Inner Fluid

Inner Fluid from Rome in Italy is the alt-rock trio of Marco Pallotta (Guitar), Maurizio Arbanasich (Bass) and Simone Febrini (Drums / Vocals).

Inner Fluid - alt-rock from Italy

Inner Fluid

With a diversity of spectral influences which they manage to combine to a coherent delivery Inner Fluid is an interesting band for the conundrums that flow through my ears.

The music ranges from synth-wave ’80s influences to psychedelia and when they drift to this end of their spectrum I enjoy what I hear, sadly they are also draw on occasion inferences from one of my nemesis bands who only consist of a letter and a number in their name, but such is my dislike of the band-wagon famine profiteering self-publicists I can’t ever bring myself to type it and when Inner Fluid let that cat out of the bag – I am suddenly not such a fan of the sounds. Nonetheless there is plenty that doesn’t step towards that territory where the trio excel.

Formed out of the ashes of the quintet Aut Aut the resulting shift has left Inner Fluid with compositions and delivery which stir the imagination. The tracks hold a resonating powerful undercurrent of the darker corners of life which they translate to impressively composed pieces of music.

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Looking Beyond the Border – EP – Inner Fluid is available on iTunes*.

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Parkwave from Cosenza in Italy is the indie-rock quartet of Mattia (Drums), Fernando (Vocals / Guitar), Ilario (Lead Guitar) and Raffo (Bass).

Parkwave - indie rock from Italy


It is immediately evident on hitting play that Parkwave consists of experienced musicians as although the band is only about a year old, they have the confidence of more seasoned players.

Inevitably my focus is on a resounding rumbling bass / drum combination which sets the scene for the tracks, around this sensation the two guitars swirl like soaring seagulls on the eddies and thermals, whilst the vocal articulates the layers. The audience finds themselves tapping out the beats as the up-tempo music bounces across the room in tightly woven sequences.

Parkwave are establishing themselves on the live circuit and for those unable to get to see them live a four track EP Blow in/out was released at the end of April and a single Inside that came out in March.

I look forward to hearing more of the band and given the start I would expect many others will also get to hear the compositions by Parkwave.

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March Division

March Division is the electro-rock collective of Andy Vitali (Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synths / Programming), Emanuele Platania (Drum / Percussions / Drum Machines), Mattia Pissavini (Keyboards / Synth / Vocals) and Stefano Lai (Bass / Synth Bass / Vocals / Programming) from Milan in Italy.

March Division - Electro-rock from Italy

March Division

March Division are on a journey of exploration with changes in core sound since their formation in 2010. In the main, rock derived pieces were prominent in their first release back in 2012, Radio Day Dream. The 2014 EP Post Meridian Soul had  a heavier dance feel to it. It will be interesting to see where the new EP Metropolitan Fragments scheduled for release later in 2014 will direct these very able musicians.

The combinations of technology and instrumental are fused together to deliver a sound which has a natural timbre. Building the tracks from the perspectives of instrumental and drum-kit March Division creates music which has an immediacy, whilst the extended electronics provides the sounds with a more luscious feel than would otherwise be possible. Despite the plethora of gadgetry to hand the band don’t over complicate it and create music which percolates smoothly into the ears.

Well received in Italy as a live act, they have also made fleeting international appearances and it would be good to see their range of opportunities extend further as their songs of everyday life potentially resonate across the world.

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Post Meridian Soul – EP – March Division is available on iTunes*.

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B.M.C. Big Mountain County

B.M.C. Big Mountain County from Rome in Italy is the rock ‘n’ roll outfit of Alessandro Montemagno (Vocal / Guitar), Francesco Conte (Guitar / Keyboards), Bruno Mirabella (Drums) and Wolfman Bob (Bass).

Big Mountain County rock 'n' roll from Italy

B.M.C. Big Mountain County

Travelling across much of Europe with their brand of dirty rock there is nothing to do other than join in the steps on hitting play and it is of little surprise that the Big Mountain County touring schedule is as wide spread and well received. Whilst they are not seeking to redefine the world, the earthy nature of the sounds gives the music an added appeal, to what is already a pared back and natural genre.

Big Mountain County produce music to smile with and enjoy as much as they evidently enjoy playing. Whilst keeping the music flowing freely, the quartet do have some tricks up their sleeve, as they introduce both electronics and garage fuzz to the music that marks it out as having significant added value.

Formed a couple of years ago they have three releases behind them, the latest a live recording made in Sarajevo, which is a treat for those of us who haven’t yet had the opportunity to see Big Mountain County in performance.

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Soni Sfardati

Soni Sfardati is the improvisational duo of Enrico Cassia (Electric / acoustic guitar) and Antonio Quinci (Drums / Percussion) plus additional players as mood demands from Catania in Sicily.

Soni Sfardati - improvisation from Sicily

Soni Sfardati

Don’t anticipate settling back as you take a listen to Soni Sfardati who take the listener on a journey of experimentalism within a framework well recognised instruments. Leaving the listener bemused, but intrigued is a good marker of a band with something of value to add to the world of music and these two stretch incredulity to edges of elasticity, whilst remaining accessible.

One could easily imagine this as music to a modern art gallery, or a production of a new age theatre performance. There are few geographic boundaries to the material which pulls influences from The Middle East, North Africa and New York amongst others. Never easy on the listener Soni Sfardati travel a path which demands the audience wrestles with their brain, as unexpected refrains suddenly emerge from what seems to be a clear section of music.

The recent release of the nine track LP – Sāqiya – which is available on bandcamp, features the vocals of Gaia Mattiuzzi and this combination is well worth adding to the collection.


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