Soffía Björg – Drink – Audio

The Icelandic alt-rock project of Soffía Björg will be releasing the début eponymous LP in physical format on the 13th of April.

Soffía Björg

Soffía Björg

On hitting play a spellbinding vocal drifts across the room to a backdrop of luxuriously textured guitar that instantly holds attention and all external distractions fade into silence as the listeners mind is completely absorbed in the intense and brooding undercurrent.

From the forthcoming album – Drink.


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Ned Gale – Hometown – Video

The Icelandic melodic-rocker Ned Gale released the single Hometown on the 25th.

Ned Gale

Ned Gale

With self-evident reference point of Dire Straits – Hometown (available on bandcamp) doesn’t dwell in the past rather provide a continuum of the ever evolving cycle of music where to pull on the past can still make for material of currency and in another forty years so one will be minded of Ned Gale as a circumlocution of influence with the same rushed and awkward lyrics trying to cram themselves into spaces that don’t exist.

If you don’t fully recall Sultans of Swing in what is now an iconic reference track with its broken stanzas and over reaching lyrics do take another listen before you criticise Ned for doing exactly the same thing in his début release and given time will be as smoothly able to transition the contrasts.


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Noise – Dark Days – Audio

The Icelandic prog-rock quartet Noise release the LP Echoes – digitally – imminently.

Noise - Echoes - Vinyl

Noise – Echoes – Vinyl

The just over thirty five minute eight track album, whilst smartly suited and booted doesn’t require White tie to enjoy, as inside the formality lays an intrigue of conceptual rock.

The first track on the LP Dark Days is a fair statement of intent as melodies are struck blows to the side which gives the composition a sense of ever teetering on the edge of off-balance and it is this journey of hacked symphonic orchestration which gives Noise their interest. Acoustic guitar, violins and piano are buffeted by rugged vocal which is buttressed by expressive percussion.


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Vök – Waiting – Single Review

The Icelandic dream-synth trio Vök were initially introduced in 2014.

Vök - Waiting - artwork

Vök – Waiting – artwork

Their latest single Waiting once again finds Vök smoothing out the creases of the day in their idiosyncratic style.

Waiting feeds its way into the room in a mellowing fusion of electronics, before generating a head of steam as a rounded beat treads the floorboards and the dreamy vocals breathlessly embrace the listener.

The subtle echoes gives Waiting its other-worldly sense, while the looping electro-drum-pad gives the track a gravitational pull back to earth, which enables Vök to provide the audience with a space in which they can relax and fall-back onto the outstretched arms the trio proffer through the composition.

Vök are able to utilise the electronic kit to generate sounds which don’t jar the body into activity, rather hypnotically becalm as though in a darkened floating chamber.

Waiting – Single – Vök is available on iTunes.*

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My Cruel Goro – Lost E – Audio

The Italy / Iceland based alt-rock trio My Cruel Goro were introduced last year.

My Cruel Goro - Lost E

My Cruel Goro – Lost E

Currently putting finishing touches to an EP to follow up the three track eponymous single of last year and due for release imminently.

The first single from the EP – Lost E  was released on the 22nd on bandcamp.

Lost E, which only last for one hundred and eighteen seconds is a punchy number that fights well above its weight as My Cruel Goro deliver a fusion of hard hitting compression along with a hazy garage underlay giving the track an infectious joie de vivre that leaves the listener in bright mood long after the instruments have been packed away.

I look forward to being able to let you know more details of the EP in due course.

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