V.I.S. – VOX – Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali – Audio

The Macedonian dark-rock band V.I.S. – VOX revealed a track within the past twenty four hours.

V.I.S. - VOX - Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali

V.I.S. – VOX

Although brand new to those outside the band Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali was originally written by Mayo over thirty years ago and the jottings were put together as a track recently.

The brooding countenance casts dark shadows through the room which is counterbalanced by, fleeting, shiny guitar spinning through the ears.

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Фонија (Fonija) – Човек од стакло (Man Of Glass) – Audio

The Macedonian alt-rock trio Фонија (Fonija) released the three track single Човек од стакло (Man Of Glass) on the 1st.

Фонија (Fonija) - Човек од стакло (Man Of Glass)

Фонија (Fonija)

First featured back in 2013 Фонија is always a band that it is a pleasure to return to and their latest release Човек од стакло (available on bandcamp) doesn’t disappoint.

The title track and opener Човек од стакло is appropriately entitled as the brittle, though punchy track spears its way in to the ears and listeners finds themselves both punching the air in the frustrated contemplation of a society not fully reconciled from civil war of the last the Century and early this – whilst simultaneously twinkling toes on the dance-floor to the flighty beat as Фонија determinedly look for a better future, whilst not ignoring realities of the present.

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V.I.S. – VOX – Vreme Na Zaborav – Audio

The Macedonian dark-electro band V.I.S. – VOX are finalising details for an LP later in the year.

V.I.S. - VOX

V.I.S. – VOX

From the forthcoming album Vreme Na Zaborav combines shiny guitar with a muffling bass, from which synths spirals streams of smoky texture as the percussion throbs like a diesel engine.

Overlaying the just under three and three quarter minute track is a luscious baritone that wraps itself around the listener like a hypnotist in which the mind becomes transfixed and not, a song, as the title suggests one you will feel is one due its Time For Oblivion from the memory-banks.

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Bernays Propaganda – Laži Me, Laži Me – Video

It has been four years since the Macedonian electro-angst out-fit Bernays Propoganda last featured, so it was a pleasure to receive a message from Vasko with an update.

Bernays Propaganda - Politika - artwork

Bernays Propaganda – Politika – artwork

Although a changed line-up with only Kristina Gorovska (Vocal) and Vasko Atanasoski (Guitar) remaining – to be joined by the introduction of synths courtesy of Deni Krstev and additional support by Sasa Pavlovic (Bass) for live performance – the essence of the creative spark remains the same. A cynical disposition towards Pillars of the State and melodic shiny wrapping to encase the commentary.

Laži Me, laži Me – superficially threads its way around the room in ribbons of easy flowing lightness, resulting in the acerbic lyric gaining greater prominence thereby giving the juxtapositions of ideas even more impact.

This is the first track to be made available from the LP Politika scheduled for release on the 14th of March.

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Фонија (Fonija) – Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child) – Video

The Macedonian alt-rock band Фонија (Fonija) regularly feature on the site.

Фонија (Fonija) - Робот или дете

Фонија (Fonija)

From the LP …Bez Ime ( Unnamed), the sixth of the nine tracks Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child). finds the trio casting their wary eye over societal manipulation.

The track begins with an enjoyable one string strumming before evolving into the energetic pressure waves of sound that are the signature of Фонија (Fonija). A surprisingly emotive vocal is given a rare run out as Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child) allows the band to show-case one of their more melodic compositions.

…Bez Ime – Fonija is available on iTunes.*

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