Cigars Of The Pharaoh – Mystery Highway – Audio

Cigars Of The Pharaoh, an Australian blues-rock band, are scheduled to release their début EP Mystery Highway on the 16th of November.

Cigars Of The Pharaoh

Cigars Of The Pharaoh

Formed earlier this year Cigars Of The Pharaoh have quickly established themselves as live performance following and the release of Mystery Highway can only build their fan-base.

Surfacing in the past few hours, the title track, features blazing guitars which spear their way up and down the fret-board, to the accompaniment of growling vocal, muscle flexing percussion and pugilistic bass.

This is music to enjoy along with a bottle of whisky, a cheroot and a game of poker as Mystery Highway is a track that brings out the basal instincts.


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HARTS – All Rise (Play It Cool) – Audio

Harts is the alt-rock vehicle for the Australian Darren Hart to bring his music to the world.



Appearing a few hours ago, Harts latest track,  All Rise (Play It Cool), is a rock’n’roll tinged dance-floor number, that immediately has the listener, getting, as the title suggests, up on their feet and setting body to time with the music.

Harts is not aiming to challenge the listener to do anything than feel good about life and in this respect All Rise (Play It Cool), which is the first track to appear from an LP planned for release in March 2016, is a resounding success.


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Former Angels – Far Away Star – Audio

Former Angels is a heavy-metal quartet from Australia.

Former Angels

Former Angels

Sometimes all you need to do is head-bang with a leather jacket festooned in pin badges and life is absolutely as it should be. Former Angels are exactly where you should be reaching.

The ’70s it isn’t and Former Angels are set to release their début single Far Away Star on the 13th of November, not in a blaze of reminiscence as this sounds as fresh as Highway To Hell and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath time-warped.

Of pernicious joy, only a heavy-metal outfit can create an antonym from the synonym, is the refusal of any player to give up the microphone, creating those anthemic chants that the audience just need to deliver more loudly.

The clothes and hair are image consciously freshly laundered, the beards trendily trimmed, you will even catch sight of ‘cool shades man’ – however ignore all that – the music is exactly what is needed.

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Sea Legs – Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight – Audio

The Australian indie-synth band Sea Legs are to release the EP Daddy’s Girl on the 23rd.

Sea Legs - Why Dont We Go Out Tonight

Sea Legs

Every track that Sea Legs releases has a new twist to it and Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight, which is from the EP, is no exception.

A shift in emphasis, which the vocal handles deftly, finds mainstream rock guitar riffs blazon across the room as a pulverising percussion chases along Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight and the synth, rather than setting the structure, cleverly takes back stage, as though an athlete struggling to keep up with the pace, before delightfully emerging to the forefront to dance around at the head of the pack as though indicating – keep up lads.

I haven’t heard the rest of the Daddy’s Girl, but if this is anything to go by, will be well worth adding to the collection.

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The Sunday Reeds – Pretty People – Single Review

The Australian blues-rock trio The Sunday Reeds released the single Pretty People on the 12th.

The Sunday Reeds - Pretty People - artwork

The Sunday Reeds – Pretty People – artwork

Currently working on a new LP The Sunday Reeds, in Pretty People, provide all that caused me such enjoyment when first reviewing them back in June of last year.

A deep purple velvet cloak of mournful sadness descends into the room as the three and a half minute track of visceral abhorrence opens.

As always the understated voice of Romana captures the attention of the listener, with its smoky allure. Of marked addition, in Pretty People, the guitar is given greater focus than in previous tracks featured and the plaintive delayed echo adds significantly to the sense of scant regard for ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ which subtly alludes to the influences of pop art and The Velvet Underground that permeates, though doesn’t soak, through their material.

Pretty People – Single – The Sunday Reeds is available on iTunes.*

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