Inner Fluid

Inner Fluid from Rome in Italy is the alt-rock trio of Marco Pallotta (Guitar), Maurizio Arbanasich (Bass) and Simone Febrini (Drums / Vocals).

Inner Fluid - alt-rock from Italy

Inner Fluid

With a diversity of spectral influences which they manage to combine to a coherent delivery Inner Fluid is an interesting band for the conundrums that flow through my ears.

The music ranges from synth-wave ’80s influences to psychedelia and when they drift to this end of their spectrum I enjoy what I hear, sadly they are also draw on occasion inferences from one of my nemesis bands who only consist of a letter and a number in their name, but such is my dislike of the band-wagon famine profiteering self-publicists I can’t ever bring myself to type it and when Inner Fluid let that cat out of the bag – I am suddenly not such a fan of the sounds. Nonetheless there is plenty that doesn’t step towards that territory where the trio excel.

Formed out of the ashes of the quintet Aut Aut the resulting shift has left Inner Fluid with compositions and delivery which stir the imagination. The tracks hold a resonating powerful undercurrent of the darker corners of life which they translate to impressively composed pieces of music.

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Looking Beyond the Border – EP – Inner Fluid is available on iTunes*.

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Michel Mystère

Michel Mystère from Lyon in France is an electro-theatre rock creator.

Michel Mystère - electro-theatre rock from France

Michel Mystère

The distinctive material of Michel Mystère is an exposé of the inner workings of a mind. The music is a journey of the turmoil of introspective thinking as Michel Mystère explores the travel towards isolation and back to inclusion in tracks which question the listener as much as provide answers.

There is necessarily a pondering as to whether this self-dialogue can continue in the same vein for the future as the trammels of life have to an extent been lifted. Regardless of which, the excoriation of personal turmoil to public view always takes credit from my seat. Almost standing as a linearisation of grind Michel Mystère  has been able to encapsulate synaptic electro-pulses and deliver them in a context which is easy to understand.

The first live performance of Michel Mystère will be on the 21st June at the Fou Allier Festival supporting the release of the four track EP – ne vous attendait plus, which came out on the 27th May and is available on bandcamp.

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The Luka State

The Luka State from Winsford in England is the rock trio of Conrad Ellis (Vocals / Guitar), Sam Bell (Bass) and Jess Whitmore (Drums).

The Luka State - Photo by Jono Terry

The Luka State -Photo by Jono Terry

Having formed about a year ago The Luka State have already made a significant impact with appearances internationally as well as a couple of releases behind them and a further single Rain set for availability on the 7th July.

The Luka State have added a dash of folk to rock and roll to produce a sound that has punch in a velvet glove as, whilst the there is a pugilism to the music, they are wrapped inside complexities of melodies and whimsy to the rock derivatives, which captivates the ears. Whilst the compositions are stretching for the players the trio are able to transfer this to an out-put which has a lightness of touch, that allows the audience to enjoy the music, not having to unravel the textures.

Their pure enjoyment and pleasure at being touring and creative musicians is palpable in the music, which, whilst being finely crafted doesn’t come across as aloof. I hope that The Luka State can retain this connection between themselves, their creativity and the audience in the future.


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The Rapports

The Rapports from Brighton in England is the indie rock quartet of Thomas Mayon (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Wright (Lead Guitar), Todd Cowell (Bass) and Collom Conchuir (Drums).

The Rapports - indie rock from England

The Rapports

New out of the blocks The Rapports formed out of the ashes of Actus Reus and this previous experience has been put to good use as there is a tight feel to the sound which belies the age of the unit. There is a carefree ease with which the quartet interact that gives the music an infectious quality.

The guitars shimmer inside the tracks, giving the sounds a warming timbre, whilst percussion and bass lay out a sold framework that pumps out of the speakers demanding attention, whilst the vocal quivers with emotion and the whole effect is to deliver a sound which pulls the audience into the anxieties.

The Rapports are able to convey the concepts of the songs effectively to the listener inside well judged tracks. The combinations of acoustic and electronic guitars enables the band to layer the music effectively and switch the emphasis of songs to express sonically the journey of the lyric.

Although there is little to hear of recorded material at present and they have only been performing live for the past month, from what I have had the opportunity to hear, these are a more than capable group of musicians who I would hope to hear much more of in short order.

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Animali from Lyon in France is the psychedelic quintet of Julien Jussey (Vocals / Keys), Benjamin Rishardier (Guitar), Sylvian Hernandez (Guitar), Hadriend Santos Dasilva (Drums) and Nicolas Mieral (Bass).

Animali - Psychedelia from France


Weaving across the room like an ’80s space-invaders arcade game the music is enhanced by the addition of the electronic keyboard which gives it a granular texture. Intriguingly Animali from time to time introduce acoustic guitar to the mix and this lifts the sounds to a new dimension entirely.

The washes of sounds have the warming touch of the days when televisions had valves to warm up before a grainy black and white image appeared, this is retro without being of irrelevance to the here and now as Animali explore the largesse of psychedelia without ever becoming self-indulgent. The quintet is equally able to hurry up the tempo with energetic bounding refrains, which remind of the dreams many have of being able to fly, vast distances covered, extending in a leap that exceeds the boundaries of physics.

Formed in 2013, Animali are keeping extremely busy on the live circuit, where they are by all accounts being well received, in addition a début four track plus one remix EP – The Spark, and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music – EP appeared in March (which is available on iTunes*).

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