Stop The Wheel – Shape Up – Video

The Irish straw-roots project Stop The Wheel are due to release the three track single Too Old For This Shit on the 20th.

Stop The Wheel - Too Old For This Shit - artwork

Stop The Wheel – Too Old For This Shit – artwork

Shape Up, the opener – on hitting play you will sense the panic arising in your own mind as contemplating of a world in which to not be of the 1% is to be of the scrounging class and wonder how you can ever live up to what is expected by socio-capitalism as no matter what you do – you will always be a slave to the wage, unless you figure out how to Stop The Wheel.

By surface tension the track actually metes of the temerity of striking relationships. However, as I often mention; Music, is to be interpreted, as we each find it in our hearts and we will each distil from an exemplary composition that which first befalls and as a regular reader you would anticipate as one who understands my perspective of the world as an anarcho-capitalist I can inflect from a tale of a temerarious ‘love song’ a moment of political agitation. Of those who are new, a song of quiet fragility – reinterpreted as a call to arms.

Shape Up, taken from Too Old For This Shit (available on Little Gem) is a track which threads from quiet acceptance, to consternation of proposition, developing to a conflict of angular flows as vocals drift out of time evolving into clashing quaternion evocations as formulated by the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton, prior to collapsing into a heap of dried out wheat as the threshing scythe cuts away the lifeblood.

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Until April – I Wanna Be Yours – Audio

Until April is a synth-dance duo from Ireland.

Until April

Until April

Formed back in November of last year Until April gave themselves six months to come up with something they were happy with, hence the name. They are two happy bunnies; Now having decided to give up their jobs and head out on a tour across Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland during June and July – a spot at the Edinburgh Fringe in August and two gigs coming up in May in Ireland.

With only three tracks behind them – their latest release is – I Wanna Be Yours, they are still very much in embryonic stage.

Whilst the music may not naturally sit on my ‘everyday playlist’, it is a sound that will resonate on many a radio station in short order, I have no doubt. Which makes it all the more surprising that I have set it as a feature and asked you to take time out of your day to consider their out-put. I always aim to support the endeavours of musicians who focus on what they enjoy and set themselves objectives whilst adding to the weave of musical tapestry that makes the world a better place, even if it isn’t quite my regular cup of tea and as a reader of this website, I know you too will to join me in wishing Until April every success.

I have to doff my cap to Until April – for hanging their balls out to dry and discovering it wasn’t such a bad feeling after-all. I always have the greatest respect for musicians who focus on what they enjoy and set themselves objectives and look forward to reporting on future development.


I Wanna Be Yours – Single – Until April is available on iTunes.*

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EXPLODING EYES – Madman’s Lament – Audio

The Irish acid-rock trio EXPLODING EYES released the two track single We Need Love on the 22nd.

Exploding Eyes

Exploding Eyes

The B side – Madman’s Lament finds EXPLODING EYES in a quiet moment of reflectivity with a track that slowly unfurls itself into the room before gathering felted moss that blisters into the room before, like a rolling stone, discarding its coating to re-explore the raw emotionality and in such formation the just over four minute track evolves. An intriguing insight into the more commodious spaces from which the trio find their inspiration which rarely comes to the foreground.

Perhaps, musically, a step away from usual fare, Madman’s Lament, nonetheless adds much to the catalogue of EXPLODING EYES.


We Need Love is available on bandcamp.

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Meltybrains? – Heartfelt Hummer – Single Review

It has been almost three years since the Irish ambient-electro-rock quintet Meltybrains? were last featured.

Meltybrains? - photo by James Craven

Meltybrains? – photo by James Craven

Heartfelt Hummer was made available a few hours ago and is immediately recognisable. The distinctive use of various instruments and electronics blanket the room in muffled calmness from which ponderous waxing and waning flickering shadowy off-stage sounds steep their way into the ears.

Meltybrains? is able to deliver music that is simultaneously becalming and unnerving, as the hidden menacing ponderous presence stills its way into the bones of the audience.

I only hope it doesn’t take me another three years to get back to Meltybrains? as their material always fills the mind with a haunting gentleness that adds much to the day.

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The Escape

The Escape from Naas in Ireland is the i-generation rock trio of Tadhg Flinter (Guitar / Vocals), Tom Byrne (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Kian Ringwood (Drums).

The Escape - i-generation rock from Ireland

The Escape

I know from time to time you ponder whether my tinnitus clouds my hearing and so you may ponder with The Escape, but as always – I hope we will agree to agree, this is music that adds to the weave of life.

Cleaved out of hewn flint there is no finesse or contemplative within The Escape and for this I can’t help but be drawn to comparisons with The Fall with scattered chords, off the scale vocals and a percussion that rattles in another room and because of those juxtapositions I just need to hear more. The very discordance of it all makes for an out-put that makes for a joyful space in which to reside as the tracks resonate of the here and now. Archaic symbolism veering against social diaspora and the resulting out-put has a burst of energy which like a squeeze of lemon in the eye gives pleasure for its very discomfort, self-confidence tinged with confusion.

Only three tracks are extant from three months ago and Kian only arrived three weeks ago, so it will be of intrigue to explore how things develop over the coming while. One of my favourite bands of the year thus far for marking exactly how the world lays and therefore speaking for a generation.

I welcome The Escape and thank them for being exactly of the moment and precisely why Indie Bands Blog started those five years ago, welcome to music of the i generation and as a reader – on this occasion – if you are on a mobile – you have it exactly right.

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