Broken Swans – You Don’t Like Me Anymore – Single Review

Broken Swans is a Norwegian lofi project.

Broken Swans

Broken Swans

Broken Swans has only recently come to the table, with three tracks revealed in the past couple of months.

The most recent of which is You Don’t Like Me Anymore (available on bandcamp) – a fragile composition which the listener senses is likely to fracture even as it surfaces out of the speakers as the frail feathers flutter in tender strains of introspective soliloquy lain on a bed of laced acoustic guitar.

Broken Swans is a musical entity possessing of a gentle grace which I look forward to hearing more from in the coming year.

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orsak:oslo – Brugata Blues – Audio

The Norwegian and Swedish dystopian trio orsak:oslo released the three track single Tipping Point on the 17th.

orsak:oslo - photo credit - David Holmqvist

orsak:oslo – photo credit – David Holmqvist

On hitting play on the first track on Tipping Point (available on bandcamp) Brugata Blues – the rumbling underfoot is not the foundations crumbling –  rather the distorted saw of guitars opening the seven and five sixths of a minutes track and merely firing the opening cylinders of the release.

By the time the the fulsome structure of the composition comes to fore the listener has already turned up the volume, only to discover that was not necessarily the wisest move as when the moment arrives at about seventy seconds in – they will find themselves worrying about the structural integrity of the walls and wondering where the nearest scaffolding firm may lay.

The bleakness of the harrowing instrumental songs on Tipping Point paradoxically fill the audience with a sense of catharsis rather than timorous fear.

The band name orsak:olso you may be pondering with its distinctly Norwegian reference is something of an in-house moment as only one of the three is from Sweden.


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Broen – Time – Video

The Norwegian electro-soul quintet Broen released their début LP I ♥ Art on the 20th.

Broen - photo credit - Thor Egil Leirtrø

Broen – photo credit – Thor Egil Leirtrø

An eight track album which is a blend of indie-dance melted inside dreamy electronica rounded by an ethereal vocal, which affords their music an engaging flowing soundtrack.

The second of the eight tracks on the album (which is available via Bella Union) is – Time.

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Spielbergs – Distant Star – Single Review

The Norwegian rock trio Spielbergs released the single Distant Star on the 13th.



A track which shakes the dust out of the speakers as it surfaces in to the room in a barrage of guitars and percussion. Distant Star (available on bandcamp) is a song which digs deep in to the archives of rock’n’roll yet is able to surface with something that is distinctly and refreshingly new as they ably sew ideas of different generations in to a cohesive package with no one feeling short-changed – perhaps even more importantly – deliver a track which doesn’t seem anything other than a natural evolutionary progression rather than a synthetic reimagination.

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Beach Of Diamonds – Summer Ends – Audio

Beach Of Diamonds is a Norwegian indie-rock trio.

Beach Of Diamonds - photo credit - Anastasiya Fedotova

Beach Of Diamonds – photo credit – Anastasiya Fedotova

Their latest reveal – Summer Ends – is appropriately named for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere though I have to note that today, as I type, is bright and sunny with windows and doors flung open resultingly the song suits the day like a bespoke fedora.

An easy to digest composition, which nonetheless contains a stray thread or two for those who like music with a touch of abrasion, Summer Ends is a track that invites the listener to cast aside dark countenance and enjoy the sprightly party mood with the trio.

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