Circle – Our Imaginary Past – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock band Circle will be releasing the LP Another 69 Love Songs later this year.

Circle - Our Imaginary Past


The first song to be revealed from the forthcoming album – Our Imaginary Past – has the calm intonation of their signature sound, which in this instance has a vaguely yé-yé lilt to the composition while a spread of instrumentation is invited to the sit at the dining table – resulting in song that holds some intrigue as to what is on menu in the full LP.

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Tape/Off – Wake In Fright – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quartet Tape/Off released the LP Broadcast Park on the 13th.



Four years since their last album – Chipper – the eleven tracks of Broadcast Park (available on bandcamp) find the quartet in fine spirit with a release that holds a quiet self-assured confidence which strikes the listener from opening to closing note in the roughly forty four minutes run-time.

Unhurried compositions measure their pacing through percussion or bass guitar as each composition deems fit, which enables Tape/Off to create, with alacrity, music of ever different mood.

The interweaving of the two six string guitars allow the songs their breadth of process which in this release threads from fuzzy garage through stoic solemnity to trippy psychedelia with the vocal equally able to meet requirements with passages of imploring passion through half-spoken rhetoric to mumbled query.

The fifth track is Wake In Fright.

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The Peppermint Club – All Together, On The Sun – Audio

The Australian hazewave quartet The Peppermint Club released the single All Together, On The Sun yesterday.

The Peppermint Club

The Peppermint Club

Washing their music with fuzzy pastels The Peppermint Club create music that has a mirage effect shimmer as the core of their sound, through which they weave a softened psychedelia enabling them to deliver songs that stretch out a beach towel for the listener to lay and allow the bustle of the day to pass by in distant focus.

The newest song to be released All Together, On The Sun is the second track to appear from the eponymous LP which is set for release on the 15th of September.


All Together, On the Sun – Single – The Peppermint Club is available on iTunes.*

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The Attics – Ultramarine – Single Review

The Australian indie quartet The Attics released the single Ultramine on the 6th.

The Attics

The Attics

Dipping spoons into trippy rock, indie dance and dreamwave rather than coming up with a recipe that satiates no-one The Attics are able, in Ultramine (available on bandcamp), to create a margin under three minutes of music which suits the diaspora of palates they invite to their table.

Fleet of foot on entering the room the track is able to to switch pace in swooping movements that affords a creamy consistency, while a pitching guitar gives the light headed mood through which the skippy beat of percussion proffers the lead to the dance-floor with the vocal centering the overall sound.

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The Silent Sea – Found Another – Audio

On the 5th, the Australian alternative rock quintet, The Silent Sea released the EP The Sky Between Us.

The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea

A five track EP (available on bandcamp) of slightly angular maths-rock, washed in a pot of mushroom tea, affording the tracks hushed and softened bevels that circle through the room in unhurried measure.

My pick of the release is the penultimate song – Found Another.

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