Captives – Paint It In Blue – Audio

The Tasmanian rock quartet Captives release the LP Over The Rainbow on the 30th of March.



The first song to surface from the album – Paint It In Blue – rattles around the room on an energetic drum-kit which chases along the track giving it a solid frame from which the instrumentation, that is more open architecture than much of their previous material, flashes both pressured rock riffs and glittering melodies.

The tempo of the song has the illusion of shifting as the track progresses with the energetic sections being laid aside shimmering phrases resulting in just over three minutes of music that keeps the listener wondering where it is heading next.


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Heart Beach – Perfect – Audio

The Canada based – Tasmania originating – melancholic-rock trio Heart Beach are set to release the LP Haircut on the 1st of November.

Heart Beach

Heart Beach

A ten track album of drifting sadness which rather than leaving the listener feeling morose leaves them having undergone a catharsis as Heart Beach deliver music that has an intrinsic beauty which flows deep through the bone-marrow warming up the body from inside.

In advance of the release of the album a couple of tracks of surfaced (available on bandcamp) and by way of an introduction to a band I look forward to featuring again in short order the second song on the LP – Perfect.

Heart Beach are about to start a tour of Australia with the culminating gig being in Tasmania. If you are anywhere near the shows, I would suggest taking an evening out in their company would not be something you would regret.

Nov 01 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 03 Oxford Arts Factory Sydney, NSW
Nov 04 The Phoenix Canberra, ACT
Nov 08 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 09 Rad Bar & Cafe Wollongong, NSW
Nov 10 Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle, NSW
Nov 11 Bloodhound Bar Fortitude Valley, QLD
Nov 15 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 17 The Hotel Metro Adelaide, SA
Nov 22 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Dec 09 The Brisbane Hotel Hobart, TAS


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Brandish – Running – Audio

Brandish is a Tasmanian indie-light quartet.

Brandish - Photo credit - Thomas Whitmore

Brandish – Photo credit – Thomas Whitmore

Delivering music of easy texture, Brandish is a band to play when the mood needs lightening.

Running – their latest track also features guest vocals by Hamish Geale’s (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Keys) sister- and is the first track to appear from their début eponymous EP being released on the 14th of October.

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Mayhem & Me

Mayhem & Me is the dark-folk trio of Majella EalesJeff Reeve and Paul Carwana from Hobart in Tasmania.

Mayhem & Me - dark folk from Tasmania

Mayhem & Me

Mayhem & Me have the ability to fill the room with a wet sandbag of acoustic led material. An eponymous four track EP surfaced in August (available on bandcamp) and I look forward to news of future material by a trio who are able to take a straight forward idea and turn it into an introspective soliloquy, which finds audience gripped in the ensnaring embrace of the vice-hold of drying leather bondage-straps.

The thickly stringed acoustic guitar is given reign to flight, whilst the electric guitar lays subdued in harmony as it meets a deeply resounding bass which tethers the material with reverberating strings that darken the room as the vocal, like a hawk spotting prey, dives to the foreground garnering travel and sight to which the instrumentation gathers in flock.

Mayhem & Me are able to cloak the audience with weighty contemplation through the measured pace which they intransigently refuse to hurry, leaving the listener in enraptured desire, as the music gradually unfurls itself in the ears.

Light the candles and bring out the scarlet ties to join Mayhem & Me in their exploration of inner turmoil.

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Paul Luttrell

Paul Luttrell, from Hobart in Tasmania, is an electro-wave creator.

Paul Luttrell

Paul Luttrell

The fixation on electricity cables in imagery, gives a fair indicator of the sounds of Paul Luttrell, which spark and short in alternative / direct currents of recognisable electronic experimentalism which is earthed by luscious melodies. The contrast between the jousting electronics and the pondering vocal gives the out-put a melancholic air creating something of considerable interest.

Instrumentation ranges from clearly recognisable, to highly synthesised as Paul delivers packages of sound which at one moment are blissfully gliding across the room next, as though crossing a patch of dampness, fizz into showers of confabulated distortion that as quickly as sent into upheaval are soothed by calming vocal.

An experienced music who played previously with others, Paul Luttrell decided to start out on his own journey of discovery and the earlier experiences allow him to create an out-put that whilst pushing the edges of the norm do not tear the envelope and the audience feels able to relax in the company knowing there is a grid at the end of the wire.

A substantial, just over forty minute twelve track, début LP – Perpetual Buzz (available on bandcamp) surfaced last week, with tracks ranging from under a minute to almost five, allowing Paul Luttrell the opportunity to lay out sign-posts for future directions of travel, a journey I look forward to following.

From Perpetual Buzz – Sick & Twisted – the sixth track.

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