Peace On Earth – Shoulder – Single Review

Within the past ten hours the skelter-wave trio of Axel (Vocals / Guitar), Samuel (Bass) and William (Drums) from Gothenberg (Sweden). who form the band Peace On Earth – last featured almost a year ago revealed the track Shoulder.

Peace On Earth - Shoulder
Peace On Earth

Taking elements from their earlier material Shoulder has a more shimmered dreamy context to much of the previous songs as bending guitar flows within the persistency of the drum which marries rims, tight snare and loosened bass-kick giving the song its warming constitution.

Vocal and synthetics melt in to richly textured harmonics while bass ebbs and flows, akin to a strobing illumination from a lighthouse, affording Shoulder its pulsing texture.

All of which meld in to a track which washes through the room filling it with a shimmering ambient glow.

Shoulder (feat. Viktor Sandström) – Single – Peace On Earth is available on iTunes.*

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Electric Boys – Hangover In Hannover – Video

The Swedish rockers Electric Boys will be releasing the LP The Ghost Ward Diaries on the 23rd of November.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys

Their lengthy careers, this being their thirtieth year anniversary, albeit with a fifteen year break between 1994 and 2009 has seen them dabble with various iterations of blues-based rock and always proving adept wherever they have turned their hand.

The forthcoming album showcases a band who have not lost their verve and enthusiasm for creating new music as well as getting out on the road – they are currently on a tour through to late December with gigs in Norway, Sweden, France and Germany.

The track Hangover In Hannover has been made available in advance and is also available as a standalone single.


Hangover in Hannover – Electric Boys is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Magic Potion – Foamy Lace – Audio

The Swedish slacker quartet Magic Potion release the LP Endless Graffiti on the 26th.

Magic Potion - photo credit Daniel Alberto

Magic Potion – photo credit Daniel Alberto

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) has an underlying whirr that sounds like a variomatic gearbox with slipping belts as the leisurely pacing of guitars expand and contract as if half a bar behind the beat, giving the music an alluring temperament of melancholic and vaguely tripped out mood in to which the listener gratefully settles with the soft down of the compositions.

Foamy Lace is the fourth track.

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Chez Ali – Adore You – Audio

Based in Stockholm (Sweden) – the soft-rock creator Elias Mahfoud, who performs as Chez Ali – will be releasing the EP Buenas Noches Club on the 9th of November.

Chez Ali

Chez Ali

The first track to be revealed of the four on the EP (available on bandcamp), the second song – Adore You – which drifts through the room as though floating on balsa wood has a lightness of texture that belies the intricacy of the underlying composition that melds very busy guitar with harmonised synth, affording the music its soft brush focus, whilst the rumba percussion rhythm finds the listener sashaying through the room to the accompaniment of a smoochy groove of vocal.

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St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – I Still Get The Calls – Video

The Swedish pub-rock quintet St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club will be releasing the two track single I Still Get The Calls on the 20th.

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - I Still Get The Calls

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club

Although it was back in 2015 since last being featured, there have been no releases missed, gaps of two to three years in new material appearing being a feature of the band which goes back to the start of the decade.

I Still Get The Calls, the title and first of the two tracks on the single, (available via Beluga Records) discovers St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club in an upbeat rock’n’roll mood in a track that brings in to play a retrospective air surrounded by dance-inducing tempo that finds the audience joining in arms with smile wreathed faces induced by the infectious hooks and melodies.

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