Raus! Of My Eyes – Dziennikarze – Audio

The Polish newwave quartet Raus! Of My Eyes release the LP R​!​OME Locuta, Causa Finita on the 28th.

Raus! Of My Eyes

Raus! Of My Eyes

A fiery seven track album (available on bandcamp) which is all over in a margin under ten and three quarter minutes.

An album casting wary glance at the pillars of the state – the opening track takes fire at Dziennikarze (journalists) and reflects a commonality of thought held across many countries globally that mainstream media isn’t widely trustworthy.

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Abstractkultur – How Many? – Audio

The Polish ambient-drone duo Abstractkultur releases the single How Many? on the 27th.



The first song to surface from the three track single (available on bandcamp) is the closer and title song- How Many? which showcases their creative technique, of blending samples, wind instrument, electronica, instrumentation and natural percussion in to softly unfurling minimalist threads of extended music, this track lasting for a margin under eight and seven twelfths minutes.

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efektvol – Soyuz 30 – Audio

efektvol is a Polish discobeat outfit.



Not often surfacing with new material, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the first Pole in to space, on board Soyuz 30 – they released the one original plus four remixes single Soyuz 30 (Remixes) (available on bandcamp) which does, as it hints, takes the listener back to discothèques of the late ’70s.

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Ocean Of Noise – Zwid – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise last featured a couple of years ago.

Ocean Of Noise - Zwid

Ocean Of Noise

The newest track to surface, Zwid, is, if anything, of even more REM sleep counterpane as the quietly rotating music gently undulates through the room encroaching in to the mind and inviting the listener far off in to quiet repose.

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Mountain Lakes – Storms – Single Review

On the 30th of March the Poland based synthwave trio Mountain Lakes revealed the single Storms.

Mountain Lakes - Storms

Mountain Lakes

Storms is a more fussy composition than music of theirs featured previously, yet although not having the organic fluidity of their last track The Quiet Sun nonetheless keeps the listener attentive to the unfurling song.

Opening with a buffering backwash Storms, for the first minute or so, appears to be heading towards radio station mainstream yet delightfully diverges from such thoughts to open a dreamy side channel and for the next getting on for three and a half minutes is a layering of hazy vocal and ever more pressing electronica which build in intensity which can be felt pressing through the speakers in to the room.

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