The Capture Effect

The Capture Effect is the synth-indie quartet of Iain Littlemore (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Parr (Guitar / Keyboard), Andy Malliff (Bass / Samples) and Stuart Roberts (drums) from London in England.

The Capture Effect - Frequencies - artwork

The Capture Effect – Frequencies – artwork

Formed in the middle of 2014 The Capture Effect have quickly established a working relationship, providing material that belies their longevity. Combinations of demonstrative percussion and flowing electronics are joined by fluid guitar and punchy bass in a cohesion which threads its way around the room with some aplomb to the accompaniment of an expressive vocal that lays out the story-line.

Lyrics which reflect of current social disquiet are melded with a soundtrack of new romanticism diced with rock, giving The Capture Effect its confident poise. They are not confined by reference points, utilising techniques and equipment of the ’10s to update the sounds without loosing the inheritance.

Of particular pleasure is the way that The Capture Effect have been able to create easily accessible music, that has not lost any sense of the genuine thought process in song writing, through to the final delivery, allowing them potentially a wide spread of audience.

Establishing themselves a wide geographic area of gigs in the UK, it should, if justice is served, only be a short-while before the quartet find themselves appearing internationally. The release of their début EP – Frequencies on the 23rd, certainly won’t hurt their progress.


Frequencies – EP – The Capture Effect is available on iTunes.*

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Seven Waves

From the war-zone of Luhansk in Ukraine Anton Cherednychenko (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Nikita Voloshanovsky (Drums / Synth) and Dima Walewski (Bass) still manage to release music in the form of the synth-rock out-fit Seven Waves.

Seven Waves - synth-rock from Ukraine

Seven Waves

There is a surprising warmth that emerges from the speakers as Seven Waves reflect of turmoil not in angst, rather in considered contemplation of the rocket blasted buildings in their surrounding perimeters. The electronic kit allows the duo to provide the audience with shimmering stacks of Cumulonimbus cloud which drift across the room drafted with inner turmoil.

An ever present percussion taps across the ears like a sentry on duty, whilst guitars hum in the background as a vocal spears to anxious upper notes and Seven Waves utilise the synths to paint the imagery of the thoughts offered.

Formed back in 2013 with the idea of extracting cohesion betwixt division Seven Waves found themselves torn asunder by the bullets flying and the members segregated to slightly more hospitable climes, before facing the reality of staying alive was the challenge and finalised their first EP.

Now set to work on a second EP for our consideration. Those of longer stay will recall from 2010 an Afghani trio – Kabul Dreams – who are still able to navigated a path of war-zone. Of less certainty is D.J. Foundation from Mosul in Iraq who is now presumed dead after a year of no contact by anyone.

Do support musicians who aim to make a difference regardless of their personal cost and to find more of them please bookmark the website.

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Dialects from Glasgow in Scotland is the maths-rock quartet of Conor Anderson (Guitar), Steven Gillies (Guitar), Ali Walker (Bass) and Jonny Gormley (Drums).

Dialects - Maths-rock from Scotland


The industrial excavations of Dialects soon have you looking at the walls to ensure it isn’t they that are furiously cascading around your head. When maths rock comes right, it is a joy to behold, rarely it does, though in the hands of the quartet the carefully constructed pyramids are felled in measured temperament leaving the audience smitten by the smote.

Cleavers of grinding guitar axe their way through the cortex like a finely tuned sawmill at peak production. Dialects leave the audience with a sense of perfectly articulated jaw as the jangles of angles reverberate around the head.

Pugilistic percussion is swathed in felts of beguiling bass to cleft a hidden southpaw right-hand upper-cut to the senses as the guitars serve as a valedictory salute to the unconscious.

Dialects deliver an uncompromising flow of precise compositions that take no prisoners along their path. Catch them in the wrong moment and it will discombobulate. When in the right mindset this is music which confabulates and an absolute joy.

I raise my hat to Dialects for not being afraid to challenge the listener and as importantly for putting ‘pure maths’ into maths-rock.

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From Basingstoke in England Alex Gonzato (Vocals / Guitar), Fraser Roskilly (Guitar), Jon Cullis (Guitar), Liam Kinslow (Bass) and Toby Bartlett (Drums) got together to form the indie band FlashFires.

FlashFires - Indie from England


The trio of guitars enable FlashFires to explore depths of sound which captivate the attention. The instruments are deployed, not to gain volume, rather enrich textures and the players are able to find space to thread the weaves expertly providing the audience with luscious symphonies of fret work. That isn’t to ignore all the other elements which are integral to the complete sound – the percussion chivvies along the pace and the bass accents the punctuation marks as vocal provides context.

Whilst taking their career as musicians seriously which has seen them wrangle over contracts since their inception in 2012 resulting in limited material surfacing, they still retain the infectious enthusiasm of a fresh band and their début EP The Play which comes out the 20th April is full of zest.


The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

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The Black Tears

The Black Tears from Nuneaton in England is the grunge quartet of Lischana Lane (Vocals),  Kady Jones (Bass), Barney Such (Drums) and Luke Smith (Guitar).

The Black Tears - grunge from England

The Black Tears

With thanks to Kali for taking the time to write her thoughts on The Black Tears

Let me introduce to you The Black Tears a new Darkwave style group who potentially will resonate with fans of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Paramore and K0Rn.

The Black Tears have carved their way with a grunge rock sound. Their material just shows that grunge and rock really do mix. Their music has been influenced by the  90’s Seattle Scene, though with unique blends the quartet have been able to mark out their own distinctive territory.

Whilst I really like Commitment & He Knows Love, from the three track single Philosophy of Perception – each of The Black Tears songs have a unique sound to them. The melody and female vocals add depth to each track.

A new two track single Liquid Fabulous, is set for release on the 17th April.


Liquid Fabulous – Single – The Black Tears is available on iTunes.*

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