FIKA – Here To Stay – Single Review

The English soul-groove duo FIKA were introduced last year.

FIKA - Here to Stay


Their latest track Here To Stay, whilst also something to rest up the heels on the desk, is a track with more of a stop-start motion, giving it a more shiny veneer, though once you start to scratch beneath the plastic coating there is plenty to keep the ears engaged.

A glacial electronica is weaved around a gazey-RnB guitar that affords Here To Stay a dreamy haziness while the percussion creates context, it is merely the, what to me is, over production of vocals that causes me to hesitate – however that is perhaps not a surprise to those who have stayed with the site for any length of time – if it isn’t raw and still dripping juices I will be likely to be reticent – so don’t take my thoughts on post production effects as anything more than – to be expected. Were I not to think Here To Stay has much to add to the day, I wouldn’t ask you to consider spending time having a listen.

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Stupid Cosmonaut – Out of Nothing – Audio

The English spacewave quartet Stupid Cosmonaut revealed the track Out Of Nothing on the 14th.

Stupid Cosmonaut - Out of Nothing

Stupid Cosmonaut

The quartet draw inspiration for their music from the universe, science fact and science fiction to create their visions of a dystopian future.

Out Of Nothing, however, is inspired by something, or rather, someone else and was revealed as a tribute to Steven Hawking, the theoretical physicist, who died on the 14th.

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CWM – Homely Streets – Audio

The English alt-rock band CWM were introduced last year and are currently working towards their forthcoming LP Mate? What!.

CWM - Homely Streets


Their third song to be revealed – Homely Streets – finds CWM in a different corner of the room to their last feature.

The new song has a grungy undertow that smudges as it surfaces from the speakers with the dampened instrumentation laying at a juxtaposition to the snappy drumkit, which affords Homely Streets captivating layers of texture while the expressive vocal delivers an unanticipated melodic tint to the track.

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Muffin – Welcome To The Modern Age – Audio

Muffin is an English grunge quintet.



I do apologise to everyone for this very late feature as it was in early February I was given advanced notification of their eponymous EP, which came out the weekend before last.

A four track release of high impact rock which clumps, like mud on the wall, as it surfaces from the speakers creating an intricate soundtrack of dampened notes and fiery temper in which the audience becomes drawn.

Twin guitars enable Muffin to create music that fires in two different directions simultaneously while the thumping bass pulls the two six stringers in to a cohesive pattern while the impressive drum-kit creates the fireworks as it controls the shapes of the songs through which the intense vocal adds a faintly unnerving menace.

My pick of the release is the second track – Welcome To The Modern Age.


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The Turbans – Riders – Audio

The England based world-beat collective The Turbans release their eponymous début LP on the 6th of April.

The Turbans

The Turbans

A collective drawn from wide geo-political spaces, The Turbans have spent many years touring around the world bringing their vision of inclusive nature of music to a global fan-base and the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is a drawing together of those ideas from the past seven years.

Riders is the opening song.


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