Art Block – Borderline – Video

The England based alternative creator Art Block is planning on releasing the EP Borderline in February 2016.

Art Block - Borderline - artwork

Art Block – Borderline – artwork

With some pleasure it is delight to have permission to share with you the unmastered version of the title track and first of the four of an EP well worth foraging to excavate on release like a white truffle.

On each occasion Art Block surfaces on the website there is a different reference point and Borderline takes, as a backdrop, Southern Blues lap steel guitar to extrapolate the forlorn introspective soliloquy in a track that weaves its way into the marrow of the listener in a three and a third minute spotlight of personal insight which, for the harrowing structure, finds the audience in equally ponderous self-reflection.

I anticipate being back with a full review of the EP nearer date of release which I have had the joy of listening to in full that also features on backing vocals another artist who has appeared on the site – Chelsea Turnbull.

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Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – Kassette – Audio

Schizo Fun Addict and The Bordellos – both from the underground rock the former from USA the latter England – released the split LP Kassette on the 24th of November.

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

For those of longer stay, in what is in danger of becoming an annual event, the alt-rock band Schizo Fun Addict and the agit-rock trio The Bordellos have put together another split release. On this occasion the twenty two track album – Kassette.

The shortest track by Schizo Fun Addict on the album  – The Pale Horse – running at precisely sixty seconds is a thumper of a number as it collapses into its own galloping pace.

By The BordellosTemperature Drop resonates of the escarpment of consternations in their angular perspective of the world.

Kassette is available on bandcamp.

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Zola Blood – Pieces of The Day – Video

The English synth-wave band Zola Blood are set to launch their début LP on the 24th of March 2016.

Zola Blood - Pieces of The Day

Zola Blood

In the interim a AA side single Play Out / Pieces Of The Day was released earlier this month. Pieces Of The Day has a deeper register than much of what has already been featured, with everything, including drums heading through synth processing, giving the track the Zola Blood signature sound.

The deeper resonance in Pieces Of The Day allows Zola Blood to provide the listener with more varied textures as brightness and darkness collide in a track that hints of a more luxurious direction of future travel.

Play Out / Pieces of the Day – Single – Zola Blood is available on iTunes.*

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Get Inuit – Pro Procrastinator – Video

The English Indie band Get Inuit released the EP Luge Lessons last month.

Get Inuit - Luge Lessons - artwork

Get Inuit – Luge Lessons – artwork

The third of the four tracks – Pro Procrastinator is, by over a minute, the briefest on the EP running at two minutes and thirty three seconds and perhaps for its brevity packs the hardest punch as Get Inuit compress a similar number of notes into the tighter space. Making it a piece that bristles with energy and allows the band to display a grittier garage style to their sound.

Currently on a tour in England with one performance in Scotland, which builds in momentum in January, to support the release of Luge Lessons.

Sat 14th Dec // The Old blue Last // London

Sun 24 Jan // The Gulbenkian // Canterbury
Mon 25 Jan // The Anvil // Bournemouth
Tue 26 Jan // Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar // Brighton
Wed 27 Jan // The Black Heart // London
Thu 28 Jan // The Cookie // Leicester
Fri 29 Jan // The Victoria Inn // Derby

Sun 31 Jan // Broadcast // Glasgow (Scotland)
Mon 01 Feb // O2 Academy Newcastle // Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tue 02 Feb // Sunflower Lounge // Birmingham
Wed 03 Feb // Exchange // Bristol
Thu 04 Feb // Boileroom // Guildford

Luge Lessons – EP – Get Inuit is available on iTunes*

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Novacaine Nothing

The London, England, based Jason Leung (Vocals), Ronan Kemp (Guitar), Roman Uetskiy (Lead Guitar) and Jamie Parker (Drums) are the alt-metal quartet of Novacaine Nothing.

Novacaine Nothing - Noughts And Crosses - artwork

Novacaine Nothing – Noughts And Crosses – artwork

Set to release their début EP Noughts & Crosses on the 18th of December and variously formed by musicians originating in Asia, North America and Europe – London became the adopted home of Novacaine Nothing for their commingle of metal influences.

The music unequivocally threads of the differences of reference point with fulminating vocal cloaked within melody and harnessed pace. Rather than sounding like out-put created by a committee Novocaine Nothing are able to beat out an interesting route of discovery as furious voice, finds bedfellow with expansive guitar as percussion and bass stand askance of the unfolding theatre of conflict, which reflects of their own journey of a purview of various players, attributable to various addictions and the mantle load of depression.

I can’t assure you that the line-up will be the same given the history of rotation on their next appearance on the site, but, of certainty will be the idiosyncratic nature of the out-put of Novacaine Nothing who successfully have a history of destroying barriers to ensure their continuity and a project I anticipate of further unravelling over the coming years.

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