Pale Waves – Kiss – Audio

The English indie-dance quartet Pale Waves are working towards their début LP for later in the year.

Pale Waves

Pale Waves

Having already established a solid live audience and a series of successful singles and an EP the latest single to be released Kiss, which came out on the 15th, can only enhance their reputation and reach.

A deft ability in songwriting enables Pale Waves to traverse the knife edge between pop music plastic and heartfelt, genuine creativity which enables them to secure both mainstream and indie interest without alienating either.


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Dom Sith – Hood – Audio

The English ambient-electronica project Dom Sith was introduced last year.

Dom Sith - Hood

Dom Sith

The latest track to surface, Hood, is a veritable feast of orchestration given the minimalist material previously featured.

A shrouded flow of electronica hums out of the speaker opening a channel for a brighter rivulet of golden honey to trickle through the room becoming a flood of ever-faster looping beats prior to all gliding back in to a quiet stillness.

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Lost Colours – Karman – Audio

The English psychetronica duo Lost Colours were introduced last year.

Lost Colours - Karman

Lost Colours

They released the LP Talking In Technicolour, which is available on bandcamp, last week.

The eleven track, approximately fifty seven minutes long, album is a multi-textured release which, akin to hanging crystals catching light and playing the refractions on the ceiling in a mesmerising array of colours, captives the listener from the opening minute to the last.

Compositions range through a disparate thread of instrumentation and electronica giving the album its varying intensities and contexts, while calmly escorting the listener through its journey of downtempo soundscape without ever feeling jarred.

My apologies to one and all, although this has been in my radar for some time, along with the various intervening releases over the past year, I have managed to miss everything, even coming to this one late – such is the state of my administration.

However rather than take up even more time – my selection from the LP is Karman – the seventh song.

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Amy Lawton – Hurts Like Paradise – Single Review

Amy Lawton is a country-rock creator from England.

Amy Lawton

Amy Lawton

A couple of songs exist for those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to catch live performances.

The most recent – Hurts Like Paradise, which came out earlier in the month, has an alluring, powerful, yet fragile vocal, akin to fine spiders thread, affording the track a poise which is carried atop a trotting tempo and the listener finds themselves swept on to the dance-floor to join in with the swaying rhythm while guitar meanders between quiet background and front spotlight – which adds to the sense of organic movement of the composition.

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Hurts Like Paradise – Single – Amy Lawton is available on iTunes.*

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The Blood Choir – The Boat – Audio

The Blood Choir a Denmark / England based architectural-rock duo release the LP Houses Of The Sun on the 18th of June.

The Blood Choir

The Blood Choir

A couple of songs have surfaced from the album (available on bandcamp) the most recent of which The Boat , which will be the third of the ten compositions, is scheduled for release as a stand alone single today (also available on bandcamp).

Houses Of The Sun makes a welcome follow-up to the 2012 LP No Windows To The Old World, having, on the basis of the two songs, a similar dark shadowing that seeps in to the room along with  wide surface area to the material, though with an occluded front of electronica which creates a sense of turbulence and hidden menace.

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