Wælder – Omr – Video

Wælder is an ambient drone duo from Austria and Germany.



On the 2nd of March the vinyl LP Non Places will be released through Denovali Records.

The second of the eight tracks on the album is Omr – which showcases their combinations of distorted electronica and natural instrumentation which  grips the room in an oppressive vice-like grip.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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MonaLisa Twins – Waiting For The Waiter – Audio

The Austrian, England based, folk-beat duo MonaLisa Twins release the LP ORANGE on the 29th.

MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins

A dozen track album (available directly from their website) rooted firmly in ’60s psychedelic merseybeat MonaLisa Twins deliver a selection of songs that set flight intoxicating melodies which akin to sunlight refracting through hanging crystals dapple the room with kaleidoscopes of colours that relaxes the stresses of daily life as they drift through the mind.

The sixth track is Waiting For The Waiter which is a composition that features, with the guitars, blues-harmonica.

My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to this as this email has been with me since early this month.


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Rocquette – Tornado – Video

Rocquette is an Austrian rock band.

Rocquette - Tornado


It is becoming something of a tradition to feature Rocquette once a year.

From the LP 13 – a live performance of the eleventh of the thirteen tracks Tornado.

13 – Rocquette is available on iTunes.*

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elektro guzzi – Schmone – Audio

The Austrian techno-rock trio elektro guzzi will be releasing the LP Parade imminently.

elektro guzzi - photo © Andrei M

elektro guzzi – photo © Andrei M

Within the past twenty hours Schmone has been made available in advance of the album. A track that showcases their combinations of rock instrumentation contained within techno-beat loops.


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Siren Call – Harness – Single Review

The Austrian based rock band Siren Call first featured back in 2014.

Siren Call - Harness - artwork

Siren Call – Harness – artwork

To surface in the past hour or so is the video for their latest single Harness which has a slighter tincture than much of the material previously featured of theirs.

The just under four minute track contains the ingredients with which we have become familiar but there is a battle weary sense to the sound, perhaps due to the politics of the country in which they are based where a nearly elected elected neo-nazi President has been able to successfully been able to demand another election. One senses the same sorts of ideas surfacing across Europe, including here in the UK where the exit the EU referendum result was deemed an unfair result and a re-run should happen – no wonder people get weary of socio-democracy.

Inside the sloughed troughs of sound Siren Call retain the petulance that is their signature as guitar mauls the walls and the the ever precise drum won’t forgo the trajectory as the vocal espouses of the sentience of the title of the track – Harness as they evoke a musical reconstruction of the thought process of the yoke pulling on the chains of the 99%.

I give full credit to Siren Call for pulling out a song that is able to reflect of their current malaise whilst simultaneously indicating of brighter alternative future. As you will know I do appreciate musicians who delve deep inside themselves to expose the raw fragility for others to see and thank them for allowing us inside the barricades.

Harness – Single – Siren Call is available on iTunes.*

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