Freddy Fudd Pucker

Originally from Dunedin in New Zealand now based in Berlin – Germany Freddy Fudd Pucker is the dark-folk musician Tom Young.

Freddy Fudd Pucker - dark-folk originally from New Zealand now based in Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker

Hurtling from the speakers like a scalded cat Freddy Fudd Pucker delivers music of momentum. A scathing lyric pulls no punches as it casts a wary eye on the world around, whilst the instrumentation is of equal consideration. Combining string strumming that can only but lead to RSI, along with toe-tapping percussion, whilst adding distorted samples and loops gives the out-put its intrigue.

Although predominately played at breakneck speed, Freddy Fudd Pucker provides compositions of developing melodies and when slower tracks appear, these touches are highlighted.

It is of little surprise that Freddy Fudd Pucker is a constant feature on the road in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, where the music is best suited because of the instant connectivity with the audience. That isn’t to say this can’t be enjoyed at home, but it works best with a group as despite the visceral nature, the listener can’t help but get up on their feet and want to join in with a mass dance and party the night away.

Despite the continual live performances Freddy Fudd Pucker does still manage to find time for recording and a new LP is scheduled for release later this year. From the forthcoming album is Blood Diamond Mind, that surfaced a few hours ago.

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Blindmunkee is the agit-rock quintet of G (Vocals), Mik (Bass), Stu (Guitar), Adz (Drums) and Lem (Vocals) from Melbourne in Australia.

Blindmunkee - agit-rock from Australia

Blindmunkee – agit-rock from Australia

Raking gouges out of societal dysfunction Blindmunkee offer an engaging sound best describe as hip-hop metal. Guitar welts emblazon the wall, as the bass and percussion bound around the room switching between grinding grooves and rumbustious lashes as a half spoken lyric ties the disparate elements together.

The audience is not left in a state of confusion, rather left wanting more, as Blindmunkee deliver an out-put that immediately on hitting play, makes perfect sense. The sneering rage captivates the listener as the quintet deliver their tracks that contain both melodic themes and out-right rancour and the body is left in the unusual space of head-banging whilst jiving.

Establishing an ever growing presence in their home country with their fiery live performances it will be interesting to see if Blindmunkee are able to transfer that to wider international audience and to help with this I hope they find some time to release more material as the tracks, whilst often focussing on National and Local issues, have a global relevance.


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SheWolF from Melbourne in Australia is the rock quartet of Cassandra Vlahos (Guitar / Vocals), Ellen Russo (Bass / Vocals), Serena Vlahos (Vocals) and Nikki Vlahos (Drums / Vocals).

SheWolF - Rock from Australia


Strong combinations of guitars and percussion stream across the room as SheWolF deliver their sounds of fuzz and melody wrapped inside powerful pace-setting drums. Over it a comes a vocal which softens the sound allowing the listener to engage with the compositions, whilst still burying their head inside the speakers.

Some smart switches in balance between bass and percussion allows the quartet to change emphasis mid-way through tracks keeping the audience riveted to the compositions. Whilst SheWolF is able to scruff the ground giving the out-put the necessary dirt, it is their ability to layer this with textures and melodies, that gives the out-put considerable interest.

A couple of years behind them SheWolF are beginning to make their mark in the live scene with a continuing schedule of performances, for those of us a little further away, it would be great to have the opportunity to hear more of them – an eponymous EP that came out in November goes some-way to address this.

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From Adelaide in Australia is the trip-rock sextet of Dom Trimboli, Tom Spall, Liam Kenny, Tim Richardson, Lucy May and Dan Heath who form Wireheads.

Wireheads - trip-rock from Australia


Engaging a variety of strings and wind instruments Wireheads deliver music that scorches the brain with its complex consternations of sound. The underlay of bass, drums and guitar provides a base of garage rock, to which flute and violin add trippy embellishments along with a variety of other pieces of equipment, whilst a scornful vocal adds rasps, this is all put into a blender and rather than a cacophony of unwelcome noise tumbling around the room, the audience finds compositions in which to immerse the mind.

Although having the gear to extend tracks to lengthy monologues, Wireheads keeps the pieces concentrated, resulting in music that doesn’t stray into the unconscionable. Don’t expect your ears to settle into rhythmic mellow meanderings as the sounds are intended to reflect of turmoil and that is precisely what they deliver.

Despite the name – The Late Great Wireheads (which is available on bandcamp) is not a retrospective, rather the début LP that came out in early 2014 and is a fascinating journey.

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Apes from Ballarat in Australia is the alt-rock quartet of Ben Dowd (Vocals / Guitar), James Toohey (Guitar / Vocals), Sam Reale (Bass / Vocals) and Rowan M.T (Drums).

Apes - alt-rock from Australia


The two guitars enable Apes to take garage rock on a melodious ride, while still retaining the scratchy grit, leaving the listener in sublime humour. The music immediately impresses for its inclusiveness and quality of composition, of equal import the quartet is able to take the concept and deliver an aural feast of joy.

A rumbustious percussion beats its way into the synapses, whilst a fulminating bass rumbles around the walls as the guitars score the story-line as a vocal whirls its way around the ears and the end result is music you just want to turn up louder.

Whilst creating tracks which have a user friendliness to them, at a more basal level there is a rawness, which brings the pieces alive. With a strong presence in the local environment they are gaining wider appeal – and a UK tour which begins on the 1st October, should see Apes expand their reach exponentially.


Pull the Trigger – Single – APES is available on iTunes*

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