-ii- – Dust Bowl – Audio

-ii- is a the dark-rock duo of Ln Zic and John H. Harrington from Nancy in France.



I am a tad late to this, my apologies to one and all, having had the email sitting around in my inbox since early in the month.

They recently released the LP Lighthouse, which is available on bandcamp. A six track release which has the listener desirous of living in an almost inaccessible dark cave on the side of a rock face to fully enjoy the dank mossy sounds of -11-, with the deep timbre of the songs echoing around the ears akin to a primeval malevolent spell.

The fourth song is Dust Bowl.

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The Cracked Heads – I don’t know why – Audio

The French new wave quartet The Cracked Heads released their début single Go Fuck Yourself! on the 8th.

The Cracked Heads

The Cracked Heads

Their speed in making the first release available, having only got together very recently, is reflective of the energy in their music.

Raw bleeding knuckles burst through the speakers as the pummelling bass and percussion hurtle through the room with frenetic guitar riffs scrawling in to the ears as the ill-disposed vocal snarls at the listener.

Go Fuck Yourself! is a three track single (available on bandcamp) that already sits on my essential music playlist – the closer is I don’t know why.

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Orouni – Speedball – Video

Orouni is a French alternative-folk project.



Recently to surface as live version video sessions were a couple of songs from the Somewhere In Dreamland EP which features Emma Broughton – vocals and flute.

A plethora of instrumentation is deployed within the four compositions on the EP affording an ethereal quality – the homestyle recordings elevating the otherworldiness of the release are captured in the opening track Speedball.


Somewhere in Dreamland (feat. Emma Broughton) – EP – Orouni is available on iTunes.*

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MAJJ – Burned Skin Will Heal – Audio

The French instrumental prog-rock quartet MAJJ release the LP Relapse on the 21st.



A six track album (available on bandcamp) which is opened by Burned Skin Will Heal.

Burned Skin Will Heal is a track that minds of a blazing orange sunset setting behind distant hills, creating a vision of wide horizons and stark contrasts of light, dark and sharpened shapes. There is also something intangibly science-fiction about the track, vaguely referencing Jeff Wayne’s musical of H. G. WellsWar Of The Worlds.


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Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Another Shot – Audio

The French dystopian-electronica project Polymorphik Skyzophrenia are set to release the LP Acte VII in short order.

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia - Act VII - artwork

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Act VII – artwork

Although over four years since last featured on hitting play the distinctive soundtrack immediately resonates.

The dark ambient electronica of Another Shot, the first song to appear from the forthcoming album, on which it is the ninth track, bubbles through the room like encroaching flood water inexorably seeping through cracks to inevitably engulf all in its way.

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