Three Underneath – Can I Be – Video

The Irish rock trio Three Underneath released the three track single Something Pure on the 10th.

Three Underneath - Photo credit - Jessica Foo

Three Underneath – Photo credit – Jessica Foo

Akin to the title of the release Three Underneath create undiluted rock ‘n’ roll.

Can I Be – the first track – only requires the listener to turn up the volume as they take care of the rest, leaving the audience feeling far better for having partaken of the experience.


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Stoat – Try Not To Think About It – Audio

Stoat is an Irish alt-rock quartet.



With an extensive back-catalogue, after a break of a few years, they have recently started to reveal new material and a welcome return it is too. Rumours exist that they may well be releasing an LP later in the year, on which this would be the title track.

The wry lyrical humour is matched by a tap along soundtrack without ever veering in to the kitsch as they balance the light-hearted with the ability to put together songs that capture the attention of the audience.

By way of an introduction – Try Not To Think About It.

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The Grey Merchant – Convenience – Single Review

The Irish rock band The Grey Merchant release the single Convenience on the 31st.

The Grey Merchant

The Grey Merchant

For those who are fans of heavy-metal the chord structures and vocal technique in Convenience will immediately remind of one specific band, however, rather than sounding like a pale imitation of Motörhead, The Grey Merchant are able to carve out their own space as they relax the pace.

Convenience (available on bandcamp) is a margin of over a three minute track that is able to compress and expand the pressure waves giving the piece an undulating organic flow in which the listener immerses themselves in joyful thrashing of the neck and already looking forward to the next release.

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New Jackson – Anya’s Piano – Video

The Irish downtempo producer New Jackson releases the LP From Night To Night on the 12th Of May.

New Jackson - Photo credit - Dorje de Burgh

New Jackson – Photo credit – Dorje de Burgh

Originally released as the title of a three track Single earlier this month and will be the eighth of the eleven on From Night To Night, which is coming out on the 12th of May (both available on bandcamp) – Anya’s Piano is a downtempo number with a ghostly feel that haunts the mind after the notes have faded away.

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Bad Sea – Over My Head – Audio

Bad Sea is an Irish alt-folk duo.

Bad Sea

Bad Sea

Less than a handful of tracks are around, each with slightly different structure, what holds the ideas together is the absorbing vocal which spirals around the room in far reaching range of octaves that cement the listener on the spot. Bad Seas are not aiming to create music of complexity rather provide sympathetic backstage lighting to spotlight the absorbing voice.

The most recent track to surface being – Over My Head.

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