Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band – The Only Way – Video

Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band is an Australian dirty-blues trio.

Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band

Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band

There are occasions when social media genuinely does make the world a smaller and more interconnected place. Someone I connect with in Australia live streamed a couple of tracks by Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band as they played on Saturday – resulting in a new connection being made with the band and via instant messaging here we all are, connected by the internet regardless of our geographic location.

Word arrives of a single coming out in March and an EP due for release in June, news of which I will update as they surface.

As a brief introduction – based on a two and a half minute live performance – of a band I look forward to hearing much more of during the year – the song The Only Way.


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Corniglia – Sleepy Jane – Audio

The Australian dreamwave duo Corniglia released their eponymous LP on the 9th.



Sliding through the room, shimmering like a shoal of mackerel, the music emits flashes of silver and blue in to which the listener wishes to be cloaked, with each of the eleven tracks adding to the sense of hypnotic transcendental meditation.

Clipped guitar is lain abreast of weaving electronica whilst a muffled vocal drifts over the ears gently massaging the synapse rhythms creating a coalescence betwixt audience and Corniglia.

My pick of the release being the penultimate track – Sleepy Jane.


Corniglia – Corniglia is available on iTunes.*

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The Braves – Side By Side – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves made available the second reveal from the forthcoming LP Carry On The Con recently.

The Braves - Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

The Braves – Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

Side By Side has a film-noir filter in to which the listener immediately wishes to dive under the duvet and entangle in crossed limbs. The sliding soundscape reminds the audience to stretch out an arm to grab hold of a lotion in which oil the torso.

The song is presented through a muffled barrier which affords Side By Side its beguiling allure with the sprinkled guitar spraying through a baffled bass and percussion combination while the vocal breathes huskily over the earlobes.

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Robbie Maroon – When – Audio

The Australian mellow-rock creator Robbie Maroon revealed the LP Dream Factory Volume 1 on the 30th of December.

Robbie Maroon

Robbie Maroon

Dream Factory Volume 1 is an eclectic mix of a dozen songs of easy to engage music in which, like a pick ‘n’ mix bag of sweets, the listener will discover a different flavour with each track.

Instrumentation used in various combinations include, piano, electronica, synthesiser, guitar and drum with vocal feeding through the textures.

My pick of the release being the guitar led closer – When.

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Divide And Dissolve – Assimilation – Video

The Australian protest-rock duo Divide And Dissolve release the LP Abomination on the 16th of February 2018.

Divide and Dissolve - photo credit - @sub_lation

Divide and Dissolve – photo credit – @sub_lation

An eight track album of deeply resonating droning instrumentation which seeps in to the cortex, with saxophone, giving the sense of disturbance, surrounded by sustained guitar, incessant percussion and quietly layered synthesis.

With their music reflective of a society in which the indigenous population have been marginalised and treated as interlopers through intended policies and objectives Divide And Dissolve is uncompromisomng in their aim to recalibrate priorities with their music being, intentionally, both challenging and confrontational.

The first song to be revealed – the second on the LP – Assimilation – signposts of a release to which I am looking forward.

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