Tsunamiz – Warning! – Video

The Portuguese agit-synth-rock creator Bruno Sobral in the vehicle of Tsunamiz releases the LP Whoreporate Censorshit on the 13th.



There is nothing else to do than turn up the speaker system and sing along with Warning! – taken from the album –  whilst dancing along with the scalpel precision and surgical excision of the tumour that is the 1% who quite evidently believe that the 99% exist to serve their foul and foetid existence.

2017 is already – in just the three bands featured – turning in to a wonderful year.

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MAGO – Tease Me – Audio

The Portuguese experimental-fractals project of Mário André Gonçalves OliveiraMAGO – released the EP The Length Of A Line a few hours ago.

MAGO - photo credit Ricardo J. Vaz

MAGO – photo credit Ricardo J. Vaz

The curling folds of extended loops circle the room akin to immersive and infinite revolutions as acoustic and plugged in instrumentation paint the winding rope core, providing the listener with a roughly eighteen minute four track EP (available on bandcamp) in which to loose their sense of direction and time in the psychedelic effects.

Best heard in totality The Length Of A Line is an almost continual thread of ideas rather than chapters dividing a book, however a section that stands as a highlight – the second track – Tease Me – serves as my pick of the release.

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Ararur – Abril – Video

The Portuguese world-music quintet Ararur have an LP scheduled for release in December.



There is a certain inevitability that when I ask you to rest in the arms of tranquillity, I am thinking it may well be coming up to the weekend here in the UK and Ararur with Abril, the first track to surface from the album,  invites the listener to kick back their heels and let the grime wash away.

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Susana Silva – Long Road – Video

Susana Silva is an England based Portuguese soul performer.

Susana Silva

Susana Silva

Normally to be found in her preferred setting of busking around London Susana Silva does also from time time agree to perform on a stage setting and one such moment being a live performance of Long Road.


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Miss Lava – The Silent Ghost of Doom – Video

The Portuguese rock quartet Miss Lava release the LP Sonic Debris on the 6th of May.

Miss Lava - Sonic Debris - artwork

Miss Lava – Sonic Debris – artwork

From the ten track album, the second – The Silent Ghost of Doom.

Sonic Debris is available on bandcamp.

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