Neon Insect – L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip) – Audio

The German dark-electro project Neon Insects releases the LP Glitches on the 16th of February.

Neon Insect - L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip)

Neon Insect – L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip)

A slight step away from the normal fare of Neon Insect, which tends to be video game dystopian soundtrack, Glitches is an album, (available on bandcamp) created as a standalone release and overall more gothic darkness than intense compression in temperament.

The second of the eight songs L.L.t.Q. features the Danish electronic body music creator Leæther Strip with a deeply anchored bass surging through the room.

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip

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Still Talk – Slow Sunday – Single Review

Still Talk is a new German rock project.

Still Talk

Still Talk

As I type there is only one song around – Slow Sunday – though am led to believe later today a second track will be revealed.

A soft brush of blurred guitar washes through the room to the accompaniment of a layering of active drum-kit with the bass giving the track its anchor whilst a mesmerising and highly capable vocal floats as though an otherworldly presence as it transfixes the listener.

On the basis of only one song, which lasts just a tad over three minutes, I am already looking forward with eager anticipation to the second LP, never mind the, as yet unplanned, début album and anticipate Still Talk is a name that will rapidly become familiar.

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RAMZi – Brazili – Audio

The Germany based EDM project of Phoebe Guillemot –  RAMZi released the LP Pèze​-​Piton on the 6th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) of melting compositions which encase the listener in wraps of tightening bonds of drying wet leather from which they have no desire to escape, rather to enjoy the constriction which results in the forehead bulging veins whilst struggling for air.

The sixth track is Brazili.

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I’m Not A Band – Mirror – Single Review

The German electro-indie duo I’m Not A Band released the single Mirror on the 1st.

I'm Not A Band - photo credit - Normen Gadiel

I’m Not A Band – photo credit – Normen Gadiel

Making a welcome return to the site after a two year absence in Mirror, I’m Not A Band, are discovered in a richer tapestry of sound than when last featured, though of similar singular disposition enabling them to create a space of their own in a crowded market-sector and the listener who enjoys nature finds themselves enticed by the expressive keys as those who enjoy stemmed loops and are tempted by the gloss of electronic-overdub whilst alienating neither approaches to music as the natural spaces of absorbing vocals and keyboard are given the room to breath and work their spell as are the vocoder and gadgets.

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Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy – Audio

The German dark-electro duo Kraków Loves Adana will be releasing the LP Songs After The Blue on the 6th of April 2018.

Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana

The first track to surface from the album, which is itself was released available as a single on bandcamp on the 24th – American Boy – is a mesmeric blending of electronica, instrumentation and vocal which was inspired as a result of a feeling of frustration… frustration with a world of societal disconnect and a sense of powerlessness by not being able to instantly correct those inequities.

Rather than turning those emotions in to a howling lament, American Boy, is a brooding darkness which, as the hypnotic composition unfurls, slowly pervades the listeners mind.

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