Saint Cole / Oliver Kucera – The Shaman – Audio

The collaborative musicians of Oliver Kucera from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Cole from Leeds (England) released the deep house two track single The Shaman yesterday.

Oliver Kucera

Oliver Kucera

There is a reason I implore of readers to suggest they are wasting their time as they are not listening to music merely noise who listen to the music featured on the site using the tinny squeaks of anything other than a full speaker system (unless they are in a geo-political location where there are no viable alternative options) and this is a prime example of why having at least five speakers is essential.

Saint Cole - The Shaman

Saint Cole

Turn up the volume and the sub-woofers to feel the windows, walls and floor buckle and bend to the intoxicating flow of the title track and opener The Shaman (available on bandcamp) while the mind and body flows in to the beat of the rhythm whilst drifting in to a trance of primordial synchronicity.

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Neurotic Fiction – Collateral – Audio

The English garage rock quartet Neurotic Fiction will be releasing the LP Pulp Music on the 16th.

Neurotic Fiction - Photo by Luke Penny

Neurotic Fiction – Photo by Luke Penny

A not inappropriate name for the band as they feature the upper registers of the guitar giving the tracks something of panicked air which is laid against a contrasting silken voice giving the compositions both a graceful floating sweep and sense of wariness of imaginary hidden dangers up ahead.

The second of the ten tracks on the album (which is available on bandcamp) is Collateral – a song that hurtles through the room in a blurry flurry.

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Mara – Post Office In Portland – Single Review

Mara Daniele, from Memphis (USA) now based in London (England), who performs as the cadent-folk musician Mara released the single Post Office in Portland today.



On occasion as a music reviewer I am hit by a gem and I just know this is a musician I want to follow their progress over many years – Mara is a case in point.

The quirky instrumentation, which gives Post Office In Portland an immediate anchoring in the ears is joined by a singular vocal that holds the mind transfixed in the rolling combinations of cadence and pitch and although aware there is a tale unfolding the listener feels themselves merging with the song and rather than focusing on any one thing becoming subsumed with the hypnotic effect of the composition and vainly wishing the track never concludes.

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Koto Kill – Fire Down – Audio

The London (England) based collaborative industrial-electro project Koto Kill centred around Gabriel Ralls releases the LP Fight Us All on the 16th.

Koto Kill

Koto Kill

Longer stay readers may recall Gabriel Ralls from the band Plastique, who played their final gig in March of last year, though have worked collaboratively with other since, if so will recognise the brooding electronica underpinning the music.

The six track album is available on bandcamp, with Vagabonds being the velvet cloaked closer.


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Oh, The Guilt – Darkest Days – Single Review

The noir-rock trio of Elijah DahlHannah Layhe and Chris Nicholls from Bristol (England) – Oh, The Guilt – released the single Darkest Days today.

Oh, The Guilt

Oh, The Guilt

Following on from their 2016 eponymous EP (available on bandcamp) Darkest Days (also available on bandcamp) while holding similar brooding presence in its slowly rotating dark gothic demeanour is simultaneously able to catch the sense of isolation and introspective melancholia felt when life goes badly wrong while equally offering outstretched arms extending a comforting and sympathetic embrace of companionship.

A song which, in my view, lifts their music in to a altogether higher plane of performance as the absorbing bass, muffled percussion and dreamy guitar are woven with the hypnotic and otherworldly vocal, giving the song an hypnotic allure – there are few better ways in which to spend the seven and just over three quarters minutes of Darkest Days – I merely implore of Oh, The Guilt that it is long before 2020 that they return with new music.

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