Eversin – Soulgrinder – Video

The Sicilian darkmetal quartet Eversin release the LP Armageddon Genesi on the 29th.

Eversin - Soulgrinder


A roughly three quarters of an hour nine track album (available through My Kingdom Music) which is able to combine both a dramatic thread of leathery melodies with intense pressured thrash metal and thereby creating space for themselves to invite the listener to fully inspect the rivets of the release – Soulgrinder is the fourth song.

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Gandalf’s Owl – Winterfell – Audio

The Sicilian dark-ambience project of Gandolfo Ferro – Gandalf’s Owl released the three track single Winterfell on the 26th.

Gandalf's Owl

Gandalf’s Owl

The middle track and title (available on bandcamp) sets an eerie illumination which gradually fills the room with a half-light as the slowly evolving electronics and instrumentation fill the room with their ethereal sounds from which a choked breath can be heard that never reveals anymore than its shadowy presence through the foggy sounds.

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DPERD – Frenetika – Video

The Sicilian dark-wave duo DPERD are due to release the LP V on the 14th.

DPERD - V - artwork

DPERD – V – artwork

The first of the ten tracks Frenetika, drifts through the room as the ethereal vocal swirls around the head in a song that depicts the slightly brooding presence that is DPERD.


V – Dperd is available on iTunes.*

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Good Morning Finch

From Agrigento in Sicily coalesce John Distefano (Bass / Backing Vocals), Gloria Dante (Drums / Backing Vocals / Ukulele / Tambourine / Congas), Gregorio Scozzari (Guitar) and Lillo Morreale (Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Violin / Glockenspiel) to form the dream-rock band Good Morning Finch.

Good Morning Finch - dream-rock from Sicily

Good Morning Finch

Tumbling out of the speakers Good Morning Finch deliver a munificence of layers that swirls around the brain in an ever engaging wall of texture. The dreamy notes spin into eternity as flows of ideas in mesmeric transitions of soundscapes. The output finds the listener one moment transfixed by tremors of pulsating bass notes, the next by upper registers of alertness as the quartet beguile the ears with tempting fruit.

Whilst the material plays well with recorded material, as a regular reader, you will know, I wonder of the transition betwixt studio and stage, where the real craft is on display. With players in charge of numerous instruments I am not sure how this would work.

Whilst I can ask you to give a moment of your time to recorded pieces, which have a darkly resonating resonance in to which to lay the ears, I am not as convinced as a live band Good Morning Finch can approximate recordings and this is my only caveat to a sound awash with texture which engages the mind.

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Gemini (2015) is available on bandcamp.

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DISASTERHATE from Catania in Sicily is the the thrash metal quartet of Reitia (Vocal / Guitar), Klaudia (Vocal / Guitar), Rise (Bass) and Dani (Drums).

DISASTERHATE - thrash metal from Sicily


Scouring chunks out of the speakers DISASTERHATE hurtle in to the room armed with raised axes which are hurled across the threshold in a flurry akin to 12 on the Beaufort scale.

I am minded of the shadow of the ever rumbling Mount Etna below which the quartet are based and perhaps it is from that continual keg of explosive energy and harnessed rumblings that they feed their own creativity.

The herculean projections nonetheless have a mythical beauty about them as the quartet are able to able to harness the furious wave of sound and provide the audience with pieces of music that are impressive for their sonic confluence as DISASTERHATE are able to extrapolate mutual cohesiveness from loudness and speed for the sake of it, as a fast accelerating car does with all four wheels driving the vehicle forward, not spinning needless rubber onto the tarmacadam.

The constituent parts of DISASTERHATE perform as an optimum unit and all the listener has to do is, turn the volume to ten then give it a shove to a higher notch, the band will take care of the rest.

A new LP – the nine track Mirroring The Abyss is scheduled for release on the 22nd and having had the fortitude to take a preview, this is an album you should add to your collection as DISASTERHATE demonstrate speed, control and more sedate passages.

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Mirroring the Abyss – Disasterhate is available on iTunes*.

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