Lunakid – Little Great Nothing – Audio

The German dystopian-electronica project Lunakid released the LP Disillusion on the 7th.

Lunakid - Photo credit - Jonas Friedrich

Lunakid – Photo credit – Jonas Friedrich

A darkwave of oppressive industrial IDM flows through the room in the approximately thirty six minutes, eight track, album which the audience, on hitting play. becomes completely absorbed as burring loops are overlayed by sweeping electronic waves.

The second track is Little Great Nothing.


Disillusion – Lunakid is available on iTunes.*

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Wushta – MOV0032A – Audio

Wushta is the project of Marcelo Graf Reis – a vapourwave creator from Portugal.



The latest track to surface MOV0032A opens with a glitchy bass and prestissimo steel with electronica and snare merging in to the sound prior to the electronica taking over the shape of the song and resulting in a just over three minutes of drifting ambience.

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Marsicans – Wake Up Freya – Single Review

The English indie quartet Marsicans released the single Wake Up Freya on the 9th.

Marsicans - photo credit - Jake Haseldine

Marsicans – photo credit – Jake Haseldine

Another band who seem to appear on the site only once a year having first featured in 2016.

The new single identifies a year spent well with Wake Up Freya being their, to my mind, most intricate song thus far released.

There is a gentle timorous frailty of vocal which threads through the composition affording the theme its central pivot seeking to narrate tentative advice to a new-born whilst self-doubting the counselling provided as the building layers of instrumentation afford a guarding layer of protection and caring support in to which the listener is invited to join arms.

Marsicans will be embarking on a six stop England, Scotland tour next month:

1st of March – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
2nd of March – London, Borderline
3rd of March – Bristol, Louisiana
7th of March – Glasgow, Garage (Attic)
8th of March – Manchester, Deaf Institute
10th of March – Leeds, Church

Wake Up Freya is available on Amazon.*

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Hanging Valleys – Fortaleza – Audio

The England based dreamwave outfit Hanging Valleys are working towards the release of an EP.

Hanging Valleys

Hanging Valleys

There is a calming mood which flows in to the room on listening to the first song to surface from the EP – Fortaleza (which was released as a stand alone single on the 9th) – as acoustic and electric guitar bend inside a spectral electronica while a hushed percussion can be heard peering through the mist.

On the basis of this, approaching five minutes track, the EP will be something to add to the collection and pull out when life is turning frenetic as the mind relaxes and finds time to refresh.


Fortaleza – Single – Hanging Valleys is available on iTunes.*

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Massimo Ruberti – Falling – Audio

Within the past few hours the Italian sylphwave project Massimo Ruberti released the EP Granchite Yumtruso PT 2.

Massimo Ruberti

Massimo Ruberti

Cascading like a fireworks borne on high winds on a rainy night spreading far and wide, smudged, yet fluorescent luminescence so the roughly twenty eight minutes five track release spirits through the room.

There is an underlying finesse to the tracks which is smudged by forces unknown allowing Massimo Ruberti, in Granchite Yumtruso PT 2 to disport a reveal which minds the listener of an abbreviation of MCMXC AD. by Enigma – a thought intended to be in the least disparaging, merely the reality of the world of 2018, when spending an hour of pre-foreplay is shortened to a quickie knee-trembler and the whole thing over and parties asleep within less than half an hour of initial interaction.

The second song is Falling.


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