Late TV – Great Gulfs – Single Review

It was back in October 2017 that the jazz-funk sextet of Luke Novak, Matthew Halsall, Richard Bowman, Evesham Nicholas, Martin and Ryan SzanyiLate TV – based in London (England) – last featured. In February they will be releasing the single Great Gulfs.

Late TV - Great Gulfs
Late TV

Great Gulfs finds the band in mellowed mood in a track that winds gently though the room as though borne on fluffy pillows and initially invites the listener to step shoulder to shoulder with a partner, though as the song develops so the embrace becomes ever more tenderly close.

The retrospective melody of the track, which glides elegantly through the room, wraps the audience in a sense of warm, cushioned serenity towards the world around.

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Flexagon – The Gift – Single Review

Flexagon the ambientwave project from Guernsey released the single The Gift on the 4th.

Flexagon - The Gift

As always, the music, reflects of a spacious and mind-boggling universe enticing the listener in to its cavernous spaces to explore the fractals of expanding electronica.

The Gift (available on bandcamp) refers to a musical instrument – a toombi – which was won in a raffle and gifted to Flexagon.

With no previous experience of the one stringed instrument, Flexagon, has taken the unusual option of using a bow to deliver a track in which the distinctive string can be readily identified, muted though it is under the rich tapestry of hypnotic synthesis, to create a just over eight minutes composition which holds the listener transfixed.

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Reptilians From Andromeda – Doll Witch – Single Release

You just know that 2019 is going to be tip-top year when the Turkish new-wave band Reptilians From Andromeda launch a new track within the first 48 hours of it beginning.

Reptilians From Andromeda - Photo by Bikem Ekberzade
Reptilians From Andromeda – Photo by Bikem Ekberzade

Surfaced yesterday was the song Doll Witch – as always turn up the speakers and let the windows-frames rattle to their own hearts content.

Pulsing bass-lines and bleeding guitar are harried by impatient drums while the signature vocals snarl in to ears – all for it to fall abruptly in to silence a margin over two minutes after commencing.

Is it too early to be starting the long-list for ‘Track of the year 2019’ – I wonder?

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Trauma Lips – Empty Bottle – Video

The trio of Pedro Lourenço (Vocal / Guitar), Emanuel Severino (Drums) and Inês Vicente (Bass) from Lisbon (Portugal) – who are the dark-rock band Trauma Lips released the LP Problems today.

Trauma Lips
Trauma Lips

A ten track album of dripping moss that minds the listener of a dank sea-cave festooned with the eerie shapes of stalactites and stalagmites as the vocal rotates through the compressed bass and drum kit with the elongated guitar adding to the sense of looming foreboding.

Empty Bottle is the opener.

Problems – Trauma Lips is available on iTunes.*

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The Ringards – Steppenwolf – Single Review

Once again the English alt-rock band The Ringards ring up the changes to their sound with the latest track – Steppenwolf – which appeared on the 28th.

The Ringards - Steppenwolf
The Ringards

Imagine for a moment Transylvania was transported to Patagonia – and you will be in the right area for the new track.

A delicious gothic gloom is laden with the terraces of the wilderness of South America both gathered together for a sultry tango, with Steppenwolf jousting a hip writhing beat as the listener submits to the lead of the black-leather clad, high stilettos dominance of the sensuousness of the bass / vocal combinations.

Probably best heard whilst bound and slicked in body oil with a gyrating partner to fully appreciate – though as the track lasts only a margin over two and a half minutes – think of it as a scene setter and not a timer.

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