2 FAR SOUTH – 2 Far South- Audio

2 FAR SOUTH is a new Swedish alt-rock duo.



There are only a couple of songs around, which early indicators suggest are to become part of their already planned début LP.

The most recent track, which surfaced yesterday, is eponymously named. A margin over three minutes reveal which has an enticing flatness to it, giving it a retrospective of early ’90s stoner with its slightly trippy undertow.

News arrives that 2 FAR SOUTH are set to play their first live performance on the 21st of April at Klubb Casa in Hässleholm, Sweden – if you happen to be in the vicinity – those of us who are not will have to await to discover more music by a duo, which on the basis of the foundations of what little there is around, I look forward to featuring again later in the year.


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Martin Rubashov – Vantage Point – Audio

The Swedish melancholic-rock creator Martin Rubashov released the single Vantage Point on the 9th.

Martin Rubashov - Photo credit - Niklas Brodd

Martin Rubashov – Photo credit – Niklas Brodd

There is a warm undertow to Vantage Point which is drawn by an underpinning of acoustic instrumentation that pulls the listener inexorably in to the web of the multilayered composition with the vocal adding a singular identity of drifting sadness.

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Overjoyed – Taxi Driver – Audio

The Swedish indie-rock trio Overjoyed are working towards the release of an EP for later in the year.

Overjoyed - Taxi Driver


Last appearing in the New Year Ninety, their new song, which came out a view hours ago, Taxi Driver, extrapolates their ability to create music which is able to fill the mind with good feelings, whilst simultaneously generating an undercurrent of reflective melancholia.

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Anna von Hausswolff – Ugly And Vengeful – Audio

The Swedish noir-rock project Anna von Hausswolff released the EP Dead Magic on the 2nd.

Anna von Hausswolff - photo by Anders Nydam

Anna von Hausswolff – photo by Anders Nydam

The roughly forty six minutes, five track EP (available on bandcamp), has the sense of casting a foreboding incantation over the listener through its duration, though far from afearing of the future the mid relaxes and finds cohesion in the dark spiraling architecture of the compositions as the incant and rattle through the ears, thereby making the longest song on the release, at sixteen minutes and seventeen seconds, Ugly And Vengeful, the third on Dead Magic my pick of the EP, as it both rests the bones and prods the nerves through its journey.


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Juliah – There Are Days – Audio

The Swedish melancholic-folk project Juliah released the EP Be Still on the 28th of February.



The compositions revolve around the expressive vocal which is able to well tears from the eyes with its emotive timbre. The quietly laid guitar and muffled percussion serve to add to the sense of melancholia as the emotionally charged songs drift quietly through the room.

My pick of the release being the second of the five tracks – There Are Days.

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Be Still – EP – Juliah is available on iTunes.*

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