Miracles For Today – Tear Me Down – Single Review

Miracles For Today is a Russian emo outfit.

Miracles For Today

Miracles For Today

A year after the release of their début single K. Jane Miracles For Today are to imminently release Tear Me Down through the Tomsk (Russia) based label – Juiced Alien Records, whose releases fairly regularly feature on the site, with their predominately local Siberian bands.

Tear Me Down finds Miracles For Today in faster territory, with an almost thrash element that sears through the opening bars and Margarita, on drums, maintains the pressure as the tracks steers its way through both freneticism and considered quietness over the three and three quarter minutes, whilst guitar is given air to develop themes contained in the piece.

Miracles For Today are able to deliver both anxiety and moments of lightness in the track, which showcases the development of the structure of the sound in the intervening year.

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Two Chords

Two Chords from Tomsk in Russia is the agit-rock quartet of Anton Serov, Denis Ivashkov, Sergey Rokhmanyuk and Dmitry Novikov.

Two Chords - Dead People - artwork

Two Chords – Dead People – artwork

Drawing clear references from US ’00s indie Two Chords are, unlike the plasticity of their influences, able to strike a position of genuine frustration and rage with songs that lament a crumbling structure.

I am minded of many bands I write about from Russia who are able to inject sincerity and realism to the major-label rubbish that emerged from the USA in the ’90’s and 00’s under the PR headline of ‘indie-punk’, that influences their out-put, turn it all on its head and come up with a sound, that whilst still difficult to be endeared by, has much to demonstrate of the continuing stream of bands with much to say about social constructs. Despite what so called ‘rock musicians’ cocooned in major label funding like to pontificate doesn’t exist ‘any-more’, which always sticks in my throat as the vast majority of those lamenting are plastic formulaic performers themselves.

Whilst not music that I will add to my every-day list, Two Chords most definitely reach the mark of a band with much of value to say and I wish them every success for the future and it is a pleasure to introduce them to you.

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The Riots

The Riots a Mod band from Moscow in Russia is Sasha Bolotov (Vocals /Guitar), Alex Shanin (Vocals / Drums) and Kirill Usachev (Vocals /Bass).

The Riots - mod rock from Russia

The Riots

Referencing the UK ‘late ’70s The Riots have updated the mod derivative new wave to another angle as they reflect on an overbearing bureaucracy intent on dictating every moment of life. Whilst drawing considerable influence from The Jam and regular readers well know my disdain for that trio, they nonetheless pique more than a passing interest.

This is another agit outfit from Russia who are able to escape the full wrath of the Russian Bear and I am minded to posit that if you sing in English, in Russia, red-pens don’t quite know what to do with it. The visceral lyrics are explicitly targeted and fire finely honed darts of invective as The Riots explore the space in which they live.

Sonically the delightful rumblings of the sub-woofers bounce off the walls as the music bounds around the room like a feral cat seeking an escape route and the listener can’t help but to flail their body in vague syncopation.


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Blast Unit Moscow

Blast Unit Moscow a rock band from – well you guessed it Moscow in Russia is Nash (Vocals / Guitar), Misha (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Dima (Bass / Vocals), Seva (Keyboards / Synth) and Vlado (Drums / Vocals).

Blast Music Moscow - Rock from Russia

Blast Music Moscow

How many times have you heard the platitude that music transcends international boundaries? Perhaps someone could explain to me why Blast Unit Moscow do not feature in the UK / USA charts repeatedly and gain continual mainstream radio play? The answer is they are based in Moscow, not the UK or USA. A regular ‘must have’ feature as a support act to well established bands heading out to Russia, this is an injustice all by itself.

You will have gathered from the introduction that Blast Unit Moscow have something of a radio friendly sound so you may be pondering why I am asking you to spend a moment with the band. Whilst it is a tad gentle on the ears, these are far from wallpaper tracks. Combining ’60s Brit Blues with a ’70s new wave refocus the quintent manage to deliver music which is at once familiar yet don’t appear to be badly penned parodies as they add a zest of energy and top notch composition to deliver an ambience that is exactly what is needed for a ‘friends round, because that is what you do with friends’ – evening.

Despite my particularly unhelpful response to an initial introduction, my thanks to Edd (their Manager) for following up and I do hope Blast Unit Moscow finds themselves gaining the far higher profile and success they deserve in 2014, when of course I will once again be moaning to updates that as they are now on a Major Label I am not sure why they are bothering me with their emails, but hey, such is life, these guys deserve the break to a much larger distribution channel.


When the Music Is Over – Single – Blast Unit Moscow is available on iTunes*

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Sounds Of Sputnik

Roma Kalitkin a solo musician from Moscow in Russia performs under the name of Sounds Of Sputnik to deliver his psychedelic space rock.

Sounds Of Sputnik - psychedelic space rock from Russia

Sounds Of Sputnik

Once again, as with the old URL Indie Bands Blog on the first Russian entry, I find myself in a quandary of where to place Russia in the continent category and once again it appears under Asia, simply to due to the relative landmass in Europe and Asia. Of course as previously, the first review is of a Russian outfit is someone sitting in Europe. However, you aren’t reading this to hear about my travails with geo-political and continental boundaries…. Sounds Of Sputnik

Dim the lights, lie back and gaze-upwards and let Sounds Of Sputnik wend its way into your mind and in a trance you will find yourself floating in the cosmos, what an appropriately named band.

Predominately purely instrumental, the music envelopes the mind in warming bass notes, whilst echoed chords drift lazily across the room captivating the thoughts, while an omnipresent electronic hum adds to the experience of the material, this is not music to hurry, rather to enjoy at leisure and is well worth allowing the music to take over the mind.


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