Jonathan – Allison – Audio

Jonathan, the Croatian alt-indie band, are due to imminently release the LP To Love.

Jonathan - Photo by Filip Gržinčić

Jonathan – Photo by Filip Gržinčić

The latest track to surface from To Love, Allison, is a sprightly number which is threaded with gravitas supplied by the melancholic vocal, giving the piece an engrossing countenance.

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Someday I Will Miss You – Long Shots – Audio

The Croatian electronic-dream project Someday I Will Miss You frequently features.

Someday I Will Miss You - Longshots

Someday I Will Miss You

The latest track is the just under three and two third minutes Long Shots – which announces itself with repeating scales of electronic-bells akin to a campanologist on an outing to towers anew, prior to dissolving like sugar in a hot cup of coffee and reappearing as the sweetener to the ebb and flow of synths and muted vocal and the listener lays ensconced in the deep pile carpet of the composition which alluringly divides itself in to distinctive chapters.

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Embassy 516 – Digital Delay – Video

Embassy 516 is a Croatian gaze-wave quartet.

Embassy 516

Embassy 516

By way of an introduction a live version of Digital Delay the ninth of the twelve tracks on the LP Surveillance of the Environment.


Surveillance of the Environment – Embassy 516 is available on iTunes.*

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Woelosko – Camellia – Audio

Woelosko is a grunge quartet from Croatia.



Within the past four hours Woelosko surfaced with their début track – Camellia.

Whilst many musical entities plot and plan their way to surface with material to fight their way out of the underground, others just spend the summer on the beach enjoying life and creating songs and when the weather turns decide to head inside to turn out what they thought of alongside the bonfires at dusk, delivering material that has more honesty and resonance than any duration of ‘thought process’  in the studio could ever reveal.

So new as a concept Woelosko have nothing else to offer. Word arrives there is more to follow and rest assured, I will aim to keep you abreast.

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Jonathan – Who Lies To Whom – Video

The Croatian alt-rock band Jonathan last featured earlier in the year.

Jonathan - Who Lies To Whom


In May it was anticipated that the LP To Love would be released in June, there has been a slight delay with the album not yet released.

In the interim Jonathan have revealed another track from To Love – Who Lies To Whom which returns to a faster pace in a sound that reminds of early ’80s indie-rock.

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