Birthrite is Erazamus Voss (Vocals), Jonny Zygen (Guitar), Mark Thinsliced (Bass) and Dek La Plombier (Percussion) an alternative indie band from Tipton in England.

Birthrite - alt indie from England


A delightful combination of New Romanticism, Funk and Steampunk floats its way into the ears as Birthrite deliver sounds that contain depth and clarity all wrapped up in one go. If you are of my vintage, think Black Arabs on Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle and you will get the gist, though that isn’t to say it is all retrospective and for those who haven’t got a clue what I am referencing in that last bit and don’t fancy doing a search – The darker edges of the music are given a spit and polish with an up-tempo lift that gives the material a lighter quality delivered complete with wry smile.

I happily find myself bouncing around the room and returning back to the keyboard for a few words of text whilst my mind is entranced by the core focus of the out-put which has a sardonic and incisive reflective. The combinations delivering sounds that are pure enjoyment on many levels.

It is through the very disparity of the influences that Birthrite are able to offer compositions which raises them well above the parapet, though sadly I feel, as with many of the best bands playing now, they will remain sidelined from the far broader audience they deserve.


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Blood Sport

Blood Sport is Alex Keegan (Guitar), Sam Parkin (Drums) and Nick Potter (Vocals) an alternative indie band based in Sheffield, England.

Blood Sport is an alt indie band from England

Blood Sport – photo credit Guy Smith

Lilting rhythms and melodies with influences of Dan Mugala and later derivations of the style of Kadongo Kamu from Uganda interspersed with reminders of Alternative TV give the music an hypnotic timbre in which tracks could become never ending hypnosis of sound and to give the material the time to flourish and develop in the listeners ears they do run pieces to over seven minutes duration, which could happy be doubled in length without loosing any interest.

The transformation of well established cohesive influences dipped in the box of existentialism provides for a triumph of experimentalism which in many ways provides a backdrop to social fracturing across much of the world today, delivering music, which in many ways due to its disparate roots is precisely of its time and an exciting commentary of the second decade of the 21st Century in the so called ‘developed world’.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that I have come across a new band taking influences from the rich seam of Ugandan music and I for one do hope this becomes a wider trend as the journey on which the brain can be taken is breathtakingly extensive.

With a new album – Life In Units – set for release on the 9th September I look forward to hearing more from Blood Sport.


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Fear Of Domination

Fear Of Domination is Saku Solin (Vocals), Lauri Ojanen (Bass), Johannes Niemi (Lead Guitar), Jan-Erik Kari (Guitar), Lasse Raelahti (Keyboards) and Vesa Ahlroth (Drums) an industrial metal outfit from Nurmijärvi in Finland.

Fear Of Domination - industrial metal from Finland

Fear Of Domination

With theatrical aplomb Fear of Domination make a welcome addition to emerging indie bands. Somewhat more experienced than typical bands reviewed, the  sextet have learnt their stage craft well and the addition of keys to accompany rhythm guitar lends a far wider spectrum to the distorted metal that slams out of the speakers in a frenzy of noise and phlegm.

I often find that Finnish bands have a harder resonance to their material than their fellow Scandinavian neighbours, perhaps it is the more isolated historical geopolitics that has led to this fairly distinct difference and Fear Of Domination are no different in this regard, as although there is the recognizable Scandinavian feel of open space and frozen landscape, this is tempered by a razor edge force that spills through the music.

The material hammers around the room in a thunderous roar of activity, but by tempering with keys, the sounds are blended into an intriguing flow of music which reminds me of a raging sea – a powerful and destructive force, yet simultaneously unmissable and mesmeric.

Whilst the recorded material reflects of the intensity, I get the impression that a live performance would raise this from something to keep on the track list, to an impressive night out.


Paperdoll – Single – Fear Of Domination is available on iTunes*.

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Lund Quartet

Lund Quartet is an instrumental jazz group from Bristol in England, comprised of Simon Adcock (piano / theremin), Jake Wittlin (turntable), Rob Childs (double bass) and Sam Muscat (drums). Their debut album, simply titled Lund Quartet, is released September 2013.

Lund Quartet - instrumental jazz from England

Lund Quartet

“Did you just say there were a theremin and turntable in this band?” Why yes, I did. However, before you think these guys are all about experimentalism and the unusual, do bear in mind the music they play only features these elements sparingly. The entire album is suffused with the piano, with the drums and double bass doing a great job filling out the sound space while samples are lovingly sliced and diced by the turntable work. Opening track Sequoia presents an edgy and compelling introduction to the band, with a sampled brass section cutting through the mix of hi-hat and evocative grooves on the keys. Their extended studio performance of Sequoia takes the song into somewhat self-indulgent but absorbing territory with a protracted dubstep theremin section! One can only hope the group decides to take this approach when performing the track live,

Sequoia – Single – Lund Quartet is available on iTunes*.

The album continues into somewhat unexpectedly melancholy with its second track, Kulde, which treads through icily emotional territory worthy of its translated namesake – Kulde means cold or frost in Norwegian. Love’s Madness is a fun and slightly sinister ballroom-strut through a hazy, delay-infused vocal sample and masterful piano playing. Tulipan is something of a rollercoaster in terms of its composition, ranging from downhearted and gloomy to uplifting and inspiring. Something to note at this point is that these arrangements are wilfully minimal in their construction, with each instrument occupying its space in the mix without overpowering the experience. In this way each source of sound can be fully appreciated.

Lonn is another double-edged sword in terms of its content. Starting off as a sombre piece, Lund Quartet subtly generate a confidence and character which crescendos into a charming piano section. The penultimate track, Merula, features catchy tapped-stick percussion and pleasant work on the keys

before Zill Bell finishes off the album with leisurely aplomb.

Overall I really like this debut from Lund Quartet. It’s nicely rhythmic and never offensive in its construction, and the turntable element sets the band apart. In future I personally would like to see slightly more use of the sampled elements (the intro to Kulde is a fantastic example of that) and maybe more fitting use of the theremin – I can hardly spot it on the album but can imagine all manner of exciting possibilities presenting themselves for future experimentation.


Another superb review from Robbie, many thanks.

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AustraliA from Pisa in Italy is the garage rock duo of Olga (Drums / Bass / Synth) and Chicano (Vocals / Guitar).

AustraliA - Garage Rock from Italy


AustraliA seemed like a great dropping off point with their lo-fi reproductions and highly fuzzed output which has an underlying spinal chord that thrashes around like a dying crocodile. This is music in which to wallow and roll around in the mud such are the sparks flying out of the speakers.

Material such as this relies completely on the credibility of the performance as the technical ability is the equivalent of ‘three chords form band’ and as you well know, did I not think it was worth your time I wouldn’t have asked you to spare the time, this is an absolute delight of basal musicianship given a fillip through pure exuberance and for that very reason it engages the listener in a flurry of activity that phases across the ears like an video recorder pause button. There is something surreal that you just have to get to grips with it and I am wreathed in smiles as I listen to their launch release Robot.

Sometimes music, when pared back to basics, then distorted is just the ticket and AustraliA is a duo who deliver sounds which perfectly hit the spot with a lesson to teach many who just ‘try too hard’ loosing the freshness and honesty of it all. Whether there is a career as a duo I have my doubts, as the players have too much to do to make it a coherent stage performance, but add a couple of new faces of the same mindset and there is great potential for a highly charged live performance band.


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