kaleidoscope of music.

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12 Areas – Telepathy is available on iTunes*.

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Allusondrugs an alt-rock band from Castleford in England is Jason Moules (Vocals), Drey Pavlovic (Guitar), Damo Hughes (Guitar / Vocals / Effects), Jemal Malki (Bass) and Connor Fisher-Atack (Drums).

Allusondrugs - psychedelia from England


The mind seems to fold into the music as Allusondrugs deliver their fluid compositions. The instrumentations merge one to another giving the resulting out-put a flow which reminds me of folding stiffened egg-whites to melted chocolate to make a Mousse: Luxuriant; Enticing and Moreish.

There is no need to reach for a kaftan as Allusondrugs sweep out of the speakers, this is not LSD enhanced, rather a herbal tea of psychedelia with roots firmly entrenched in British ’70s heavy metal with clearly delineated progressions.

The quintet, whilst each adding a distinct contribution to the songs, become as one and the ears become aware of a singularity of sound that carries the audience on the floating clouds, which, as mentioned, do not stray off the flow of the compositions. Allusondrugs have the ability to write songs which retain a core static around which the resulting music is allowed to ebb and flow.

A new LP – eponymously named is set for release on the 21st July. Having had the opportunity to hear the six track – twenty one minute release I have some confidence this will raise their profile to a far wider audience than the already vociferous following as it takes the band to a far more confident and dynamic space than previously fenced.

A single from the LP – track four- Nervous – was released on the 28th April, which marks a bridge between their earlier material and the new, however it is by far from my favourite of the forthcoming album, but what do I know?

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Nervous – Single – Allusondrugs is available on iTunes*.

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Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution is the blues rock band comprising Rob Whiteley (Vocals), Liam Kempton-Robshaw (Drums), Toby Platt (Guitar) and Paddy Hughes (Bass) from Liverpool in England.

Nighttime Revolution - Blues Rock from England

Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution add an interesting smattering of Brit-pop to the sounds and resultingly deliver an interesting flow of music. This is a quartet who will stretch your speaker system to its limits as both sub-woofers and tweeters grapple with the extraordinary range of the quartet and what a delight it is to hear.

A simple concept lays behind the thoughts of Nighttime Revolution – make music to enjoy – and the listener is given a treat of enthusiastic music. For sure they don’t always get everything right, as the tracks range from twelve bar blues to psychedelic extravaganza, but what they do achieve is an out-put you can’t help but want to succeed with sounds that wrap the listener in an investment that the vocals will hit the high note and the guitar bend the notes to warp.

Less than a year into their development, I am full of support that if they stay with it Nighttime Revolution will hone it all more sharply and I raise my hat to them for setting such a high bar from the off.

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Jimmy & The Revolvers

Jimmy & The Revolvers, from Liverpool in England, is the dance-rock quartet of Jay Rehm (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Kurt Riley (Vocals /  Bass), Jimmy Moon (Electric Guitar) and Ash Michael (Drums).

Jimmy & The Revolvers - dance rock from England

Jimmy & The Revolvers

A skiffle beat tumbles across the room as Jimmy & The Revolvers wind back the clock and infuse it with the 21st Century. Find a partner to dance with in close step and you will have the perfect position in which to enjoy the quartet to its fullest extent.

The combinations of acoustic and electronic guitar enable Jimmy & The Revolvers to add significant dimensions to the compositions, which have a light, yet intoxicating touch as they keep the music skipping forward, yet enable the audience to enjoy the music for what it is on its own merit. The vocals swim round the sounds as the two voices flow into one another playing foils of keys, which add a further texture to the resulting out-put.

A new single Whistle For My Love due out on the 4th of August marks a new direction of sound for Jimmy & The Revolvers as they press the accelerator to their previous releases adding a samba to the resulting out-put. Although of a different vein there is sufficient similarity for those already in the know to not feel alienated and for new listeners an engaging production.


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BOYS a dream pop-out-fit from London in England is Mike Stothard, Ross Pearce and Daniel Heffernon.

BOYS - Dream pop from England


Despite changes in line-up since their inception back in 2012, the focus has remained the same for BOYS. Warming tones of summer drift lazily through the room in subdued and hazy compositions. This is music to grab a chilled drink, put up your feet and relax as the sounds gently caress the ears.

There is an easy flow to the music as the instruments, vocal and percussion float through each other in tracks which soothe the mind. Almost surf, not quite psychedelic and always unhurried, BOYS have the knack of translating mellow moments to sound and whilst there is considerable activity through the pieces, it is delivered in a style which leaves the listeners easily able to immerse themselves in the moment.

A new track has just appeared Summer Of Love to follow on from a couple of singles and a three track EP that have been released in the past year.

Having spent a while in their company listening to their music, even I may manage to extend my soothed brow for the rest of the day…

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