DIET. – Danny Boy – Single Review

The Australian synth-rock quintet DIET. release the single Danny Boy tomorrow.



A winding flow of synth calmly emerges out of the speakers and perceptibly warms the room with its retro-timbre, while the luxurious carpeting of the six stringers weave betwixt one another creating a depth in texture that bears the impressive vocal while percussion and bass maintain a sense of momentum to Danny Boy and making for a track that invites the audience to lay back and allow the stresses of the day to be gently washed away.

Regularly to be found playing live DIET. are imminently due to set out on an extensive cross Australia tour which will be well worth adding to the diary should they be turning up within striking distance.

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Assorted Pleasures – Blonde – Audio

Assorted Pleasures is a summerhaze outfit from Australia.

Assorted Pleasure

Assorted Pleasure

With half a dozen songs to hear I am looking forward to Assorted Pleasures packaging them and a few more all together in to one release to take down to a beach party and add to the breaking dawn selections as the soft brushes of lofidelity float through the ears.

The most recent song to surface being the quirky Blonde.

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Naberus – Hollow – Video

The Australian melodic metal outfit Naberus release the LP Hollow on the 29th of June.

Naberus - Hollow - artwork

Naberus – Hollow – artwork

Hollow is the long awaited follow-up to the 2016 album The Lost Reveries – the first track to surface from the LP is the sixth of the fourteen and the title song which finds Naberus in fine fettle  signposting of a release to grab hold of in a couple of months on its release.

Hollow [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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SPOD – Day In The Sun – Audio

The Australian alt-electro project SPOD releases the LP Adult Fantasy in August.



The album will be adding to the extensive catalogue of material which, although never taking itself too seriously, is always able to add to any party moment with its delightful subdued lofidelity analogue synths and zingy beats.

The first song to surface from the LP – Day In The Sun – spreads a summery vibe that palpably warms the room and will be released as a standalone single on the 20th.


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BABY BLUE – I Like You – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock quartet BABY BLUE release the EP Do What You Like on the 1st of June.

BABY BLUE - I Like You


The second track to surface from the EP –  I Like You, which is the first of the five songs,  fills the room with a warming summer haze of retrospective surf-rock.

Having featured both bookends of the Do What You Like EP (which is available on bandcamp) it would seem the release will be a wide ranging journey, one I am looking forward to travel in full, that commences with the slightly tipsy opener I Like You to the psychedelic closer Fire And Ice.

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