HighWay a heavy metal out-fit from Sète in France is Benjamin Folch (Vocals), Ben Chambert (Guitars), Romain Chambert (Drums) and Sam Marshal (Bass).

HighWay - Heavy Metal from France


HighWay is a heavy rock band who auspiciously utilise breaks and tweaks that wander and loose my concentration, though far from heading off to read a book and hope it ends soon, I find in the nether region of my brain is a turning screw that changes my focus to a construct that engages, just it took me a very long paragraph to turn around, but when it happens these guys, though not seeking to reinvent the world of music offer more than ample lashings of slithering sounds to focus even the most wandering mind.

The guitars squeal into life as the percussion hammers the pacing and the vocal soars around the room like a bird of prey and the audience is quickly immersed in a delightfully energetic rendition of good old fashioned rip roaring rock. There is most certainly a need to hunt for the old leather jacket to feel suitably attired.

HighWay are plainly and simply rock musicians having a great time making the most of their role in the band and the whole effect is one that wraps up the audience in their infectious enthusiasm.



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HoodlümS is Nikko Düran (Guitar / Vocals), Antho Jönes (Lead Vocals), Sam Marshall (Bass), JF Scotto (Guitar / Vocals) and Sly Valade (Drums) a metal rock band, but you knew that by the umlaut,  from Montpellier in France.

HoodlümS - heavy metal from France


This is the second French band in succession who have a scarcity of material, nonetheless I found the particularly Gallic style of Heavy Metal put out by HoodlümS to be an enjoyable conundrum. Songs of violence and alcohol are played at a pace that makes a Waltz seem like a veritable frenzy, yet somehow it works as the quintet make up for lack of progression with blazing fuzzed guitars which fill the ears with a chainsaw buzz.

Although they are not setting the world on-fire, for those like me who are used to a more frenetic pace and focus, this is a great addition to the genre and well worth spending the time to adjust to, as inside the tracks created by HoodlümS are some well worked compositions that deliver far more than the basic construct should be able to proffer.

Will HoodlümS sit on my everyday playlist? No, but then no band in this genre does, so that is more a reflection of me than the value of the out-put. Currently working on their 2014 touring schedule they have a few slots filled in and can expect to appear at a festival or two. It will be interesting to find out where things stand in a years time for the quintet.


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NudE from Paris in France is an alt-rock band comprising JamesClémentPatrick and Julien.

NudE - alt rock from France


NudE has been around in the underground for over a decade and are not the most prolific generators of music with their debut LP not coming out until 2008 and the follow up in 2011, it seems things are stirring and I would expect to see a new creation appear sometime next year. As you know I prefer to hear music released five minutes coming out of the mind, however when a band makes scarcity part of their art-form then it has to be respected.

Bringing in elements of progressive rock, experimental electronics and stadium rock, NudE deliver voluptuous sounds which can extend to over twelve minutes. They are able to fill that time with sounds which merge in to each other giving the listener a journey into outer-space. The compositions flow through transitions taking the audience ever further from the starting point and deliver complex structures which are packed with new ideas, so it is perhaps more than reasonable to expect releases to be so sparse as each track packs in as much inventiveness and range of ideas as many others are able to deliver in an eleven track release.

Hardly prolific live performers either, I guess the most difficult issue for bands like NudE is not to disappear off the radar altogether, yet the fan-base seems to hold faith in the next production, retaining connection and communication.

I have enjoyed what I have heard of the quartet and am one of those waiting patiently for the next release. Given that it has taken me since September 2012 to get round to their introduction, perhaps I need to look at my own glasshouse…..


My Kingdom Is a Jail – Nude is availble on iTunes*.

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