Marlin’s Dreaming – I’ll Stick By You – Audio

Marlin’s Dreaming, the New Zealand surfgaze quartet, released the single I’ll Stick By You on the 28th of August, which is taken from the EP Talk On/Commic coming out on the 18th.

Marlin's Dreaming - photo by @camhay_ photo

Marlin’s Dreaming – photo by @camhay_ photo

Raising even higher, what was previously, a high bar; in I’ll Stick By You (available on bandcamp)  Marlin’s Dreaming are able to create a song which has the hallmarks of a band who should already be well known globally and one can only cross fingers that the EP is able to secure that twist in fate for them.

Subtle shifts of pace and keys through the song change moods and shading in the composition. Anchored around a solid percussion the guitars are given room to display, akin to a peacock strutting, with bass maintaining forward progression with the vocal more than capably corralling the disparate elements of I’ll Stick By You.

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Plaines – From Silence – Audio

The New Zealand ambient-rock and visual arts collective, Plaines, released their eponymous LP on the 27th of August.



The softly brushed velvet textured album (available on bandcamp) which has a dreamy gauze through which the eight songs are filtered drifts slowly through the room settling gently on the ears.

Given the still waters which emerge from the speakers, it may be anticipated there is little happening under the surface, far from it, akin to a swan frantically paddling beneath the apparently effortlessly gliding body, so it is with Plaines who elegantly deliver what are complex underpinning sequences and structures.

The fifth song – From Silence would seem to be an appropriate track to introduce their work.

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The Beths – Uptown Girl – Audio

The New Zealand summerhaze quartet, The Beths, released the LP Future Me Hates Me on the 10th.

The Beths

The Beths

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which no matter the season pours bright sunshine through the speakers as the room fills with the sounds of fuzzy surf-garage good-time rock’n’roll.

Uptown Girl is the bright and breezy third composition.


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Siena Stone – Freewheeler – Audio

The Australia based gazewave New Zealander, Siena Stone, is working towards the release of the début EP imminently.

Siena Stone - photo by @bresciajordan

Siena Stone – photo by @bresciajordan

The first song to surface from the EP, which was itself released as a standalone single yesterday, Freewheeler transmutes like honey flowing from a spoon as the echoing reverberations of synthesised guitar reform inside one another with chords slowly fading as others continually build whilst the evocative vocal breathes warmly over the ears, creating a song with an alluring enigmatic beauty which foretells of an EP to keep an eye out for on release.

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Princess Chelsea – I Love My Boyfriend – Audio

Back in 2015 the New Zealand dreamwave project Princess Chelsea last featured. On the 7th of September the LP The Loneliest Girl will be released.

Princess Chelsea - I Love My Boyfriend

Princess Chelsea

With a greater emphasis on instrumentation than previous features the first track to surface from the album, I Love My Boyfriend, which was released on the 22nd as a standalone single and is available on bandcamp, opens with a bulging bass-line (how could I not be enamoured?) prior to dissolving in to a dreamlike composition that unfurls as though in slow motion, in to which the mind becomes entranced by the hazy soft brushes of the song.

The almost three year gap in last being featured coincides with the release of the LP The Great Cybernetic Depression rather than purely my own incompetence.

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