Constant Mongrel – Living In Excellence – Audio

The Australian new wave quartet Constant Mongrel will be releasing the LP Living In Excellence on the 21st of September.

Constant Mongrel

Constant Mongrel

Slightly self-deprecating and partly mocking of social mores which delight in denigrating others Constant Mongrel are able to create music which retains a sense of humour while retaining a wary eye on the world around.

Three years since their last release, the EP DCM, and five since their last LP, Everything Goes Wrong, the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) consists of both new songs with a few stalwarts which those who have seen them live will recall, makes a welcome return to a wider audience. The title track Living In Excellence is the eighth song.

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Crushed Tinniez – Checkin’ Out – Single Review

The Australian garage trio Crushed Tinniez released the single Checkin’ Out yesterday.

Crushed Tinniez

Crushed Tinniez

Only two songs are around for those of us who haven’t caught them live, both filling the room with a warm summer-breeze of endearing lofidelity rock.

Checkin’ Out (available on bandcamp) rotates around rising lines of pressed vocal that gives the music its fresh lilt while busy percussion and bass foil with one another generating the sense of movement as guitar drifts in and out of focus and measure creating the warm infectious mood of the trio who are able to make the world seem a far better place for their presence.

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JuliaWhy? – Pocket – Audio

The Australian protest-rock trio JuliaWhy? are finalising details for the release of their second LP.

JuliaWhy? - Pocket


There are occasions when the phrase – in due course – can unintentionally mean – not very soon – as it was back in 2014 that JuliaWhy? was introduced and last featured with the intention to come back again as stated at the time, in due course, finally almost four years later…

Yesterday – Pocket – from the forthcoming album was released as a standalone single (available on bandcamp).

Slewing out of the speakers in foul temper, the distorted blurry grunge pours scorn on a malaise in society in which the continued demonisation of the less well off by bureaucrats as they dream up ever more draconian measures to further denigrate those who need a little help from society, with ever more fanciful fairy-tales of how it is all their own fault, is transposed to mainstream economic thinking driving policy proposals.

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Crocodylus – My Baby – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’rollers Corcodylus released their latest single – My Baby – today.

Crocodylus - photo by @jamiesonfilm

Crocodylus – photo by @jamiesonfilm

My Baby (available on bandcamp) finds the trio in very different mood to music previously featured with the fractured architecture of single string guitar giving the song a slowmo doo-wop reference point.

The composition and delivery of the song attests to a trio who know how to have fun as they create their music as whilst of sad counterpane there is a freedom of movement and expression which is the mark of an outfit who know what they are doing without manufacturing the process to a template.

If you are not soon also singing along with at least the chorus – in particular the word ‘Baby’ with exaggerated pursed lips and elasticated voice as you do – there is a high probability you are reading the wrong music review site.

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Molly & The Krells – Rejected – Audio

The Australian indie-rock quartet Molly & The Krells revealed the EP Losing Friends on the 20th.

Molly & The Krells

Molly & The Krells

Carefully negotiating the line between being just another commercial radio-play focused indie band and having some teeth to the music is never an easy path. Molly & Krells are able to step away from merging in to shadows with the grungy blues progressions which flows from the two guitars creating tracks in which the audience actively wants to be immersed.

The first track of the five on the EP is Rejected.

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