Her’s – Low Beam – Audio

The English summer-wave duo Her’s were introduced last year.

Her's - Low Beam


Their latest track Low Beam, which surfaced today and due for release tomorrow, is a retrospective synth soaked approaching four and a half minutes song that minds of the sounds of A Flock Of Seagulls and is welcome addition to their catalogue of music.

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The Vex – Sunlight Moonlight – Video

The English alt-rock quartet The Vex are working towards the release of the LP Manor House for later this year.

The Vex - Sunlight Moonlight

The Vex

Whilst the earliest roots of the musical careers of players in the band, which has been followed since 2009 can be heard far back in the mix of the first track to surface from the album – Sunlight Moonlight – there is a far less fiery impatience with the players allowing the music to slowly reveal its bouquet akin to flowers following the sunlight.

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Pale Waves – Kiss – Audio

The English indie-dance quartet Pale Waves are working towards their début LP for later in the year.

Pale Waves

Pale Waves

Having already established a solid live audience and a series of successful singles and an EP the latest single to be released Kiss, which came out on the 15th, can only enhance their reputation and reach.

A deft ability in songwriting enables Pale Waves to traverse the knife edge between pop music plastic and heartfelt, genuine creativity which enables them to secure both mainstream and indie interest without alienating either.


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Dom Sith – Hood – Audio

The English ambient-electronica project Dom Sith was introduced last year.

Dom Sith - Hood

Dom Sith

The latest track to surface, Hood, is a veritable feast of orchestration given the minimalist material previously featured.

A shrouded flow of electronica hums out of the speaker opening a channel for a brighter rivulet of golden honey to trickle through the room becoming a flood of ever-faster looping beats prior to all gliding back in to a quiet stillness.

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Steffan Rundquist – Chained – Video

The itinerant Swedish protest-folk musician Steffan Rundquist, first featured in 2013 while in The Netherlands, his travels always continue, now currently based in Spain.

Steffan Rundquist - Photo credit - Estherwm Schoenmakers

Steffan Rundquist – Photo credit – Estherwm Schoenmakers

The most recent track to surface – Chained – reflects on a world in which many become aligned to a way of life for the simple reason that it is what they know and never taking time to challenge themselves to discover if there is perhaps a more fulfilling life readily accessible.

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