The Parrots – My Love Is Real – Single Review

The Parrots is a garage rock outfit from Spain.

The Parrots

The Parrots

Their music has a sublimating delayed echo which gives the compositions a luxurious depth that minds of walking barefoot over a thick pile soft carpet, giving the songs a dreamy allure in which the listener becomes fully immersed.

In the newest single – My Love Is Real -, which came out earlier in the month, the relaxing ebb and flow of the guitar washes around the listener while the subdued manner of vocal, bass and barely ripple, yet, despite the gentle frame of the track the multifarious layers afford the song a compelling and hypnotic presence.


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Tuxedo – Enviado Desde Mi iPhone – Audio

The Spanish ambient-rock band Tuxedo released the LP Tuxedo III on the 1st.

Tuxedo - photo by Juan González

Tuxedo – photo by Juan González

Dreamy waves of synthesis drift quietly through calmly repeated guitar chords giving the music a sense of gentle rotation while the bass creates a convex mirror reflection to the music as percussion trembles gently beneath the surface to which vocal drifts in an out of a soft-light focus.

The almost forty minutes, nine track album (available on bandcamp) is structured in a way that means the constituent parts can be broken, making for an album which, although best heard and digested in one sitting, can quite easily be consumed in smaller snacks – Enviado Desde Mi iPhone is the third track.

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Dexist – Lunar – Audio

The Spanish gazewave band Dexist released the LP Los No Lugares yesterday.



A roughly forty one minutes album (available on bandcamp) of shoegazy reference point which, like a warm fully clothed summer shower, layers the listener in its weaves of clinging, though not discomforting, weave as the slowly rotating songs float hazily through the room.

The fifth track is the shrouded texturing of Lunar.

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Steffan Rundquist – Chained – Video

The itinerant Swedish protest-folk musician Steffan Rundquist, first featured in 2013 while in The Netherlands, his travels always continue, now currently based in Spain.

Steffan Rundquist - Photo credit - Estherwm Schoenmakers

Steffan Rundquist – Photo credit – Estherwm Schoenmakers

The most recent track to surface – Chained – reflects on a world in which many become aligned to a way of life for the simple reason that it is what they know and never taking time to challenge themselves to discover if there is perhaps a more fulfilling life readily accessible.

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Sarajevo ’84 – Superhero – Video

Sarajevo ’84 is a Spanish rock quartet.

Sarajevo '84

Sarajevo ’84

Unlike the reference of their name to the Winter Olympics, there is nothing chilly about the music which warms the room with it luscious riffs and rips with the quartet creating the sounds of good time, melodic rock’n’roll.

By way of an introduction, from their most recent EP – Carry On, which is available on bandcamp and came out earlier this month, the first of the four tracks – Superhero.

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