Moody Beaches – Modes – Video

Moody Beaches is an Australian grunge trio.

Moody Beaches

Moody Beaches

Earlier in the month Moody Beaches released the LP Weird FriendsModes being the penultimate of the seven songs.

Establishing themselves a growing local live performance audience Weird Friends, with its sludgy gloopiness, can only help add to their profile as it tramps its muddy footprints through the room.

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Siena Stone – Freewheeler – Audio

The Australia based gazewave New Zealander, Siena Stone, is working towards the release of the début EP imminently.

Siena Stone - photo by @bresciajordan

Siena Stone – photo by @bresciajordan

The first song to surface from the EP, which was itself released as a standalone single yesterday, Freewheeler transmutes like honey flowing from a spoon as the echoing reverberations of synthesised guitar reform inside one another with chords slowly fading as others continually build whilst the evocative vocal breathes warmly over the ears, creating a song with an alluring enigmatic beauty which foretells of an EP to keep an eye out for on release.

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Freewheeler – Siena Stone is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Phantastic Ferniture – Dark Corner Dance Floor – Video

Phantastic Ferniture is an Australian shimmer-rock trio.

Phantastic Ferniture

Phantastic Ferniture

By way of an introduction to the trio – from their nine track eponymous LP (which, delightfully, is available on limited edition pink vinyl) the penultimate of the ten tracks – Dark Corner Dance Floor.

A furred guitar gives the music a soft landing strip while the flicking percussion gives the track a sense of direction and a striding purpose, with combinations of two voices rotating through each other creating a luxurious range of harmonies.


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Tenderhooks – All I Have – Audio

This iteration of Tenderhooks relates to the Australian mellow-rock quartet from Melbourne. Despite the many thousands of bands and musicians featured – duplicate naming, surprisingly enough, is rarely a consideration with barely a handful in total even going back to the last decade on the original site – Indie Bands Blog.

Tenderhooks - Melbourne


For some reason Tenderhooks is out on its own with this being uniquely a triplication – one also Australian (Perth) – the other from England, despite having the same name, each are very different.

Tenderhooks released their début LP, Headcase, towards the end of last month (available on bandcamp). It would be mistakenly and easily possible to dismiss the music as background pedestrian footfall on hitting play. To do so would be to miss a treat as by allowing any of the six tracks to unfurl its first few bars the listener finds themselves completely absorbed in the mystical melting compositions – my pick of which is the third – All I Have.

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BAD MATH – Funkadelic – Audio

BAD MATH is an Australian triphop producer.

BAD MATH - photo by @shotbyshon

BAD MATH – photo by @shotbyshon

A shift in dynamics from being a rap artist to one of generating soundscapes to express ideas, has seen BAD MATH take more experimental idea to task along with melding different styles of music – which is evidenced in the latest track to surface, a triptronic take on soul-groove, which by song title encapsulates the roughly two and three quarters of music contained in the wrapper.

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