Surrender The Sun

Surrender The Sun from Sydney in Australia is the rock band of GessShaneLuke and Navs who made a brief video introduction back in December.

Surrender The Sun - Rock from Australia

Surrender The Sun

The floor rattles as the percussion powers out of the speakers as Surrender The Sun appear in the room. The quartet they have much to offer, as they combine thumping bass and drums, which combine with melodic captivating guitar and a mesmeric vocal. You just feel the need to reach for the old leather jacket and get involved.

By giving themselves room within compositions Surrender The Sun is able to deliver a sound that is far more than the sum of the parts and their forthcoming LP –  TAURI should be well worth adding to the collection. With a penchant for extended tracks, the quartet have a progressive feel without it all becoming self-indulgent meaning that the audience is left wanting to hear another few bars.

With a couple of years behind them Surrender The Sun has been able to establish an easy connection between the players, which will undoubtedly add to the strength of live performance. On recording the compositions are not over-produced, which also enables listeners from a distance to feel connected to the musicians. By allowing the tracks to run, the quartet are able to create vivid story-lines within the tracks whilst retaining a sense of direction to hold the attention.

Even were it not for the same style of microphone as is used in our logo – appearing at twenty four seconds in the video below – you see how easily I am swayed – I would still enjoy their latest available track.


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Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is the dream rock duo of Guillermo Pouso and Lucía Gomez originally from Uruguay who have just moved to Melbourne in Australia.

Magic Tundra - Dream Rock from Australia

Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is a brand new out-fit in, what to them is, a brand new country and from their introductory email are keen to establish a collaboration in their new location. I am aware there are many readers from Australia who read the site, so if you are looking to extend a hand to a new couple to the area, particularly in Melbourne, please do take the time to reach out to them via their Facebook page.

Of more import to the more global readers, I wouldn’t have extended a public service announcement had I not thought you should spend a few moments getting to know the music of Magic Tundra. The notes are allowed to melt into the room like tempered chocolate as the duo combine instrumentation, vocals and electronics to deliver sounds which flow smoothly around the brain, relaxing the mind, allow it to drift off into a dream state.

On the basis of their very limited material I have been able to hear, I look forward to hearing much more of Magic Tundra over the coming months. With the ability to sing in both Spanish and English and the knack of turning a tune, I hope they find their feet quickly.

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Our Last Enemy

Our Last Enemy is Oliver (Vocals), Matt (Bass), Jeff (Keys / Electronics), Bizz (Guitar) and Zot (Drums) from Sydney in Australia.

Our Last Enemy - Industrial Metal from Australia

Our Last Enemy

Make sure there are no loose items in the room as you hit the play button for Our Last Enemy as the scything guitars and rattling percussion tear around from wall to wall like a maelstrom. Whilst the speed and ability to take speakers turned up very high is impressive, it is the control within the quintet that impresses me most. Without diluting any of the force of power, Our Last Enemy is able to deliver the pent-up aggression inside well constructed pieces.

The addition of the keys, allows the band to add a finesse to the out-put that is often lacking in the genre, which additionally gives the material a more menacing over-bearing presence. There is a slightly gothic feel to the out-put, without it ever delving into the cellar, but this theatrical element allows Our Last Enemy to provide sounds which extend far beyond the normal confines to be anticipated.

It is 05:30 on a Sunday as I scribe this review and sometimes, you just need something to blow away the must of the night before and Our Last Enemy is a band who certainly do this, though their more usual home won’t be found as the sun rises, rather heaving masses in a mosh-pit.

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Pariah – Our Last Enemy is available on iTunes*.

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Busy Kingdom

Busy Kingdom is the indie rock band from Melbourne in Australia comprising Michael EtheringtonBrendan EtheringtonCurtis Ardolino and Alex Barnard.

Busy Kingdom - indie rock from Australia

Busy Kingdom

The lightness of touch reminds me of the unique pale blue flame arising from igniting copper-chloride, inviting and fascinating for its very existence. But you weren’t here for chemistry and neither was I…

The quartet is able to deliver music which flickers around the room, demanding of attention but ever spectral, as Busy Kingdom skitter in the higher registers delivering music which is always engaging, yet never reachable. When a band is able to produce a sound that you just want to grab hold of in embrace, you know you are listening to something that matters.

Guitars shimmer back and forth across the room whilst the subdued accompaniment slides into the ears with luxuriance.  Busy Kingdom proffer sounds in which to relax and spend time. The quartet are able to hold melodic compositions with a direction of travel, keeping the audience engaged in the glossy silk of the resulting output.

Busy Kingdom is a band to take in, either as a home gathering with friends or in live performance where the compositions enrapture the ears in a wrap of delightful indulgence.


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Voyager from Perth, Australia, is the progressive rock quintet of Daniel Estrin (Vocals / Keytar), Simone Dow (Guitar), Alex Canion (Bass / Vocals), Scott Kay (Guitar) and Ashley Doodkorte (Drums).

Voyager - Progressive Rock from Australia


As always, when taking a listen to progressive rock I felt the need to to sit up straight and look grown up, but Voyager don’t demand me to do that, as although there is a sophistication in the sounds, it is easily absorbed by the listener.

‘Beautiful’ is a strange word to apply to music, but somehow suits. There is an aural-beauty to the compositions, which are delivered with a gentleness that is enhanced by the powerful under-currents. It makes little difference, which style of music you personally prefer, as you well know I have a penchant for the chaotic, I would be amazed if you too weren’t transfixed by the majesty of it all.

Given that Voyager have been around for much longer than the majority of bands reviewed, this ability to both write and play in recording, with such coherence, comes as no surprise. What is of far more note is the prescience that their live  performance, will find this cohesion replicated.

Their thirteen track, just under an hour fifth and appropriately named LP – V – is due for release in June and is something to look forward to. Having had the opportunity to hear the full LP, I would recommend adding this to your collection for those ‘grown-up, but still relaxing moments’ in life.

Track two on the LP is Breaking Down.


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