Leisure Tank – HIGHER – Single Review

The England based, German retro-garage duo Leisure Tank released the single HIGHER on the 14th.

Leisure Tank

Leisure Tank

The framework of HIGHER (available on bandcamp) is built on the back of a scratchy guitar which gives the song it retrospective analogue sound. Percussion snickers in the background as it skips in freeform akin to a spring-lamb while the guitar weaves between the fuzzy glitch and warm melodies embracing the alluring vocal that reaches out to the audience with a teasing biting bottom lip.

It has been a couple of years since Leisure Tank last revealed new recorded material, I merely hope it isn’t until 2020 they next surface.


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Harry Gump – Longing For More – Video

The German agit-folk project Harry Gump is due to imminently release the Waterfront EP.

Harry Gump - photo credit - Lautundwild

Harry Gump – photo credit – Lautundwild

The first track to surface from the EP, may well be known to those who have seen Harry Gump live, for those of us who haven’t, Longing For More is its first outing from an EP, having regularly featured the music since being introduced in 2014,  I recommend adding to the collection when made available.

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Band Of The Month – February 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Regular readers will know it is rarely I head away from bustling high-energy guitar to select the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The month – however from time to time it does occur and February 2018 is one of those moments…

Lunakid - Band of the Month February 2018


…From Germany – with a psychotropictronica studio jam to feature the musician Lunkakid – settle back for almost heading towards twenty minutes of the session.

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NHOAH – 120 Red Skies – Audio

The Germany based electrowave producer NHOAH is finalising the LP West-Berlin.



In advance of the album the track 120 Red Skies was released on the 23rd along with four remixes and one French version of the track.

An ambient chillwave spreads through the room in the original as a bubbling electro-loop is incrementally blended with a synthetic swoop with the vocal spiraling in and out of earshot.


120 Red Skies – EP – Nhoah is available on iTunes.*

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Iron Angel – Ministry Of Metal – Video

The German heavy-metal quintet Iron Angel release the LP Hellbound on the 4th of May.

Iron Angel

Iron Angel

The first track to surface from the album –  Ministry Of Metal will have you scrabbling for the faded leather jacket festooned in pin-badges as it spirals straight back to the late ’70s early ’80s with material that sounds as bustling with energy and melody as it did back in the day – which perhaps should come as no great surprise as back in 1980 a fresh faced group of musicians from Hamburg (Germany) emerged immersed in the influences of British heavy-metal and despite breaks, changes in both personnel and numbers in the band, appearing between 2000 and 2007 as a duo – the original vocalist – Dirk Schröder – remains to keep reigniting those initial embers and back again as a quintet – Ministry Of Metal demonstrates not only are those embers still glowing they are fully alight and burning fiercely.


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