7faz – Faza B Cz.2 – Audio

The Polish drone nonet 7faz release the three track single Faza B on the 24th.



On the bounce I find myself recommending you spend time with band consisting of nine players, each completely different in style.  7faz is an outfit I had intended to introduce on the release of Faza A, but for some reason, although there are markings on my computer that I began to write the article, I never quite got round to publishing it, for a rationale I am unable to recall.

Faza B (available on bandcamp) lasts for a margin under forty minutes – so do settle back in the chair and dim the lights. With a sense of the self-evident – Cz.2 is the second track on the single. Expect to discover more going onwards by 7faz, that I will return to in due course, as whilst the world is often better for a song lasting a whisker of time it can equally be enhanced by extended drone.

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Bemine – In The Air – Video

Bemine is a Polish alt-dream project centered around Joanna Longić.



Writing music which is intended to be open to interpretation Bemine releases material that is sometimes acoustic,other-times electronics based.

In The Air is from the three track single Organic Live (available on bandcamp).

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Dave Hanson – Midday Sun – Audio

The English creamy-blues creator Dave Hanson releases his début LP Almost Horizontal on the 3rd of June.

Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson

An experienced musician, this immediately shows in Midday Sun, the third of the eleven on the album. Combining hints of reggae-light with middle of the road rock Dave Hanson is able to add complex layering, leaving the listener entranced by the evolving just under five minutes of the song.

Although very user friendly, the audience doesn’t get the feeling that the production polish has left them with a song bereft of heart and soul; The composition and arrangement standing on its own legs as it glides around the room and equally one finds oneself forgiving the Noel Coward refrain of ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ as the staple diet of chorus and collages of other common idioms which comprises much of the tapestry of lyric.

A track to take with a cocktail rather than a tin of beer, it is nonetheless something I recommend adding to your spring playlist and given the turn in the weather for the worse where I am in the UK, it does bring some sunshine to the falling rain as I type this article.


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Ocean Of Noise – Heartbeats – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise release the LP Still In A Dream on the 28th.

Ocean Of Noise - Heartbeats

Ocean Of Noise

From the six track album, which has a different feel to it to their last LP with only the voice of Magdalena Noweta featuring, rather than the five singers on their eponymous release – Heartbeats.

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Airborne Mark – Concrete Envelopes – Video

Based in England – Airborne Mark is the dark-urban-hop producer and Graffiti artist Bartosz Sczesny.

Airborne Mark - Origami Riots - artwork

Airborne Mark – Origami Riots – artwork

From the EP Origami Riots, the penultimate of the four tracks Concrete Envelopes booms out of the speakers in a turmoil of city centre isolation.

Traversing betwixt Bright-Light Gated-Estates to street-living homelessness the just over two and a half-minute piece commentates on isolationist connectivity of the social-media accounts of electronic binary code, where distances widen, as personal human interaction fades to a distant memory.


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