Taiko Super Kicks – メニイシェイプス (Many Shapes) – Video

The Japanese psychedelic-indie band Taiko Super Kicks released the LP Many Shapes on the 23rd.

aiko Super Kicks - Many shapes - artwork

aiko Super Kicks – Many shapes – artwork

The opening and title track of the nine on the album メニイシェイプス (Many Shapes) eases its way slowly into the room like a soft brush as Taiko Super Kicks fold the dampened guitar into stretching cymbals giving the track a retro ’60s brit-rock feeling.

Taiko Super Kicks add a topping of light frosting to メニイシェイプス (Many Shapes) which, along with the the measured vocal, gives the track its psychedelic tincture.

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Love X Stereo – My Anywhere – Video

Love X Stereo, the electro-dance-rock duo from South Korea regularly feature on the website.

Love X Stereo - Photo by Manchul Kim Photography

Love X Stereo – Photo by Manchul Kim Photography

Currently working on a new release – We Love We Leave Part 2 due in April 2016 – a live studio recording of My Anywhere – the fourth of the seven tracks on We Love We Leave Part 1, which was released earlier this year, has been made available within the past few hours.

We Love We Leave, Pt. 1 (Deluxe Edition) – Love X Stereo is available on iTunes.*

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Jeebus – Christian Boy Goes to Hell – Audio

The Philippines instrumental-metal trio Jeebus release their début LP 2005 – 2015 on the 28th.



Long in gestation after, as you will have guessed by the album name, ten years of consideration Jeebus have finally relented and made a release.

From 2005 – 2015 – Christian Boy Goes to Hell has been advance released, which showcases the extemporized nature of the material and hence the reluctance of Jeebus to commit to recording over the intervening decade. With fortune, for those of us not in the Philippines we are able to sample the purity of the creativity of a band who long time ago gave up on discovering a vocalist to join them and put their heads down to creativity, now with the self-belief to decline any invitations by vocalists to audition.

With the confidence to play out melodrama without the expected voice Jeebus have developed an intuition for melodic input without ever loosing the unravelling fulmination of the genre.

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مشروع ليلى (Mashrou’ Leila) – الجن (Gin) – Video

The Lebanese alt-rock project مشروع ليلى (Mashrou’ Leila) releases the LP Ibn El Leil on the 28th.

مشروع ليلى (Mashrou' Leila) - Ibn El Leil - artwork

مشروع ليلى (Mashrou’ Leila) – Ibn El Leil – artwork

A slightly different sound to music featured by  over the past couple of years by مشروع ليلى (Mashrou’ Leila),  الجن (Gin) is reflective of the global inclusive nature of the songs written, which focus on social malaise.

With the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra performing the strings section the album being launched via a concert in The Barbican Centre in London (England) on the 28th for live worldwide viewing on MTV Lebanon at 20:00 UTC.

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Russo & Weinberg – Travel – Video

Russo & Weinberg is an Israeli alt-folk duo.

Russo & Weinberg - Travel

Russo & Weinberg

Travel is a track wrapped in more generous electronics than material previously featured and with the two contrasting voices Russo & Weinberg are able to provide the listener with a rich seam of sound in which to lay, relaxed and comforted, nestled from the world around.

Mentioned in the previous article was their début LP, at the time in progress, Stay has now been released and is available on bandcamp. Travel is the second of the nine tracks.

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