Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows a garage rock band from Sydney, Australia is Adam, Owen, Alex and Angie.

Straight Arrows - Garage Rock from Australia

Straight Arrows

The lo-fi reproductions and enough reverb to confuse an echo are based on classic rock ‘n’ roll, delivered typically within less than two and a half minutes enrapture the listener. Living up to their name Straight Arrows deliver a sound that isn’t complex, though it is a band immediately heading on to my ‘play this now’ playlist.

Coming up to three years since their debut LP, Straight Arrows have the freshness of a band just starting out as they maintain a high voltage enthusiasm for producing music to sing-along to, even though the lyrics are distorted into the almost undecipherable, but it doesn’t matter that the audience is singing completely the wrong words. This is a band who want their listeners to have a good time and the band delivers that every-time they perform or release material.

The fact that it is pouring with rain, cold and dark outside as I write doesn’t matter at all, this is like a carefree night out mid-summer. Thanks for making it a better day Straight Arrows.


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Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums – alt-indie from Melbourne in Australia is Jake Doyle (Guitar / Vocals), Dean Whitby (Guitar / Vocals), Jonny Badlove (Drums / Vocals) and Adam Ritchie (Bass / Vocals).

Drunk Mums - alt indie from Australia

Drunk Mums

Much like the name would suggest Drunk Mums is music having a good time, there is nothing pretentious, extraneous or extravagant, just well delivered rough and ready rock. Somewhat hazy the sound reflects one too many beers with a meandering and immensely entertaining sound.

Having stood the test of time – extending into their fourth year imminently Drunk Mums have established something of a hardcore following, I would guess for the live performances which can only be a riot of chaos and pulsating rooms pouring sweat down the walls. Don’t take from that, this isn’t well constructed material as inside the frenetic energy lay some sublime riffs and rolls to captivate the ears. To sound so carefree and enthusiastic you have to know what you are doing and these guys definitely do.

Tracks rarely extend beyond the three minute boundary and can normally be found to fit comfortably within two and a half minutes. How could I not recommend you tarry with Drunk Mums.


Drunk Mums – Drunk Mums is available on iTunes*.

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The Gooch Palms

The Gooch Palms are the new wave duo of Kat Friend and Leroy Macqueen from Newcastle, Australia.

The Gooch Palms - new wave from Australia

The Gooch Palms Photo by Peter Dovgan

A soaring soundscape comes hurtling in to the room as The Gooch Palms let it all hang out, quite literally and I am reminded not just musically of The Damned but more precisely of Captain Sensible who also ended up more than often wearing nothing more than his guitar.

Stripping it all back to basics (no pun intended) The Gooch Palms deliver a stream of consciousness that captivates the audience for its very simplicity. This is another band that when you think you have found the loudest possible playback, find the boost and it gets better.

Energy just crashes across the room in a joyful bounce and the listener is caught up in it all as the duo deliver music which delivers a resounding punch that connects with a playful smile. Many bands with a plethora of musicians don’t deliver anything like this powerhouse manage and it is of little surprise that The Gooch Palms find themselves regularly invited to play venues as I would imagine their gigs are great fun to attend.

A recent ten track LP – Novo’s – will undoubtedly secure them an even wider audience. If you are in Australia, my suggestion is to find out when they are playing near you and book it in the diary, if not, get hold of the LP.


Novo’s – The Gooch Palms is available on iTunes*.

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Damn Terran

Damn Terran from Melbourne in Australia is Lachlan Ewbank (Guitar / Vocals / Percussion), Ali Edmonds (Bass /Vocals) and Leigh Ewbank (Drums / Guitar / Baritone Guitar / Percussion) an alt-indie rock trio.

Damn Terran - alt-indie from Australia

Damn Terran

A combination of  guitar screeches and groans subsumed within an architecture of fine brickwork and Damn Terran offer to the listener a mix of filtered sounds to throw out an interesting space in which to spend some considerable time. The trio are deft musicians though the material sits outside the media friendly radio play slot so sadly their zenith will never be the highpoint they deserve, other than to those with a more discerning taste in music discovery where they sit as a fine example of what can be done with minimalism.

I would envisage their live performances would see packed crowds having a great time as the energetic flashes rip through the audience and even on recording one is left just wanting to see Damn Terran live. The music stands up to scrutiny from any angle as they capably shift between tracks of under two minutes to over four, each track delivered with verve and passion that rattles around the room gathering up the listener in a sweating brow.

Once again Australasia turns up trumps with the slightly off centre and this continent is fast becoming one of my favoured hunting grounds for expressive and fresh creativity.


Damn Terran – Damn Terran is available on iTunes*.

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The Native Cats

From Hobart in Tasmania we find the alt-indie duo of Peter Escott (Vocals) and Julian Teakle (Bass) who together with their electronics make up The Native Cats.

The Native Cats - alt indie from Tasmania

The Native Cats

Firmly rooted like a solid oak tree in the lower registers The Native Cats captivate with their intriguing compositions. Two players who remind me of Joy Division and vocal a la Ian Curtis – how could it not be of interest? Snaking across the room, the music wends its way into the bones before it reaches the ears and the body is left in fluviolacustrine ebb and flow.

The floating sinews of sound coalesce into spectral shapes and the listener can’t help but become engaged. These are highly capable musicians who have been able to graft new wave with isotronics to deliver a sound that peps as it rehydrates the mind, as it leaks the soul in a meandering malaise of momentum. Or to put it another way, the ebb  flow of the music sucks in the audience.

I don’t often find myself in Tasmania, however when I do, there is some top notch music which encapsulates in a microcosm like a coral reef the brightest and most captivating there is to find in underground bands. It is perhaps the scarcity of these jewels that keeps many Island Nations as stunning places to explore.

Some may find it too much of a sound alike, but to my mind this is PIL and Joy Division wrapped up in one for the 21st Century and a real pleasure to add to the website.


Dallas – The Native Cats is available on iTunes*

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