Peace On Earth – Where We Are – Video

The Swedish gaze-rock trio Peace On Earth release their début LP – Silent Killer – tomorrow.

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

An eight track album of shadowy reverberating guitar, muffled drum-kit, solid bass and hazy vocal which has an hypnotic, slightly psychedelic tinge, in which the listener finds their mind and body coexisting.

The songs thread through shifting dynamics, with some tracks fairly sprinting through the room, others almost motionless which adds to the magical mystery ride of the album which holds the attention throughout its approximately fifty three minutes of duration.

The second track on the LP is Where We Are.

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Sophomore – It Hurts – Audio

It was back in 2015 that the Swedish triphop project Sophomore last featured.

Sophomore - triphop


The latest track to surface – It Hurts – unfurls slowly like an emblem carried on a light breeze undulating around a pole.

The hypnotic, melting, electronica seeps in to the arterial system like an anaesthetic calmly slowing down the functions of the body and mind.

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Black River Delta – Gun For You – Audio

The Swedish delta-blues trio Black River Delta will be releasing the LP VOL. II on the 9th of March next year.

Black River Delta

Black River Delta

The band name ably describes the music which is steeped in the gloopy banks of the river Mississippi mud as the puddling percussion sinks skins to the floor inside the rims laying with guitar which is so gnarled that even the roots of the Taxodium distichum will probably be contemplating in evolving to take in the physics as a template while the bassy elements invite the listener to strum the strings as they poke out of the speakers, tipped by a vocal which rasps over the ears like a Bobcats’ tongue.

The first song to surface from the album is Gun For You.

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Orochen – Capitalist Creed – Audio

Orochen is a dark-rock quartet from Sweden.



I do apologise, again, that I am once again late to get to an article.

Their début eponymous EP was released earlier this month – a four track, roughly twenty two minutes, collection – which cast dark clouds over even the brightest sunlit day inside which the listener becomes encased in enrapturing billows of thunderous bass-line and evocative duo of rotational guitars entwine with each other as loosely tied drumskin sinks inside the rims to echo around the ears whilst the unobtrusive vocal melts in to the mind.

Without a sub-woofer and sturdy bass speakers the beauty of the music is lost.

My selection from the EP being the penultimate Capitalist Creed.

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Some Are Lonely – High – Audio

Some Are Lonely is a Swedish melancholic-folk duo.

Some Are Lonely

Some Are Lonely

Their music combines, electronica, both acoustic and electric instrumentation, drums and vocal to deliver music which minds the listener of wandering, lost, through a snow-covered forest finding the mind developing a sense of despondency yet, overarching concerns for personal well-being, the beauty of the surroundings becalm and a feeling of serenity settles in the audience.

Some Are Lonely released their début LP – This is what remains – (available on bandcamp) earlier this month. A ten track, approximately fifty three minutes, release in which the listener is invited to allow their imagination to roam.

My pick of the release being the the third – High.

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