The Geeks

The Geeks from Quezon City in the Philippines is the retro-indie quartet of Kevin Tedd Felisco (Guitar), Mags Borbon (Bass), Brian Sangco (Drums) and Jam Lorenzo (Guitar / Vocals).

The Geeks - retro-indie from the Phillipines

The Geeks

Pitching their notes from the thinnest key on the six string, The Geeks take the audience on a journey of sound which recollects of the warmth of vinyl four track recordings, even in digital format. Their delivery finds the audience reaching for a skinny tie to accompany the mood. There is a luxuriant cosseted feeling that breezes into the room, like a warm summer sunset.

Whilst firmly with one foot in the ’60s, The Geeks don’t sound like a pastiche of sounds heard before, as they are able to take a style and invest it within a more focussed indie rock setting, giving the music a currency and relevance for the ’10s. The interspersing of individual notes and chords allows the quartet to provide easy to engage tracks with angles of intrigue, raising the banner from disposable pieces, to numbers that you want to come back to hear again.

Well worth adding to the ‘relax with this’ playlist.

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Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) based in Shenzhen, China is the dreamy-rock quartet of Kevin Pinner (Drums), Paul Wade (Guitar / Vocals), Greg Merrell (Guitar/ Vocals) and Jonathan Howland (Bass).

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) - dreamy-rock based in China

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

The players, all originally from the USA formed Pokemon Dad about eighteen months ago in their new residency, delivering material which reflects of the broad influences of the band. Psychedelia, maths-rock and indie-rock coexist within the dreamy spires of sound. The quartet are able to creative expansive gaps in chords without loosing impetus, which gives the pieces their spacious nature as echoes and reverb flood the room.

Pokeman Dad are able to drive concepts of maths-angularity with the folding features of psychedelia effectively and the resulting out-put marks a difference of space. Guitars and voices are not used to add volume, rather paint the rich textures which gives the material its interest.

Track lengths are also highly variable from under two minutes to approaching six, but the listener is not left in a state of confusion as there is a thread of sound that gives Pokeman Dad its distinctive style, which is well worth investing time to get to know.

Their début LP Casual Males (随便男人) was released last month, to follow up an eponymous two track single that surfaced in January of last year.

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Casual Males – Pokemon Dad is available on iTunes.*

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From Bandung in Indonesia surface Bayu Andrianto (Guitar / Vocal), Valery Marsiano (Guitar), Aditya Tri Hanggono (Bass) and Muhammad Zainul Ilyas (Drums) who form the psychedelic Napolleon.

Napolleon - psychedelia from Indonesia


Heavy weaves of psychotropic substance descend around the ears as Napolleon combine ’60s rock with drone to layer the listener with darkly wefted sounds. The mind finds itself drifting along with the compositions as they meander around the room.

Reminders of concentrated Hawkwind pour out of the speakers as the instruments interplay to a submerged echoing vocal that enhances the out-of focus lens of the out-put. Napolleon is able to bring the disparate concepts together in a way that leaves the listener aware only of a continuum of sound. Their ability to coalesce the ranging ideas finds the audience mesmerically entranced and time looses all relevance as the quartet cloak the consciousness in an oppressive soundtrack that has the ability to simultaneously extend an arm of comfort.

A few years behind them, it was only on the 10th that they have released their début eponymous EP. Although only four tracks long, it will be no surprise to learn that the release extends to nearly twenty five minutes. Do find some time to dwell with Napolleon who add immensely to the pleasure of the day.

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Napolleon E.P – Napolleon is available on iTunes.*

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Colaba Point

Colaba Point is the ambient-psychedelic quartet of Rukmini Roy, Ankur Chugh, Abhishek Denzil and Rohan Kadam from Mumbai in India.

Colaba Point - ambient psychedelia from India

Colaba Point

Combining electronics with a range of instruments both modern and traditional Colaba Point take the listener on a gently rolling journey of sound. The band deliver measured paces of enrapturing compositions which subtly contain references to times of yore, that give the pieces a timeless elegance, whilst simultaneously using the latest technologies to expand the older themes and this enables them to develop tracks through slowly shifting sands of time.

The vocal, which sits aloof of the music, gives the audience a sense of sound-track commentary, adding a spacious feel to the tracks. This is not music in which to engage whilst chasing shots, rather to imbibe with a long drink to hand. Formed back in 2011 Colaba Point have established a live presence and a steady flow of recorded material has enables their wide ranging out-put to travel further afield.

Not an out-fit that seeks to travel anywhere near the mainstream, Colaba Point have created a distinctive style, that should be more widely heard as they add much to the weave of the world of music and it is pleasure to introduce them to you.

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Future Flashbacks, which came out on the 6th is available on bandcamp.

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Deer is the trip-hop duo of Adriana Martinez and Miguel Bastida originally from Mexico now Hong Kong based.

Deer - eponymous EP - artwork

Deer – eponymous EP – artwork

From a training in classical music Deer has been able to stride the great divide to trip-hop and deliver compositions that elegantly glide around the room in elegant sweeps of floating textures.

With tracks ranging from the dance-floor to the chill-out room Deer is able to provide the listener with compositions that regardless of tempo are full of elements which they bring together into an unhurried loop of sound that transfixes the mind. The nature of the out-put gives the music a translucence that glows deeper as tracks develop.

As you know I often refer to three minutes as being all that is needed for almost all music, the duo deliver pieces that I just want to run for many an hour as they glissade elegantly into the brain.

Hit play and time will stand still as Deer fuse their understanding of symphonia and switch it to producing an ambient back-drop for the audience to become entranced.

The eponymous EP by Deer that came out on the 15th is available on bandcamp through Metal Postcard Records.


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