Rainbow Sahana – Suis moi ! – Video

Rainbow Sahana is a French electrodream duo.

Rainbow Sahana

Rainbow Sahana

The most recent song to surface is Suis moi ! .

The stunning conjoin between Indian vocal imprint and dreamy synthesis which sets up the just over five minutes track prior to both voice and instrumentation merging in to a cohesion of instrumentation and voice, both, gliding betwixt Western European spacey-IDM and Indian tradition finds the listener skipping back through the track even as it plays through on first occasion, just to make sure they have got it right in their mind, which is prior to putting it on continual loop as Premsanthy Dubois and Pierrick Levé fuse influences.

I therefore suggest setting aside at least an hour for Suis Moi! prior to hitting play.


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Jean Jean – Limerence – Audio

The French electrowave trio Jean Jean released the LP FROIDEPIERRE on the 23rd Of February.

Jean Jean

Jean Jean

The combinations of electronica and instrumentation wash through the ears in multifarious blurry layers, giving the compositions a sense of other-worldliness that captures the imagination and finds the listener ensconced in their own thought processing of the roughly thirty three minutes, eight track, album, which is available on bandcamp.

The coaxial of hyper-fluttering percussive and dreamy soundscape particularly holding attention, as exemplified in the antepenultimate song Limerence.


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SegFault – Motoko – Video

SegFault is a French downtempo project.

SegFault - photo credit - Victor Chlouti

SegFault – photo credit – Victor Chlouti

The most recent song to surface – Motoko – was released as the second of the five tracks on the Metro A – VOLUME I – Sessions Polycarpe EP compilation released last week and signposted with the contribution by SLOGAN – Bérénice –  on the 15th. Lyon is a city on which I must focus closer attention and Metro A a label to get to know better with their preponderance for musical acts of the darker side of life…

…The film-noir waves of electronica and instrumentation cast darkened fog-bound shadows around the room as Motoko, like a looming threshing machine, presses the listener ever further in to the corner seeking safety from the oppressive soundtrack.


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SLOGAN – Bérénice – Audio

The French synthwave duo SLOGAN most recently featured as The Band Of The Month in April of last year.

SLOGAN - Bérénice


A few hours ago the Lyon (France) based label Metro A revealed the EP VOLUME I – Sessions Polycarpe of new songs by the five bands with whom they work.

The first of the five songs is Bérénice by SLOGAN which is the gateway to an approximately eighteen minutes of sweeping electronica in which to explore a collection of enticing music.

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Crookhaven – A Million Miles or More – Audio

Crookhaven is a folk duo split between France and the USA.



Their eponymous début LP surfaced towards the end of last month.

Not seeking to tear down any barriers Crookhaven, in the dozen track album (available from their website), infuse the listener with a feeling that there are good things in life as the LP traverses through romantic ballads, square dance inclusiveness, medieval-strumming, mid-west infused country and more, retaining the listeners interest throughout.

The second song is A Million Miles or More.


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