KUTS DA COYOTE – 脳ミソくれ (Eat Your Brains) – Single Review

KUTS DA COYOTE is a Japanese hip-hop artist.



Due for release on the 30th is the single 脳ミソくれ (Eat Your Brains), in advance of an LP still being finalised – a visceral take on the mass marketing of ideas which become easily accepted lifestyle choices.

Set to a dystopian soundtrack Kuts De Coyote provides a track that reflects of the message being conveyed with an easy to follow electronic beat that disappears into nothing, like water running down a plug-hole, with the ripples of discontent around the edges, which themselves become caught in the flow of easy digestion, whilst a warning bass seeks to form a barrier to stop the nothingness. The vocal becomes ever more insistent before it too disappears into the gloop.

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bp valenzuela – Logic – Video

bp valenzuela is a synth-wave creator from the Philippines.

bp valenzuela - The Neon Hour - artwork

bp valenzuela – The Neon Hour – artwork

The third of the eleven tracks on the LP The Neon Hour, which was released earlier this year is Logic.

Sounding somehow warmer than the recorded version this live performance of Logic finds the listener drifting into a calming trance as bp valenzuela delivers a flow of extended notes around the room.


The Neon Hour – B. P. Valenzuela is available on iTunes.*

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BOPEK – Paraiso – Audio

BOPEK is an experimental-rock quartet from the Philippines.



With only a couple of tracks to hear, the latest by BOPEK – Paraiso came to light within the past twenty-four hours.

The opening of drum roll and vocal is merely a screen for the complex experimentalism of the five and a half minutes of Paraiso. Elements of dampened maths-jazz strings are blended with extensively delayed and reverbed guitar as BOPEK gradually unfurl their ideas, which are not designed to make life easy, though they do provide a helping hand to bring the listener along with them.

There can be little doubt Paraiso is a Marmite track as you will either be enthralled by the developing sound-scape, which I am, or recoil in abject despair. Either way you will be left dumbstruck. As regular readers will know, I am a Marmite fan else I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the time to consider BOPEK – for those not in the UK – a search will explain the obscure reference to Marmite and polar opposite reactions, so – I pass my thanks to Anna for dropping me the introduction.

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Unohu – Billion And One – Audio

Unohu is an alt-rock trio from India.

Unohu - Billion And One


Billion And One is a track in which Unohu extend their repertoire with a more angular indie sound than the material previously featured, with an almost maths-rock flavour, which they temper with lighter touches of ‘indie’ along with their signature heavy-rock riffs that intersperse the chapters.

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Albino Sound – Restless – Video

The Japanese gauze-EDM creator Hirotaka Umetani makes his music available under the name Albino  Sound.

Albino Sound - Cloud Sports - artwork

Albino Sound – Cloud Sports – artwork

From the eight track LP Cloud Sports – released earlier this month, Restless is the fifth.

Utilising noises-off as well as a central discernible theme Restless has the quality of the mysterious to it,  which keeps the listener focussed, conscious in the minds-eye of imagined strobes of light flashing through the ocular nerve.

Running to over five minutes Restless gradually feeds in new elements and just as the audience is beginning to think, is this the summation, so Albino Sound demonstrates they are wrong.

Cloud Sports – Albino Sound is available on iTunes.*

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