From Liverpool in England come Magnus RomoFlorian WinterBen GladwinBendik Brevik and Richard Welsby, who from the indie-rock band Radiolane.

Radiolane - indie-rock from England

Radiolane – indie-rock from England

Radiolane produce music which finds the listener reminded of sounds of the last century, but they don’t wallow in the past, rather providing music which is at once retro and current. A group of talented musicians, the quintet it able to take the ears from calming melodic rhythms to energetic squealing guitars. Which ever way Radiolane play the bat, there is a strong focus on compositions and they are able to produce an out-put which is steeped in layers and textures, ensuring the audience has plenty to keep engaged, without ever making it an exercise in deep concentration.

Making a fine start Radiolane will be a band to keep an ear out for over the coming year and their début EP Here Comes The Rain Again, which came out last month and showcases the band in various guises, should rapidly establish a deeper fan-base. Already seeking to take their music out to an international audience, they played a short tour in Norway earlier this year.

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Yeallow from Strasbourg in France is the indie rock quartet of Fred (Vocals / Guitar / Keys), Ted (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Bill (Bass) and Cédric (Drums).

Yeallow - indie rock from France


Yeallow deliver combinations of rock riffs, which are given a spring to step of electronics, that gives the resulting out-put a hazy summer-sunset feel.

There is a timelessness to the music that beguiles the listener to spend time in loquacious melodies that drift around the room, ensnaring the brain into an evening on the Côte d’Azur watching life ebb and flow. Yeallow is able to unify lazy-hazy summers days with sounds that engage the audience as underlying the shimmering textures is a darker presence that gives the material the gravitas that intoxicates the mind.

Formed at the start of the decade Yeallow disappeared off the scene and in 2014 reappeared with a change of percussion player and a new enthusiasm for creating, which has culminated in the forthcoming LP – Homebred.

I hope this time round they are able to retain momentum as their material adds much to the meaning of life.


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JUNIORS from Leicester in England  is the indie-gaze quartet of Jamie Hives (Vocals / Guitar), Jake Tasker (Bass), William Bond (Drums) and Daniel Lee (Guitar).

JUNIORS - indie-gaze from England


JUNIORS deliver music that floats across the room in undulating waves of sounds as the guitars draw gossamer threads which seem to hang in the air, entrancing the mind, whilst a percussion and vocal act like a wand in smoke – curling urgent eddies, as the bass tarries slightly behind scooping up the remnants of guitar notes as it progresses, giving the compositions a warming catharsis.

Formed as a three piece in 2013, it wasn’t until last year that JUNIORS emerged as a fully formed entity and able to provide the lustre to the out-put. The juxtaposition of the grating vocal and the dreamy instrumentation will perhaps tear audience perspectives apart, but when taken in totality of the quartet, there is a deliverable that holds the attention of the listener.

It will be interesting to discover the direction JUNIORS travel in the coming months as they have a clear choice between the banality of poppy plastic tat and developing their creative musical force. I certainly hope they decide to explore their musical ability and if that is their direction of travel I would counsel – a change of vocal style to blend with the instruments, not fight against it but, what do I know?

I wish JUNIORS all the best in which ever direction they head. At this moment – I most certainly recommend you getting to know the quartet.

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Frank is a mod-rock quintet from Wirksworth in England comprising – Craig Wheeldon (Vocals), Garry McCabe (Rhythm Guitar), John Priestley (Lead Guitar), Andy Page (Bass) and Tom Furnival (Drums).

Frank - mod-rock from England


The sounds that thunder around the room remind of ’60s Mod and progressive rock as the pulsating music of Frank finds the listener split between donning a parka or allowing the washes of sounds to flow around the brain.

A solid wall of percussion and bass pummels the brain as the lead guitar joins in the punches to the face, which is pared down by a rhythm guitar that gives Frank an outstanding range of melodies that underpin the out-put, whilst vocal adds a distinct reference to Paul Weller, which gives the band a distinctive space. Given, as you know if you are a regular reader, The Jam is one of those nemesis bands of mine, it surprises me as much as it will you – that I am enthralled and have the quintet on my ‘must have’ playlist.

About a year old, sadly there isn’t much I have been able to hear and I hope Frank are able to rectify this in short order as those of us not local for live performances are missing out on an out-put that will appeal to an international audience.

There is a feisty edginess to Frank that captures the imagination as the driving sounds and delightful hooks find arms and legs flailing in syncopation.

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The Bajikans

The Bajikans is Alexandr Shabalin (Guitar / Vocal), Dmitriy Novikov (Bass) and Andrei Usov (Drums) an Indie-rock band from Donetsk in Ukraine.

The Bajikans - Indie rock from Ukraine

The Bajikans

Belying the surrounding chaos The Bajikans deliver a sound that harks of playful guitar and unbounded enthusiasm as the trio harness ’60s Carnaby Street psychedelia with rumbling rock, but it doesn’t sound as though the material is rooted in history as the music is delivered with a lightness of mind in which the audience can dance with abandon that acts as an antidote to the bombs falling outside.

Originally formed back in 2009 with a more indie-pop centred sound under the name The Last Of Bajikans, the trio drifted apart to side projects before reforming with a new name in 2012 and more driven music that has resulted in establishing themselves as a must see live band. For those of us further away The Bajikans have plans afoot for an LP, which is set for imminent release – Passengers Of Life.

Having had the opportunity to hear a few tracks from the album, this is one to add to the collection, both for its intrinsic musical quality and equally for marking a moment in geo-political strife.

As regular readers know bands from war-zones frequently appear, with their unbridled passion to keep creating, despite what is happening around them and I thank Elena for dropping me a note and The Bajikans for keeping candles burning.

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Outlander – Single – The Bajikans is available on iTunes.*

If you are in a war-zone and have a band you find adds a chink of light to the turmoil around, please send me a note to tim @ .

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