Homeless Billionaires – Makkaroni Western – Video

The England based alt-rock duo Homeless Billionares are set to release their début five track EP Evil Partners on the 26th.

Homeless Billionares - Evil Partners - artwork

Homeless Billionares – Evil Partners – artwork

Bands can work regardless of numbers of players and the duo of Homeless Billionaires with their intense curmudgeon rock has more fire than many bands who play around in the arena with similar intent.

Makkaroni Western has been sitting in my inbox since the end of last month so my apologies, again, to one and all for the tardiness of getting round to the email. Having had the opportunity to run through much of the rest of Evil Partners this a track which, whilst less aggressive in approach than those I have heard, lacks none of the evisceration. For the very fact of its more melodious construct is perhaps a more demonstrative exploration of the landscape in which the duo find fulmination, think a compressed Talking Heads – Psycho Killer and you are on the right lines.


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Call It Off – Anesthesia – Audio

Emerging from The Netherlands is the indie quartet Call It Off.

Call It Off

Call It Off

On occasion it is good to allow music to bring pillows of summer cloud to drift through the room and Anesthesia, which was released yesterday, is a song to bring out for those moments. Not seeking to challenge the listener with anything more than having a good time.

With light touches, there is always a danger that the material melts into plasticity, Call It Off are able to avoid the pitfall, as there is an ever present twining of instrumentation and percussion to keep the mind engaged. Whilst not something I personally will be reaching for everyday, Anesthesia, nonetheless has plenty ensure it makes it to the ‘reasons to be cheerful’ playlist.

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Anesthesia – Single – Call It Off is available on iTunes.*

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Sad Blood

The emo trio of Dan GoldbergKrys Bascombe and George Phillips from London in England got together recently to form Sad Blood.

Sad Blood - Emo from England

Sad Blood

Stringing together frequent live appearances, for those of us not having had the opportunity to see Sad Blood in performance with fortune they released a three track single in August – Ultimate Warrior, that is available on bandcamp, which is the only set of songs I have been able to hear.

The distorted guitar appears out of the speakers like the sun creating a mirage on the sand, to which a hushed lamenting vocal is subsumed in a pumping bass / percussion combination, giving the overall sense that the music is echoing around the corridor from a different room and this off-set approach gives the music an immediate appeal.

The extensive use of flats allows Sad Blood to invest the material with a melancholia that reaches far into the heart of the audience generating, not a mood of sadness, more a sense of emotional connection between players and listener.

I look forward to hearing more of Sad Blood in the not to distant future and word arrives of intentions to head back to the studio next year for a further release, for which I hope to be able to provide a review.


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Mia & Tuesday – Summer Rain – Video

Mia & Tuesday are an English acoustic-melodic-rock duo.

Mia & Tuesday - Backfire - CD

Mia & Tuesday – Backfire – CD

Summer Rain showcases the two vocals crossing each other in a melancholic track that winds its way into the heart.

The measured pace allows the listener to merge with the music, which for its open framework enables Mia & Tuesday to inject the track with a sense of emotional turmoil bringing Summer Rain to life.


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Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild – Video

Solomon Grey is an ambient-electronics duo from England.

Solomon Grey - photo by Aaron Munday

Solomon Grey – photo by Aaron Munday

The music of Solomon Grey is generally complex in structure, though can equally take being stripped back and still leave a full canvas.

The live version of Choir To The Wild, the last of the ten tracks on the LP Selected Works, recorded earlier in the year, is a fine example.


Selected Works (Music From “The Casual Vacancy”) – Solomon Grey is available on iTunes.*

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