Summon The Birds – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth – Audio

The Australian alt-rock band Summon The Birds were introduced last year.

Summon The Birds - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Summon The Birds

Earlier in the month they released the six track LP Blood Love, which is available on bandcamp.

A set of songs in to which the listener digs their spoon in sumptuous dumplings of warming music that makes life better for its very presence.

The material is drawn from that well of the creativity of early ’70s progressive psychedelia which they approach from the direction of that materials folk inspired derivative, to create songs that hold a calm, yet multilayered and slightly trippy, texturing without throwing the mind in to a full on psychotropic trip, rather stretching out on scattered cushions while gazing at a ceiling aglow with spinning purple hued crystal refractions of light.

The just under eight and a half minutes antepenultimate track is Journey To The Centre Of The Earth being my pick of the release.

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Charlotte Roberts – Dr. Lalalulu – Audio

The Australian firedance-folk creator Charlotte Roberts is due to release the LP Stay in Your Power in May.

Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts

Released in advance of the album of the 15th, as a standalone single (available on bandcamp), the conundrums of the hypnotic Dr. Lalalulu.

A just over three and two thirds minutes song of conflicting ideas, which, rather than crashing like a mid-air collision merges a spellbinding primal rhythm, with its scintillating percussive puddling, that is laid to an acerbic commentary of the narcissism in to which much of human existence has regressed in the 21st Century.

Rather than being bitter of the silos in to which many have reversed, Dr. Lalalulu, offers an extending arm towards a world of inclusion and away from the siege barricaded mentality of self-adulation and hollow applause for the gaudy baubles possessed.

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Mariah McCarthy – Counting Sheep – Single Review

Mariah McCarthy is an Australian beguiling-folk creator.

Mariah McCarthy

Mariah McCarthy

Much as I enjoy and feature music to which I can pogo around the room, banging my shins and toppling desks along the way and as regular readers know being a punk rocker from the ’70s inevitably my turf – it is only occasionally one can turn on music and fall in instant love.

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? I have no idea – but I do know once every year or so – up pops a song with an auditory flow which instantly melts my heart and Counting Sheep – a début solo release taboot – by Mariah McCarthy – is one of those instances.


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Merpire – Hauntways – Audio

The Australian dream-synth project Merpire is currently working towards the release of an EP.



As  a taster the single Hauntways was released today (available on bandcamp) – a song which holds, simultaneously, both a dreamy soundscape whilst also a tender fragility in which the listener becomes softly robed in the multilayered melodies.


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Captives – Paint It In Blue – Audio

The Tasmanian rock quartet Captives release the LP Over The Rainbow on the 30th of March.



The first song to surface from the album – Paint It In Blue – rattles around the room on an energetic drum-kit which chases along the track giving it a solid frame from which the instrumentation, that is more open architecture than much of their previous material, flashes both pressured rock riffs and glittering melodies.

The tempo of the song has the illusion of shifting as the track progresses with the energetic sections being laid aside shimmering phrases resulting in just over three minutes of music that keeps the listener wondering where it is heading next.


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