polemica – Silly Me – Audio

The Italy based agit-rock quartet polemica released the LP Breach on the 9th.

polemica - photo by Mariangela Quadrini

polemica – photo by Mariangela Quadrini

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) that winds its way deep in to the mind of the listener as the quartet reflect on a world of social-injustice and deliver intriguing queries and angles of perspective all wrapped inside combinations of synth and guitar which have a dystopian presence that looms through the room with the pacey percussion inviting the listener to become involved with the music on the dance-floor while the immersive and expressive vocal unerringly sweeps through melodies and sneering contempt.

The music minds of the likes of the ’80s UK protest bands such as Crass, Poison Girls, Canker Opera etc. with the politically charged message and challenging constructs which veer from structured rock’n’roll to almost experimental spikes – hence with no doubt – as longer stay readers will know – a sound I have no hesitation in recommending to add to the essentials of life playlist.

The sixth track is Silly Me.

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Eversin – Soulgrinder – Video

The Sicilian darkmetal quartet Eversin release the LP Armageddon Genesi on the 29th.

Eversin - Soulgrinder


A roughly three quarters of an hour nine track album (available through My Kingdom Music) which is able to combine both a dramatic thread of leathery melodies with intense pressured thrash metal and thereby creating space for themselves to invite the listener to fully inspect the rivets of the release – Soulgrinder is the fourth song.

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Macchiato Funky – No Maggiore – Audio

The Italian zany-whip quartet Macchiato Funky released the LP BUGELLA 20​-​50 on the 27th.

Macchiato Funky

Macchiato Funky

The nine track album (available on bandcamp) slips through the speakers in a blurred voile of hip swaying percussion and slapped guitar that weaves its way deep inside the listener in luxuriant waves of sound carried on the wings of a mind-bending synthesis of creamy texturing that takes the audience on a roughly twenty eight minutes journey of relaxed, yet discombobulated, thought process which foils all sense of perception long after the album melts to its conclusion.

This is an album which is best heard in entirety to fully allow the mind to expand in its immersive soundscape – though serving as an introduction the middle track is No Maggiore.

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Obsolete Theory – Sirius’ Blood – Audio

The Italian blackmetal sextet Obsolete Theory release the EP Mudness on the 15th of June.

Obsolete Theory

Obsolete Theory

A five track release (available through My Kingdom Music) of apocalyptic rock that leaves scorch marks in its wake.

Whilst of dark countenance, the multiplicity of percussion and guitars enable Obselete Theory to create music which has an orchestral range as the sextet develop their storyboard to its fullest extent in their extended compositions – as evidenced in the approximately twelve and a tenth minutes of the penultimate track on the EP Sirius’ Blood, resulting in material that doesn’t leave the listener with bleeding ear drums rather, akin to a forest fire, a burnt, though renewed and reinvigorated darkness of potential future regeneration and opportunity behind its unrelenting journey.

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Wacky Southern Current – Monotonic Haze – Audio

The Italian lofi project of Marco CervellinWacky Southern Current – teamed up with both Gianni Garbo  and Nicola Zanatta to release the LP  Sun Came Down And So Did I yesterday.

Wacky Southern Current

Wacky Southern Current

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) running at about thirty nine minutes, which holds an intriguing soundscape as piano, bowed and strummed strings, electronica, percussion and vocal thread their way in unruffled winding hushed combinations through the room, taking the listener on a quiet journey of their own imagination.

My selection from the release being the fourth song – Monotonic Haze.

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