Sofia Sarri – Still Universe – Audio

The Cretan electro-folk project of Sofia Sarri releases the début LP Euphoria in January.

Sofia Sarri

Sofia Sarri

From the forthcoming album – Still Universe is a slowly unfurling track that combines traditional instrumentation, including the Cretan Lyra, with electronics, modern instruments and vocal to deliver almost seven minutes of immersive sound in which the listener looses track of time and situation.


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Xylouris White – Pretty Kondilies – Video

Xylouris White is a USA based Cretan / Australian improvisational-rock duo.

Xylouris White - Black Peak - artwork

Xylouris White – Black Peak – artwork

Earlier this month they released the LP Black Peak. The penultimate of the seven tracks on the approximately forty minute album is a good indicator of the release as the combinations of Lute and Drums tumble around the room.


Black Peak – Xylouris White is available on iTunes.*

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