daRKRam – Equilibrium – Audio

daRKRam is the ambient-darkness project of the Italian musician Ramon Moro.



The creeping flow of brooding encasement gradually fills the room, and the listener, with the foreboding presence that is Equilibrium – the just under five and two thirds minutes – second of the nine tracks on the latest LP – Stone & Death (available through OneRPM).

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Garruk – Alchemy – Audio

Garruk is an Italian trancetronic creator.



The latest track to surface is five and a quarter minutes of ambient-wave in the melting shapes of Alchemy, which much like molten volcanic rock, flows and folds around the room asking nothing more of the listener than to lose themself in the moment.

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OfeliaDorme – Alone With The Stars – Video

The Italian ethereal-rock trio OfeliaDorme will be releasing the LP Secret Fires on the 17th of March.

OfeliaDorme - Secret Fires - artwork

OfeliaDorme – Secret Fires – artwork

A band who first featured well over seven years ago still retain their mysterious soundtrack and despite having one fewer players seem to have become ever darker over the years as their output coats the listener in its spectral translucence.

From the forthcoming album, the first of the eight tracks, Alone With The Stars is best engaged in a shrouding crematorium early morning fog as the ghostly four and a half minutes of mesmerising soundscape spins its gossamer threads around the audience.

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Sonset – CMBR – Single Review

With players from Italy, England and France – Sonset is a gothic-rock trio.



Apologies to everyone for the delay in featuring CMBR, which has been having around in my in-box for many a day now.

Music by its very nature is not geo-politically bound and somewhat perspicaciously as I type today the 21st – bureaucrats in the UK are debating whether EU citizens already in the UK should be able to stay once the UK leaves the EU or whether people should merely be bargaining chips in negotiations, whilst Sonset provide a ready answer for all to comprehend – without a mix of nationalities there is only febrile isolationism.

There is only one song around by an outfit I look forward to hearing much more from in short-order as the blends of pulsating five string bass and percussion are swept with spiralling synths from which haunting vocal surfaces from the rafters.

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Erotic Cafe’ – The New Elite – Audio

Erotic Cafe’ is a hybrid trap creator from Italy.

Erotic Cafe'

Erotic Cafe’

The New Elite featuring Nobitsky is a a decent introduction to the glitchy electronica of Erotic Cafe’.


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