AVEC – Under Water – Video

AVEC is an Austrian introspective-rock project.



Earlier in the month the LP Heaven / Hell was released, a roughly three quarters of an hour, nine track, album of illuminating emotive melodies that are tipped with the expressive, sympathetic voca which is the signature of the output, that reflect on the emotional ups and downs of life and relationships.

A European tour in support of the release of the album will start on late October

THU 25 OCTOBER Orpheum Extra Graz, Austria
SAT 27 OCTOBER Kulturverein Röda Steyr, Austria
TUE 30 OCTOBER WUK Vienna, Austria
WED 31 OCTOBER Alter Schlachthof (Schl8hof) Wels, Austria
THU 1 NOVEMBER Gretchen Berlin, Germany
FRI 2 NOVEMBER Nochtwache Hamburg, Germany
SAT 3 NOVEMBER Simplon Kleine Zaal Groningen, Netherlands
SUN 4 NOVEMBER Altstadt Eindhoven, Netherlands
TUE 6 NOVEMBER White / Noise Stuttgart, Germany
WED 7 NOVEMBER Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria
THU 8 NOVEMBER Milla Munich, Germany
FRI 9 NOVEMBER Vaz Hafen Innsbruck, Austria
SAT 10 NOVEMBER Spielboden Dornbirn, Austria
SUN 11 NOVEMBER Papiersaal Zürich, Switzerland
TUE 13 NOVEMBER Beatpol Dresden, Germany
THU 15 NOVEMBER Roxy – Kultur in Ulm Ulm, Germany
FRI 16 NOVEMBER Kulturzentrum das Haus Ludwigshafen, Germany
SAT 17 NOVEMBER Sonic Visions Festival 2018 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
TUE 20 NOVEMBER Melkweg Upstairs Amsterdam, Netherlands
WED 21 NOVEMBER Luxor Live Arnhem, Netherlands
THU 22 NOVEMBER Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
FRI 23 NOVEMBER Alter Schlachthof Eupen, Belgium
SAT 24 NOVEMBER Studio 672 Cologne, Germany
SAT 22 DECEMBER OKH Offenes Kulturhaus Vocklabruck, Austria
SUN 23 DECEMBER Gasthaus Höller St. Peter am Wimberg, Austria

Under Water is the third song.


Heaven / Hell – Avec is available on iTunes.*

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At Pavillon – Lions – Video

The quartet of Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli (Drums), Tobias Kobl (Bass), Bernhard Melchart (Lead Guitar) and Mwita Mataro (Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals) from Vienna in Austria, form the indie-funk band At Pavillon.

At Pavillon - photo credit - Marius Mammerler

At Pavillon – photo credit – Marius Mammerler

Their latest release – the single Lion which is packaged together with four remixes – showcases a band with the ability to combine a rock basement with a glittering funky tempo to deliver music that has the listener furiously strumming air guitar while stepping out in gold and silver brocaded white flares.


Lions – At Pavillon is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Dramas – Libra – Audio

The Austrian etherealwave duo Dramas will be releasing the three track single Libra on the 1st of June with a release show on the 5th at Fluc und Fluc Wanne in Vienna.

Dramas - photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Dramas – photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Unlike the band name the first song to appear from what is their début single (available on bandcamp), which is the title track and first of the three, Libra is not full of dramas – though it is most certainly dramatic in architecture.

There is a weightlessness to the vocal which counterbalances the more forceful pianoforte generating a song which entices the listener to cloak themselves in the dreamy spirals of unhurried synthesis which drift through the ears. The hypnotic vocal captivates the mind with its unassuming beauty as the piano forms a beguiling melancholia in a cohesion of elements which the audience merely wishes on its conclusion, almost four and a half minutes later, continued to linger longer.


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Wælder – Omr – Video

Wælder is an ambient drone duo from Austria and Germany.



On the 2nd of March the vinyl LP Non Places will be released through Denovali Records.

The second of the eight tracks on the album is Omr – which showcases their combinations of distorted electronica and natural instrumentation which  grips the room in an oppressive vice-like grip.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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MonaLisa Twins – Waiting For The Waiter – Audio

The Austrian, England based, folk-beat duo MonaLisa Twins release the LP ORANGE on the 29th.

MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins

A dozen track album (available directly from their website) rooted firmly in ’60s psychedelic merseybeat MonaLisa Twins deliver a selection of songs that set flight intoxicating melodies which akin to sunlight refracting through hanging crystals dapple the room with kaleidoscopes of colours that relaxes the stresses of daily life as they drift through the mind.

The sixth track is Waiting For The Waiter which is a composition that features, with the guitars, blues-harmonica.

My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to this as this email has been with me since early this month.


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