Summon The Octopi

Summon The Octopi is the experimental musician Marc Vogler from Berlin in Germany.

Summon The Octopi - Experimentalism from Germany

Summon The Octopi

For those of longer memory and a passing interest in football, you will recall the Octopus ‘Paul’ in Oberhausen who predicted World Cup results throughout the 2010 championships and here we find the roots of Summon The Octopi, not only in name derivation, but a smartly played allegory as Marc delves one hand after the other into the music box and finds strands which hang, like seaweed drifting in the tides, in obtuse angles of mesmeric curls.

Drifting between undertows of powerful current lay lighter streams, as, Summon The Octopi keeps the mind engaged with an ever shifting seascape of conflicting instrumentation. Yet… inside all of the confabulation lays a seam of continuity and it is well worth setting time aside to investigate.

Reflectivity of ’70s rock anthems coexist with the chaos of three chord wonders and interspersing sit nuances of folk, giving Summon The Octopi the ability to turn the mind inside out -akin to taking off a protective glove.

This is music to take in large draughts as the more you explore, the more you will be enthralled.

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Nonversations – EP – Summon the Octopi is available on iTunes.*

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Dead Man’s Eyes

Dead Man’s Eyes from Köln in Germany is the psychedelic rock quintet of Peter Engel (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Reichelt (Guitar), Simon Mead (Bass / Vocals), Robin Hertner (Drums) and Nima Davari (Slide guitar / 12-string).

Dead Man's Eyes - Photo by Andre Kempff

Dead Man’s Eyes – Photo by Andre Kempff

While flecking the room with splashes of tie-dye Dead Man’s Eye do not slope off into a wandering osmosis, rather base the out-put on driving rock tones, which rattle around the room in triumphant procession. The spice to the sound is the intonations of psychedelia, which enables the band to add stretches and dimensions to the tracks, without ever becoming lost inside a maze of confusion.

The spread of stringed instruments, affording the music an Indian sub-continent Tradition inflection, allows Dead Man’s Eyes to take the listener of wide ranging paths of storytelling without ever straying too far off the path as the ever present percussion beats out a steadying course, whilst the vocal, which is imbued with echoes adds a heady toxicity to the mix.

I particularly enjoy how Dead Man’s Eyes is able to create sounds which proffer eddies for the ears to investigate, whilst maintaining a clear direction for the journey.

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Regular readers will recognise the name Nima Davari as a member of Super Hard Boys.

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Magnetic Mountain

Magnetic Mountain from Darmstadt in Germany is the heavy rock quartet of Andi Kurz (Vocals), Malte Huether (Guitar), Martin Dudde (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Idris Colaker (Drums).

Magnetic Mountain - heavy rock from Germany

Magnetic Mountain

The thunderous riffs shake the walls as Magnetic Mountain deliver their high tempo straight up rock. Although driven and played with power the quartet are also able to retain control, allowing the audience to enjoy the performance as much as the volume.

Formerly known as Black Lizard their EP released under the old iteration contains more of a stoner rock feel to it and it is this earlier grounding that has enabled Magnetic Mountain to retain the melodic structures with the framework of leather jackets and frayed badges.

While containing all the ingredients of the genre, what I particularly enjoy is the way they don’t fly off into existential extended guitar and drum breaks that finds me reaching for lengthy novels to read to fill the time before the track gets back on course. Magnetic Mountain are one of those rare beasts, a heavy rock band I am more than happy to listen to over and again.

Not something to take out for a spin when planning a romantic candle-lit meal, but most certainly to sit on the play-list when you are wanting to blow away the cobwebs.

The most recent LP – the ten track Lodestone Sanctuary is a three quarters of an hour of impressive pile-driving creativity.


Lodestone Sanctuary – Magnetic Mountain is available on iTunes*.

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CNGRTS from Munich in Germany are the alt-indie quintet of Dominik Blex (Vocals), Manuel Blex (Guitar), Matthäus Jaskulski (Drums), Pascal Berger (Bass) and Thomas Pannek (Guitar).

CNGRTS - alt-indie from Germany


Rumblings of melancholic melodies twist round the room like a gathering thunderstorm as CNGRTS deliver shoegazy guitars subsumed in thickly laden branches of bass and percussion, inside of which a vocal writhes to pronounce the measured pacing of the quartet.

The unhurried delivery allows CNGRTS to develop the tracks in a natural flow of sound, which possesses a free form expressionism for the guitars to weave their way round the compositions, giving them considerable a rich seam of exploration for the audience. The heavy felt which darkens the compositions adds considerably to the atmospherics of the pieces of music that absorb the listener.

Despite having been round for a while and with a growing live audience, there is little for those who don’t get to see them live to hear, with just one three track eponymous single, which came out this year.

I look forward to having the opportunity to hear more in short order and spending more time listening to CNGRTS.

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Cngrts – Single – Cngrts is available on iTunes*.

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O is the electro-ambient quintet of LeviKayJanBen and Yves who are divided between Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

O - Ambient electronica


Wait until dusk or draw the curtains before taking  a delve into O. The music trickles into the room like an emergent stream source on a peat bog, clear though almost indiscernible, yet to gather the momentum to form a raging river feeding the oceans and as you allow the music to develop in the ears so the immensity of this sound becomes apparent.

O ask nothing more of you than to approach the music with an open mind and time to spare whilst allowing yourself the space and setting to let the quintet do their thing, providing a mythical journey of sound and thinking for the brain. It is the fragility of the threads of compositions which the players have mastered to provide the listener with an ever evolving shape-shifting experience of discovery, that marks this out for recommendation.

The releases all attest to the organic fluidity of the creativity and the out-put is best listened to in an isolated contemplative space to allow the music to wash unhindered around the mind.

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