The Plaidians – Lights Out For The Boy – Audio

The Australian alt-indie duo The Plaidians release their début LP – Lights Out For The Boy on the 26th.

The Plaidians

The Plaidians

From the ten track album the second and title track is a mesmerising concoction of sweetly pressed oil and and some un-pitted olive stones as The Palaidians deliver their contemporary-rock influences fused with blousy indie-rock.

Whilst the audience does feel they should be smartly attired to suitably accompany Lights Out For The Boy, they also don’t feel they need to be sipping cocktails containing chunks of fruit on a stick, rather having a cold tinnie being equally acceptable.

A little too grown-up for my regular play-list, being something of a philistine that probably doesn’t come as a surprise, there is however no doubt The Plaidians are skilful creators and I wish them every success with the album as well as future releases.


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The Silverbeets

The Silverbeets is the alt-rock the quartet of Farnz Cordeaux (Guitar / Vocals), Jamie Scott (Guitar / Vocals), Jeff Reeve (Bass) and Billy O’Brien (Drums / Guitar) from Lutana in Tasmania.

The Silverbeets - alt-rock from Tasmania

The Silverbeets

A mixture of influences are stirred into the melting pot that is The Silverbeets and what emerges are carefully crafted melodic tracks that have a vaguely psychedelic feel. More akin to the feeling of having walked into a marijuana smoke filled room than tripping out on psychotropics and the light headed feeling allows the audience to enjoy the mellowness of the quartet.

A plethora of guitars are deployed on recording, I notice both a guest guitarist and even the drummer getting involved with the six stringer on their début LP – Purple Stems (which is available on bandcamp), slimming back to two in live performance. The guitars are not used to create volume rather the intoxicating melodies which The Silverbeets deliver unhurriedly. An active percussion gives the compositions a solidity, whilst the jabbing bass provides the depth as the mixture of voices subtly swipe at social mores as they swirl around the ears.

Everything about The Silverbeets is understated, which gives the material its space in the crowd and the ability of the players to forge from this tracks that capture full attention, marks them out as a band to add to the ‘music for moments of contemplation’ playlist and I wish them every success in the world of music.


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Former Angels – Light Of Day – Video

The Australian heavy-metal band Former Angels, last featured in the New Year Ninety.

Former Angels - Light Of Day

Former Angels

When ever you need to clear your head Former Angels are a band to reach for with their high-impact Rock ‘n’ Roll that will have you enthusiastically joining in and Light Of Day, the B-Side of the two track single Far Away Star is of no exception.

The just over three and three quartet minutes of compressed guitar, exploding percussion and meaty bass merged with banshee vocals leaves the listener wreathed in sweat and looking for the case to put away their air-guitar.

Light of Day – Single – Former Angels is available on iTunes.*

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Peoples Palace – Runaways – Audio

Peoples Palace is an Australian indie-rock quartet.

Peoples Palace

Peoples Palace

The latest track by Peoples Palace – due for official release on the 26th surfaced a few hours ago – Runaways.

Sometimes ‘driving music’ is En Pointe and having spent much of the past week on the road in 200 mile daily commutes to and fro meetings, this made perfect sense to me today.

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Fire Behaving As Air – Watch The World Go Down – Video

Fire Behaving As Air is a liquid-rock outfit from Australia.

Fire Behaving As Air - Watch The World Go Down

Fire Behaving As Air

From the LP Vapour Trail (available on bandcamp), the antepenultimate of the eleven tracks – Watch The World Go Down extends for the best part of six and a half minutes of unstoppable molten lava akin to extemporising slow moving fluid basalt, igniting everything in its path, yet still the audience stands transfixed knowing they too will eventually become subsumed in the consuming approaching viscosity.

Bowed strings are given head as they fold in and out of the strummed instrumentation, whilst the dispassionate vocal commentary coerces the listener into an equilibrium of stasis.

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