The Blue Side Band – I Am – Video

The Blue Side Band is an alt-rock quintet from Greece.

The Blue Side Band - I Am

The Blue Side Band

With the repertoire of instrumentation available to The Blue Side Band they are able to stretch their material across a wide canvass.

I Am finds the quartet in a particularly melancholic mood and the unfussy percussion / double bass combination sets the atmosphere for the track, to which delightfully echoed guitar notes ring out as though surfacing through the mist. The almost unheard acoustic guitar resides with the vocal giving the voice a deeper resonance and richness.

Delivered at lower registers and steady pace I Am is track overflowing with a dark cloak in which the listener can thrill to the menace.

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Beat Remvie – Walk The Stars – Audio

Beat Remvie is a Greek nu-synth creator.

Beat Remvie

Beat Remvie

Released a few hours ago was his latest single Walk The StarsBeat Remvie uses different vocalists on tracks, depending on temper and it is not surprising Spyreas Sid, the vocalist of the dark-rock band Cyanna Mercury was asked to provide the voice in this moody number.

Beat Remvie delivers a melancholic track that finds the listener captivated by the pervasive sadness that cloaks the room in introspective loneliness. The synths burble like an active mud-pool with occasional half formed bubbles of light escaping the gloopy emulsion as the distinctive vocal captures the lamenting sentiment of Walk The Stars, which is available on bandcamp.

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Mikael Delta – With My Whole Being – Audio

The Greek ambient-house creator Mikael Delta is set to release the LP Life Is Now on the 26th.

Mikael Delta

Mikael Delta

The eighth of the eleven tracks – With My Whole Being – filters into the room with a quiet, unbeholden, entrance. Combinations of orchestral strings and synthesised sounds gently wrap the head in softly placed ribbon, which slowly and ever more urgently presses around the head.

As the track gradually intensifies so the sense of gentle massage begins to feel like vices gripping the cranium until, as calmly it arrived, the pressure eases to leave the listener sensing they have undergone a de-cluttering of the synapses and clarity prevails.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Life Is Now – Mikael Delta is available on iTunes.

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Vinyl Suicide – Pictures of You – Audio

The Greek synth-wave quintet Vinyl Suicide are due to release their début LP Homeward Bound on the 6th of November.

Vinyl Suicide

Vinyl Suicide

Pictures Of You glides elegantly into room with a graceful presence. Slightly shrouded vocal hauntingly floats around the ears, as the combinations of instrumentation and electronics smoothly build the atmosphere during the approaching four and a half minutes of the track.

Vinyl Suicide capture a sense of the mysterious in Pictures Of You and marks an intriguing sign-post to the rest of Homeward Bound.


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Birthmark, from Athens in Greece is the electro-rock quintet of Adamantine Arvanitis, Argyris Tsoukalas, Elias Goulas, Kontantinos Peyos and Jacob Siaparinas.

Birthmark - photo by astygraph

Birthmark – photo by astygraph

Plumes of slowly unfolding synthetics drift around the room, giving Birthmark an atmospheric flow of sound, which is given support and foundation by submerged instrumentation whilst the percussion is given stage to beat like a lighthouse beacon peering through smoke. To which a finely delivered vocal adds both tenderness and fragility providing the connections to the elements and the listener finds themselves drawn into the mystical sound the emerges from the speakers.

Whilst the music contains intricate layers, there is a sense of the essential core of the sound being readily available.

Having originally formed as Cuore Nero in 2001, two quick name changes followed in 2004 initially to Anima then Birthmark. In 2012 the band became a five piece with a shift in sound to electro-rock with the use of samples and synths. Over the past three years the sound has developed further to their now more ethereal textures which culminated in the release of the LP Subtract earlier this year.


Subtract – Birthmark is available on iTunes.*

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