Wacky Southern Current – Monotonic Haze – Audio

The Italian lofi project of Marco CervellinWacky Southern Current – teamed up with both Gianni Garbo  and Nicola Zanatta to release the LP  Sun Came Down And So Did I yesterday.

Wacky Southern Current

Wacky Southern Current

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) running at about thirty nine minutes, which holds an intriguing soundscape as piano, bowed and strummed strings, electronica, percussion and vocal thread their way in unruffled winding hushed combinations through the room, taking the listener on a quiet journey of their own imagination.

My selection from the release being the fourth song – Monotonic Haze.

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dellacasa maldive – genova – Video

The Italian shimmerwave project centred around Riccardo Dellacasadellacasa maldive – released the single genova – yesterday.

dellacasa maldive

dellacasa maldive

The summery vibe of the song releases a palpable warmth from the speakers which minds the listener of lounging on the beach on a sunny afternoon that can’t help but lift the spirits and slough away the stresses of the day as the slowly revolving melting instrumentation, electronica and vocal fold around the ears.

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genova – Single – Dellacasa Maldive is available on iTunes.*

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Stella Diana – Der Sandmann – Audio

The Italian darkgaze trio Stella Diana release the LP 57 on the 25th.

Stella Diana - Der Sandmann

Stella Diana

A couple of songs have arisen from the album (which is available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the eleven being the bowed strings infused Der Sandmann which casts their signature brooding shadow through the speakers and attests to a release which will be worth grabbing hold of later in the month.

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Nereis – Breaking Bad – Video

The Italian heavy metal quintet Nereis release the LP Turning Point on the 8th of June.



A new name, though an established act who will be known to followers of Italian metal as in the latter half of last year the band Black Star changed their name to Nereis and the music will be familiar with its weave of the two six string guitars.

Breaking Bad is the first song to appear from Turning Point and the third of the dozen tracks on the album.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Turning Point – Nereis is available on iTunes.*

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Massimo Ruberti – Falling – Audio

Within the past few hours the Italian sylphwave project Massimo Ruberti released the EP Granchite Yumtruso PT 2.

Massimo Ruberti

Massimo Ruberti

Cascading like a fireworks borne on high winds on a rainy night spreading far and wide, smudged, yet fluorescent luminescence so the roughly twenty eight minutes five track release spirits through the room.

There is an underlying finesse to the tracks which is smudged by forces unknown allowing Massimo Ruberti, in Granchite Yumtruso PT 2 to disport a reveal which minds the listener of an abbreviation of MCMXC AD. by Enigma – a thought intended not to be in the least disparaging, merely the reality of the world of 2018, when spending an hour of pre-foreplay is shortened to a quickie knee-trembler and the whole thing over and parties asleep within less than half an hour of initial interaction.

The second song is Falling.


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