Kabreet – ضوّ (Light) – Single Review

Kabreet known locally as كبريت (Matchsticks) is a newly formed rock band from Syria.



With one track to hear – ضوّ (Light) is a track that has a sense of progressive rock with a subtle synth as backdrop whilst retaining punchy edginess to it as highlighted by bass and percussion while the guitar provides a bluesy blouse to the material rounded off by vocal which resonates of tradition. Enabling Kabreet to deliver a track that has a global reach and a welcome insight into their determination to get on with being creative and doing what they enjoy despite the ensuing chaos around them.

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Anas and Friends أنس عبد المؤمن

Anas and Friends from Damascus in Syria centres around Anas Abd Al-Moumen who has over the years sought to work with a variety of new musicians.


Anas and Friends أنس عبد المؤمن - rock from Syria

Anas and Friends أنس عبد المؤمن

Those of you who have got to know my politics over the years will have been expecting me to find someone in Syria to talk about.

With the breadth of musicians that the collective collaborates with there is a wide spread of material on offer, from melodic vocal masterpieces to hard rock edges. As Anas acknowledges with this disparity in vocalists and instrumentalists there is a certain problem with continuity, but given the situation in Syria at present, perhaps that uncertainty of itself creates its own significance, giving its own reflection on the local environment.

It is always a salutary lessons to the world of musicians who are unhappy with their lot, to find creators who are struggling to stay alive, never mind get the music together. Updates are somewhat sporadic as you would perhaps expect from Anas and Friends, but posted just a couple of days ago is a performance in Damascus shot in December, I will even forgive them a cover song.

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