Pacing The Cage – Your Love My Love – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quartet Pacing The Cage released the LP Intox on the 27th of July.

Pacing The Cage

Pacing The Cage

The fifth of the eleven songs on the LP Your Love My Love captures the essence of the album being caught, as it is, between the cross-hairs of indie and classic rock, delivering an uptempo thread of melodious extended guitar chords and pulsing percussion.


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Rosa Maria – Howlin’ – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll quintet Rosa Maria released the single Howlin’ today.

Rosa Maria - photo by @fabsvejkar

Rosa Maria – photo by @fabsvejkar

First releasing music just over a year ago, the quintet have balanced between releasing new songs whilst building a live performance presence and have proven adept at both, with a feed of new songs for those of us not near enough to get to see them live while continually expanding their live performance radius to ensure more of us will become within range.

A breadth of different styles can be heard in their music, on occasion trippy, other times surfy garage though always with a slightly retrospective air and always with a twinkling footstep that invites the audience on to the dance floor.

Howlin’ (available on bandcamp) takes the listener back to ’50s rock’n’roll…

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Skorched – Bury You Breathing – Single Review

The Australian nu-metal sextet Skorched release the single Bury You Breathing on the 27th.

Skorched - photo by Rowan Donohue

Skorched – photo by Rowan Donohue

Sometimes you contemplate the numbers of players in a band and think, that seems about right, other times you think – oh, dear that’s going to be messy – often only to be surprised.

Skorched are a case in point – with seemingly one too many members in the band for the melodic, yet energetic, constructs of nu metal – far from it as the sextet utilise the members of the band all to blend in to one organic being akin to Scylla, with each constituent element being and intrinsic and essential.

Starting slowly back in 2015 the past year has seen an exponential development in live performance schedules along with releases and Bury You Breathing can only help raise their profile further.

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Demi Mitchell – Fiction From Fact – Audio

The Australian sad-folk creator Demi Mitchell releases the LP The Overflow on the 30th.

Demi Mitchell

Demi Mitchell

The room is filled with a luxurious layering of melancholic instrumentation through which the smouldering vocal burns deep in to the marrow-bone with its mesmeric timbre. The slowly pulsating wave of the compositions, which are sparse of annotations, are able to lay the dour shadowing that affords the space for the voice to fill the voids.

From the nine track album (which is available on bandcamp) the most recent song to be revealed is Fiction From Fact.


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Almond Soy – Silhouette – Single Review

The Australian indie sextet Almond Soy revealed the single Silhouette yesterday.

Almond Soy - photo by Austin Durnin

Almond Soy – photo by Austin Durnin

Having spent a couple of years honing their craft the release of their début EP Social Misfit at the start of the year which was a quick follow up to their début single, Happy Ever After, in November of 2017 immediately raised their profile locally which has resulted, ultimately, in an ever more full touring diary and word arrives an International tour is being pencilled in too.

Silhouette can only enhance their engagement with its solid, tight structure and delivery that finds the listener tapping their toes with the infectious melodies.

A short cross pan-Australia in August was announced on Sunday and worth booking in the diary if you are within reach. –

Thu Aug 16 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Fri Aug 17 – Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney
Sat Aug 18 – Last Chance Bar, Melbourne
Fri Aug 24 – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

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