Vienna Ditto

Vienna Ditto from Oxford in England the duo of Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth with their avante-garde rock have passed my sight a few times and now I have been able to find enough music to write a review.

Vienna Ditto - avante-garde rock from England

Vienna Ditto

The underscore of velvet and steel resonates of an S&M dungeon with its evocative combination that transfixes the listener. I have been aware of the Vienna Ditto for a year or so and when I received an email about a new release, Ugly which comes out on the 14th October 2013, I was absolutely convinced I had already written a review of the band and was surprised to see that I hadn’t, so let us take a moment to rectify that situation as these two are precisely who should be featured on the Indie Bands Blog stable of websites.

Dulcet vocals are accompanied by evocative music that wrap the listener in an intoxicating fold of velvet which echo’s around the room in a warming embrace, lulling the brain into a sense of safety, before the blind fold is snapped around the eyes and the cold embrace of spreader bars snap into place and suddenly it is the the audience who stand exposed and vulnerable.

Vienna Ditto leave Schmitte Scars seared deep into the brain and I am delighted that I have been able to rectify my omission of a fine band with whom I suggest spending time is part of your life spent well as they add much to the world of music.


Liar Liar – EP – Vienna Ditto is available on iTunes*

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Lola King And The Kickstarts

Lola King And The Kickstarts an indie-pop band based in London, England, is Lola King (Vocals), Dan King (Guitars), Shaun Lee (Drums) and Chris Curtis (Bass).

Lola King and The Kickstarts - indie pop from England

Lola King and The Kickstarts

A delightfully whimsical vocal and bouncing notes playfully tumble in to the room like a puppy trying to coordinate its legs, incredibly endearing and entertaining. That isn’t to say it is overly fluffy as the music produced by Lola King And The Kickstarts demands intrinsic finger-work to allow the frolicking nature of the sounds to be maintained.  I am reminded to a great extent of The YuYa, a perennial favourite on the site and with the release of the double A side single on Blue Vinyl – well what more could I ask for.

The combination of the instruments and vocal which play one off against the other creating a jazz reggae configuration tied together with a percussion that holds it all in context. There is much to enjoy and Lola King And The Kickstarts have much to add to the world of music and their future development will be of interest.


Bounce Together / This Is Not a Love Song – Single – Lola King & The Kickstarts is available on iTunes*

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evokateur an alt electro band from London in England is Sarah VillarausHector Villaraus and Simon Lowry.

evokateur - alt electro from England


Whilst evokateur play around with textures of electro-pop, underlying the out-put is a scintillating avant-garde reflective which spins around the room cascading against the brain in delightful rhythms as the outfit extrapolate finesses as a good bridge player is able, to provide the audience with sounds which captivate.

If I have to raise a criticism, I oft find in this sector of the music industry, one song remixed over and over is presented as new material and evokateur sadly also suffer from this strange delusion, but when they get round to original compositions this is fine music in which to spend more than a moment.

It was back in January 2011 that they were brought to my attention and life has moved forward for them as they concentrate more on live performance, than making recorded material available, which is perhaps precisely where the focus for this type of music should lay, instantaneous and immediately accessible.

evokateur have understood that it is the organic, living and breathing nature of the music which is the core element that marks out the differentiation and whilst the recordings are of good quality, I get the feeling that live performance would add a distinctive dimension.


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Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage an indie rock band from Calne in England comprises James E Anderson ( Vocals / Guitar), Jack Burston (Guitar), Murray Somerville (Bass) and Simon Weeds (Drums).

Avon Cottage - indie rock from England

Avon Cottage

There is a distinctly underground air to the sounds that Avon Cottage produce as they are unafraid to push the edges a little without it becoming overly complicated, but adding enough of a shift to pull the listener to pay more attention.  The music is an evocative flurry of high energy and rapidly delivered phrases which tumble across the room in perfect unison, as a real credit to the relative inexperience of the players.

The lyrics reflect both on personal relationships and a broader canvas of integration within a wider community delivered to a saw-tooth of guitar accompanied by a well-defined percussion that lends considerable power to the material.

It was some months ago that I spoke to James for the Indie Music Tips series when he chatted to me about measures of success and it is a pleasure to hear some more of the music.

Although having to improvise with towels and bedroom furniture to create a vocal booth, the end result is a smartly recorded four track demo EP by Avon Cottage. Creativity for Independent Musicians extends not to just creating the songs, but finding a way to record them.


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KynchinLay an alt indie band from Liverpool centres around K G Wilson (Vocals / Guitar), Damien Welsh (Drums) and Mal Williams (Bass).

KynchinLay - alt indie from England


There are a melange of retrospective new wave and ska influences that weave their way through the music of KynchinLay, that isn’t to say this is a tour through the history books as the material breathes of the moment.

The contemplative sounds slide out of the speakers in black clouds of angst that wrap around the head in an enveloping embrace, as percussion and bass lay the frame for the compositions. The arterial flow comes through a precise guitar over which plays the vocal commentary of the social mores of the environment around. The tracks are varied in texture and whilst each stands well on its own the cohesion of the full spread far better demonstrates the abilities of the band.

The highly creative musicians whilst extrapolating the conundrums of the times, also seem somewhat inextricably caught up in them as they continue to release singles rather than doing what makes more sense to the listener – combining them together to give a full perspective.

I have been in contact with the band for some time and it is when I now put fingers to keyboard that I am able to define what I find frustrating and has held me back so far. Please let the songs out in one EP as in context it all makes far more sense than disjointed singles. Sure I appreciate that many people prefer to purchase singles, but if the music needs releasing as a body of work, then it needs releasing as a body of work. I am sort of drawn to the concept – had Sham 69 released the fourteen tracks of That’s Life one by one, would it have made sense? I fear that while KynchinLay have so much to offer they are being prescriptive in the doses they allow the fans to hear.

However if you happen to be anywhere near where they are playing live, then I am sure it is a different story as the music that they do release on recording is of the highest quality and it is a pleasure to introduce KynchinLay to Emerging Indie Bands.


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