Wolf Cola – Chimes – Audio

It has been well over a year since the Australian garage-rock band Wolf Cola last featured.

Wolf Cola - Chimes

Wolf Cola

Their most recent track Chimes melds Merseybeat with surf-rock delivering a track that contains both jangling guitar and blurry low fidelity providing the audience with a song that keeps revolving around the brain long after the notes have died away.

After a year of not releasing any recordings and scarce live performance as the band sought to expand the line-up, a search recently completed with the addition of two members, now four players with the addition of Curtis Judge and Sean Alves, word arrives of an EP in the works (of which Chimes is one of the tracks) and I look forward to hearing more of Wolf Cola in 2016.

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Glass Vaults – West Coast – Video

Glass Vaults is a New Zealand ambient-synth duo.

Glass Vaults - Sojourn - artwork

Glass Vaults – Sojourn – artwork

West Coast, the third of the eleven tracks on the LP Sojourn, is more demanding of the audience than much of the material on the album as Glass Vaults introduce backgrounds that move at different speeds in the psychedelic feeling number.

These altered shifts of sounds draw the audience to check they are not indeed listening to two tracks at once by mistake, yet, behind the cocktail of textures at its heart West Coast is a flowing trip in which the listener can let their mind relax and join in with the journey.

Video contains flashing images.

Sojourn – Glass Vaults is available on iTunes.*

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Fire Behaving As Air – Ripples – Video

The Australian molten-rock band Fire Behaving As Air released the LP Vapour Trail last month.

Fire Behaving As Air - Vapour Trail - artwork

Fire Behaving As Air – Vapour Trail – artwork

Fire Breathing As Air is a band I must come back to at a later date in full, but for now – serving as an introduction – the seventh of the eleven tracks on Vapour Trail (available on bandcamp) – Ripples.

A darkly hued drift of sound eases its way into the room as Fire Behaving Air create the effect of the various sections of the track sliding between each other akin to slow motion version of an avalanche breaking down the side of the mountain. For its very fascination, though you know you should step aside, you will find yourself transfixed and standing directly in the path of the oncoming onslaught and as Ripples evolves so does the momentum and volume ever increasingly gather pace and loudness – before suddenly collapsing into sprays of melt-water.

Vapour Trail is approaching an hour of shifting landscapes well worth burying yourself within.

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Prickle – Tell Me Why – Single Review

Prickle is the solo alt-rock project of Emily Wilson from Australia.



The début single by PrickleTell Me Why is due for official release on the 11th of December and it is with some pleasure I am able to share the track, which surfaced earlier today, with you.

Turn up the volume stand and scowl with air guitar ready then hit play and join in with Tell Me Why, you will instinctively find the chords and pace as Prickle delivers a track of such natural flow it could have been moulded from the pantheon of rock DNA.

This is not a pastiche of sound as Emily adds a tender touch to the grumbling genre, giving the material a lustrous reflectivity that still shines around the room long after the listeners accompanying virtual fret-work has been put to bed.

The only thing to ponder is – when can I hear more?

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The Monikers – Friends Like These – Single Review

The Australian rock ‘n’ roll band The Monikers release the single Friends Like These on the 13th of December.

The Monikers - Photo credit Ryan Scrimshaw

The Monikers – Photo credit Ryan Scrimshaw

Often, life only needs straightforward rock ‘n’ roll to make the world seem a better place and in Friends Like These (a song made available a few hours ago), The Monikers have exceeded the brief.

The music steps out into the room, immediately, taking the listen by hand to the dance-floor to join in with the bouncing bubbles of Friends Like These. Whilst the tune is of joyful foot-step the lyric is of darker thoughts and the audience can take their choice whether consider the words of let-down or abandon themselves in shuffled feet, as doing both is more difficult to contemplate. That however doesn’t mean the that aurally there is any discordance as The Monikers tie the juxtapositions seamlessly.

The quartet have been around a couple of years now, putting together invigorating live shows as well as finding time to head frequently to the studio to satiate those unable to get to see them in performance.

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